By Last Name

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Abbitt, John; Lowry, SamDigital Design for Centrifugal FansUniversity of Florida; Simerics, Inc.
Baker, John; Branam, Richard; Hubner, Paul; Ricks, Kenneth; Kung, Patrick; Todd, BethBamaSPACE: The University of Alabama’s Student Space/Astronautics ProgramsThe University of Alabama
Bubacz, Monika; Rabb, Robert; Howison, Jason; Skenes, KevinIntroducing a Tool for ABET Course Assessment (A.C.A) for a New Engineering ProgramThe Citadel
Calamas, David; Keten, GyunayCFD as a Visualization Tool in Undergraduate Fluid MechanicsGeorgia Southern University
Calamas, David; Keten, GyunayReinforcing Conceptual Content in Undergraduate Heat Transfer through the use of CFDGeorgia Southern University
Crawford, Chris; Andujar, Marvin; Jackson, France; Applyrs, Ivens; Gilbert, JuanUsing a Visual Programing Language to Interact with Visualizations of Electroencephalogram SignalsUniversity of Florida
Cunningham, Rachel; Espejo, Paula Sanjuan; Frederick, Christina; Sun, Lulu; Ding, LiA Second Language Acquisition Approach to Learning Programming LanguagesEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
DeMara, Ronald F.; Salehi, Soheil; Khoshavi, Navid; Hartshorne, Richard; Chen, BaiyunStrengthening STEM Laboratory Assessment Using Student-Narrative Portfolios Interwoven with Online EvaluationUniversity of Central Florida
DeMara, Ronald F.; Salehi, Soheil; Muttineni, SindhuExam Preparation through Directed Video Blogging using Electronically-Mediated Realtime Classroom InteractionUniversity of Central Florida
El Shahat, Adel; Haddad, Rami; Kalaani, YouakimPractical Power Systems Protection – Course ModelGeorgia Southern University
Frank, Daniel; Crane, Carl; Douglas, ElliotParticipatory Action Research as an Approach to Performing Research in Engineering Education with Native American CommunitiesUniversity of Florida
Freyne, Seamus; Truax, Dennis; Gude, GnaneswarCivil Engineering Students’ Viewpoints on Teaching, Learning, and CareersMississippi State University
Ghanat, Simon; Michalaka, Dimitra; Davis, WilliamStudent Perception of Professional Skills Development in the Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum at The CitadelThe Citadel
Ghanat, Simon; Murden, JohnFrom Tensile Testing to Generating Crossword PuzzlesThe Citadel
Gillespie, Stephanie; Priddy, MatthewGraduate Students Working Towards an Engineering Education Community: A Case Study of the GT-ASEE Student ChapterGeorgia Institute of Technology
Giltner, Brian; Freyne, SeamusCharacteristics of Training in Civil Engineering FirmsMurray State University; Mississippi State University
Gude, Veera GnaneswarStudent “Micro” Teaching and Learning ExperiencesMississippi State University
Haddad, Rami; El Shahat, Adel El; Kalaani, YouakimA Hybrid Lecture/Practice-Based Model for Communication SystemsGeorgia Southern University
Hill, Stephen Hill; Bodstein, Gustavo; Eggert, Andre; Rosa, PedroMetal Impingement Erosion Laboratory ExperienceMercer University; Universidade Federal do Paranã; Milwaukee School of Engineering; University of Alabama
Hill, Stephen; Barnes, Jesse; Harrison, Bradley; Yawn, CalebDevelopment of a Small-Scale Impact Erosion Test ApparatusMercer University
Howard, AnnaDemonstrations for Class Time for Flipped StaticsNorth Carolina State University
Islam, Sifat; Shankar, Ravi; Serrano, Melissa; Minor, IrisMiddle School Outreach Program to Teach Programming Concepts with Mobile ApplicationFlorida Atlantic University
Jenkins, HodgeObservations from First Use of an Online Homework and Learning Management SystemMercer University
Jones, Jessica; Mack, Naja; Smith, Tiffanie; Gilbert, JuanCodeIT Day: Breaking Stereotypes and Feeding the STEM PipelineUniversity of Florida
Karim, M.Learning of Environmental Engineering – On-line, Hybrid, or Face-to-Face:  A Case StudyKennesaw State University, Marietta Campus
Kunberger, Tanya; Geiger, ChrisImplementing Student Enhancement Plans for Student Growth and Goal AttainmentFlorida Gulf Coast University
Lee, Sarah; Kastner, Stacy; Walker, RianEngineering for the future: Mississippi State University’s Cyber Summer ProgramsMississippi State University
Lin, L. Yu; Chew, Chee Y.Development of Green Engineering and Sustainability Curriculum for School of Engineering at Christian Brothers UniversityChristian Brothers University; City of Memphis
Liu, ShenResults and Observations from Two Semesters of Implementing a Flipped Classroom Model in an Engineering Computation CourseWest Kentucky Community and Technical College
Loftis, Leora; Arce, Pedro; Pascal, JenniferA Pedagogical Approach to Introduce Green’s Functions to Engineering StudentsTennessee Technological University
Maghiar, MarcelBIM-based estimating and its applications in support of cost estimation and cost planningGeorgia Southern University
Maghiar, Marcel; Patel, Arpit; John, DylanAlternative Assembly Materials for Residential Cool RoofsGeorgia Southern University
Maier, Colin; Martin, Ally; Rabb, RobertStudent and Instructor Perceptions of a Supplemental Instruction ProgramThe Citadel
Marghitu, Daniela; Gray, Jeff; King, Samuel; Wyss, J. MichaelRobotics as an Entrée to K-12 Computer Science for Underrepresented StudentsAuburn University; The University of Alabama; Auburn University; The University of Alabama at Birmingham
McCullough, ClaireAn Evaluator’s Perspective on Proposed Changes to ABET CriteriaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Michalaka, Dimitra; Ghanat, Simon; Watson, Mary K.; Bower, Kevin; Welch, RonaldEffects of Classroom Pedagogies Used in a Freshmen Course on Students’ Perception of the Sub-Disciplines of Civil EngineeringThe Citadel
Mills, Amber; Rabb, RobertNew Intern, How Are We Going to Use You?The Citadel
Minton, MorganEngineering Foundations: Development of a Multidisciplinary Freshmen CourseThe University of Alabama
Moore, NancyEffectiveness of Flipping an Undergraduate Thermodynamics CourseNorth Carolina State University
Nare, Otsebele; Le, Qiang; Hayes, Ziette; Halyo, Nesim; Sun, ZhaoAssessing Potential Impacts an Experimental Centric Approach can have in An Introduction to Digital Electronics CourseHampton University
Newhouse, Charles;  Ackerman, PaulWhat a Smell! Lessons Learned from a Collaborative Compost CapstoneVirginia Military Institute
O’Neill, CharlesMathematics preparation and performance in graduate level engineering courses with distance and local studentsThe University of Alabama
Paulus, David; Reynolds, MichaelPerceived Satisfaction and Assessment of Learning using Online Learning Management Systems with Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsWashington State University; University of West Florida
Pedrosa, Kurt; Tubbesing, Richard; Stansbury, Richard; Liu, JianhuaFostering Agile Methodologies in Cross-Disciplinary Capstone Design Course through Process Management ToolsEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Powell, HarryAn Introductory Course in Energy Efficient Power Regulator DesignUniversity of Virginia
Powell, Harry; Brandt-Pearce, Maite; Williams, Ronald; Harriott, Lloyd; Weikle, RobertA Breadth-First Approach to Electrical and Computer Engineering CurriculaUniversity of Virginia
Rahman, Mosfequr; Nawaz, Masud; Molina, GustavoExperimental Set-Up Design and Photostriction Effect Measurement Technique Learning of Photostrictive Optical ActuatorsGeorgia Southern University
Rahman, Mosfequr; Salyers, Travis; Maroha, EmileExperimental Set-Up Design and Testing of Vertical and Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Models in a Subsonic Wind TunnelGeorgia Southern University
Rice, Jeffrey; Bocci, Morgan; Kent, PatrickA Laboratory-Based Approach for an Introduction to Biomolecular EngineeringTennessee Technological University
Rogers, Peter; Martin, ClintonFlipped Learning: A Hybrid Classroom Approach that Turns Construction and Engineering Education Upside DownGeorgia Southern University
Roper, Christopher; Khalid, AdeelWind Turbine Design for Low-Speed Wind ApplicationsKennesaw State University
Sanders, Jonathan; Geist, MelissaDevelopment and Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Course at the Interface of Chemical Engineering and NursingTennessee Technological University
Schultz, Scott; Biswas, PabloWhen Opportunity Knocks – An Alternative Summer Engineering InternshipMercer University
Spayde, Dustin; Knizley, Alta; Mago, PedroIntegration of Interactive Print Media into Thermal Fluids Laboratory Equipment to Aid in Laboratory InstructionMississippi State University
Striebig, BradleyApplying US EPA sustainability criteria to capstone designJames Madison University
Striebig, Bradley; Morton, SamuelA Sustainability Indicators based CurriculumJames Madison University
Thomas, Kaisen; Ochs, Pascal; Donston, Lauren; Effler, Kendall; McWilliams, Jesse; Woodard, Willie; Striebig, BradleyComparing sustainable nutrient reduction strategies for small coastal communitiesJames Madison University; Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) des Saarlandes; James Madison University
True, Nick; Margraves, Chuck; Elliott, TrevorInsulation and Zero Energy Buildings – Development of a Small-Scale Undergraduate Lab to Investigate the Effect of Insulation on Energy Transfer Using Thermal Imaging DevicesUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Walker, Jordan; Najafi, FazilEconomic Feasibility and Environmental Sustainability analysis for Co-location of Desalination facilities in Power plants using Renewable energyUniversity of Florida
Wang, Shih-LiangAn Inter-Campus Capstone Design Project on VTOLNorth Carolina A&T State University
Williams, Wesley; Kadel, Joshua; Warne, Joshua; Sathe, Pushkar; Bird, JonathanAdditive manufacture of a flux focusing magnetic gearUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte; Portland State University
Xu, Chi; Najafi, FazilCost-effectiveness of the combination of solar panel and cooling system for achieving higher efficiencyUniversity of Florida
Yeomans, Kyle; Zamora, Liza; Mitra, AniruddhaExperimental Study of Fabric Wrapped Polyurethane Shafts under Triple Point BendingGeorgia Southern University