Before the Session

Arrive 10 minutes early to the room where you are moderating the session. Meet the presenters as they enter the room and review their names’ pronunciation. Ensure all presentations are loaded on the classroom computer and ready before the session starts. Bring a watch or use the clocks in the classroom.

Start of the Session

Introduce yourself at the beginning of the session. Remind presenters of the time limitations and that you will give a hand signal to warn that there are 5 minutes and then 2 minutes remaining.

During the Session

Introduce each presenter (or presenters) before their presentation. The next speaker should prepare their slide show at the end of each presentation. Introduce the presenter when ready.

Presentation Schedule

One primary responsibility of the moderator is to ensure that the presenters begin and finish their presentations on time, as shown in the table below. To facilitate movement between concurrent technical sessions, each paper in a given technical session is allotted the same amount of time. If a presenter is absent, please wait to begin the next presentation at the scheduled time. The moderator has the authority to stop a presentation in a respectful manner that is about to run over time.

The technical sessions are scheduled to accommodate five 16-minute presentations. The conference committee recommends that presenters allocate 12 minutes to the presentation and the remaining 4 minutes to answering questions and presenter changeover. For example, please consider the schedule below, which starts at the top of the hour.

PresenterStart TimeEnd TimeDurationActivity
:12:164Q&A + Changeover
:28:324Q&A + Changeover
:44:484Q&A + Changeover
:60:044Q&A + Changeover
:16:204Q&A + Changeover