Research Award


The New Faculty Researcher Award is intended to recognize faculty members who have less than six years of experience and who have demonstrated excellence in both teaching and research.


The award includes a $1,000 cash prize, a medallion, and an award certificate presented at the Awards Ceremony at the ASEE Southeastern Section Annual Conference.


The candidate must be a member of the ASEE Southeastern Section and a full-time faculty member of an ABET-accredited program.


A colleague, department head, or student may nominate a candidate for this award.


The nominee must:

  1. Be a full-time faculty member in an engineering or engineering-technology program accredited by ABET.
  2. Have a documented record of excellence in research and teaching at their institution.
  3. Have a documented record of using research as a teaching mechanism in regularly scheduled courses.
  4. Have endorsements from colleagues and their Department Chair or Dean.

The successful candidate must attend the annual ASEE Southeastern Section Annual Conference, at which the cash prize, medallion, and certificate are presented.


Nominations will be accepted through February, 13th, 2023.


Supporting documents should include, but are not limited to, endorsements from the faculty’s Department Chair, Dean, and/or chief academic advisor responsible for engineering or engineering technology programs and a current CV that demonstrates satisfaction of the above qualifications.

Nominations should be submitted electronically as a single PDF (.pdf) or compressed file (.zip) to the Section’s Vice President for Awards and Recognition:

Rami Haddad, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Southern University
Phone: 912-478-8582

Award Winners

Research Award Winners

1998 — Michael D. Annable, University of Florida
1999 — Susan Carlson-Skalak, University of Virginia
2000 — Jay M. Khodadadi, Auburn University

New Faculty Research Award Winners

2001 — Tiek C. Lim, University of Alabama
2002 — Gregory D. Buckner, North Carolina State University
2003 — Scott Husson, Clemson University
2004 — Chang-yu Wu, University of Florida
2005 — Donald P. Visco, Tennessee Technological University
2006 — Timothy W. Mays, The Citadel
2007 — Paul H. Ziehl, University of South Carolina
2008 — Adrienne Minerick, Mississippi State University
2009 — Faisal Hossain, Tennessee Technological University
2010 — Holly Stretz, Tennessee Technological University
2011 — Qiong Zhang, University of South Florida
2012 — Prabir Barooah, University of Florida
2013 — Michael Dickey, North Carolina State University
2014 — Treavor H. Boyer, University of Florida
2015 — Cindy Bethel, Mississippi State University
2016 — Veera Gnaneswar Gude, Mississippi State University
2017 — Cong Trinh, University of Tennessee Knoxville
2018 — Chelsey Simmons, University of Florida
2019 — Michael McCarthy, Mercer University
2020 — Waseem Asghar, Florida Atlantic University
2021 — Reuben F. Burch V, Mississippi State University
2022 — Kweku Brown, The Citadel