Presentation Schedule

The technical sessions are 80 minutes long and feature 5 individual presenters. The presentation slots are 16 minutes in duration. The conference committee recommends that presenters allocate 12 minutes to the presentation and the remaining 4 minutes to answering questions and presenter changeover. As an example, please consider the schedule below which starts at the top of the hour.

PresenterStart TimeEnd TimeDurationActivity
:12:164Q&A + Changeover
:28:324Q&A + Changeover
:44:484Q&A + Changeover
:60:044Q&A + Changeover
:16204Q&A + Changeover

Presentation Guidelines

As you might expect, traditional presentations tend to have more widely accepted, fully formed guidelines. Thus, to help facilitate smooth, efficient, and comprehensible sessions, we strongly suggest that presenters adhere to technical-communication best practices for traditional presentation slides (some of these can clearly apply to the rapid-fire variety as well):

  1. Aim for an average of about 1 minute per slide, meaning your total slideshow should have a maximum of 6-8 slides or 12-14 slides depending on the session format.
  2. Use sans serif fonts (Arial, Calibri, etc.) rather than serif fonts (Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.) as the former tend to be more easily readable on slides.
  3. Keep text between 28-point and 44-point font sizes to ensure the audience can quickly and easily understand the words.
  4. Ensure maximum contrast between the colors of your slide background and your text, preferably a lighter background and darker text.
  5. Limit on-slide text to very brief phrases. Presentation audiences are not there to read – they’re there to watch and hear you present on your topic.
  6. Use plenty of images to convey the presentation content.
  7. Return to your title slide at the end to reiterate your name, title, and affiliation.