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Paper NumberTitleAuthor(s)
501A Different Approach to Multi-Discipline Senior DesignHodge Jenkins, Scott Schultz, Ha Vo – Mercer University
503Promoting Self-Efficacy and Life-Long Learning in Conjunction with an Awareness of Contemporary Issues in Geotechnical EngineeringTanya Kunberger, Florida Gulf Coast University
506Aerospace Engineering Camp for Youth – Techniques Used and Lessons LearnedAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University
507Modern Distance Education – Going Global While Staying HomeAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University
508Design, Development and Testing of Variable Pitch Propeller Thrust Measurement Apparatus – Freshmen Research ProjectAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University
510University and Community College Collaboration in North CarolinaAaron Ball, George Ford, William McDaniel – Western Carolina University
511A Multi-Team Multi-Semester Large-Scale Capstone Project ExperienceGregory Hall, NASA-Johnson Space Center; Tommy Morris, Sean Owens – Mississippi State University
512Civil Engineering Service-Learning Projects: Local and Global PerspectivesWilliam Davis, Thomas Dion – The Citadel
514“Wait … There is a PhD in Engineering Education?”: The First-Year Experience of Three Students in an Engineering Education DepartmentWalter Lee, Rachel Louis, Mahnas Mohammadi-Aragh – Virginia Tech
516Ethics for the Information AgeClaire McCullough, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
517Ink Dot Technique for Flow Visualization for the Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryWilliam Janna, University of Memphis
518A Centrifugal Pump Project: An Extracurricular Student ProjectRobert Choate, Joel Lenoir, Kevin Schmaltz, Taylor Weatherford – Western Kentucky University
520Increasing Participation of Women in Cyber SecurityKendra Carr, David Dampier, Kimberly Kelly – Mississippi State University
521Teaching Methods – What Engineers Can Learn from Liberal ArtsMir Atiqullah, Criag Chin, Donna Colebeck, Adeel Khalid, Bernice Nuhferhalten, Beth Stutzmann, Sonia Toson – Southern Polytechnic State University
522Biomass Pyrolosis for Tar and Gas ProductionDavid Domermuth – Appalachian State University
525Challenges of Starting a New Aerospace Engineering Program at a Polytechnic UniversityAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University
526Redesign of an Airflow Test Bench: An Independent Student ProjectHussain Altammar, Robert Choate, Joel Lenoir, Kevin Schmaltz – Western Kentucky University
530K-12 Demos for Outreach in Chemical EngineeringPriscilla Hill, Mississippi State University
531Process Intensification Modules in a Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer CoursePriscilla Hill, Mississippi State University
533Parsing the Content in Capstone Engineering Design CoursesMichael Boyette, North Carolina State University
534NanoExposed! – Chemical Applications in NanotechnologyPriscilla Hill, Mississippi State University
535Meeting Quality Demands: A Case for Improving Non-Functional Requirements LiteracyRandy Smith, University of Alabama; Janet Jenkins, University of North Alabama
536Who Dun It: A Study of MAC Time Update on NTFSDavid Dampier, Dae Glendowne, Christopher Ivancic – Mississippi State University
537MatLab Marina: Web-Based Tutorials for Teaching Programming Concepts using MATLABAnthony Flett, Priya Goeser, Justin Kriske, Charles Panter – Armstrong Atlantic State University
538Engineering Education’s Role in Improving Student Understanding and Learning of Mathematics and SciencesVincent Betro, Cecelia Wigal – University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
539Teaching Virtual Instrumentation to Biomedical Engineering StudentsJorge Bohorquez, Jonathon Toft-Nielsen – University of Miami; Qian Shen, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Wien Center for Alzheimer’s Disease
541Preliminary Assessment of Summer Enrichment ProgramQing Pang, Robert Whalin – Jackson State University
543A Viable Alternative: Fiber-Reinforced PolymerFazil Najafi, Harry Ramnath – University of Florida
544Women in Software Requirements Engineering: An Exploratory StudyKendra Carr, Nan Niu – Mississippi State University
549Teaching Sustainability in an Interdisciplinary EnvironmentDelcie Durham, Alcantar Norma, Qiong Zhang – University of South Florida
550So How Did That Go For You? Early Career Engineers’ Success in Meeting Goals set as Undergraduate SeniorsCheryl Carrico, Holly Matusovich, Katherine Winters – Virginia Tech
552A First-Order Approximations Module for a First-Year Engineering CourseRandal Schwindt, Union University
553Improving FE Pass Rates through Changes in AttitudeDavid Johnstone, Charles Newhouse – Virginia Military Institute
554Using IR Thermal Imaging to Engage Students in Campus Energy AwarenessRobert Choate, Western Kentucky University; Thomas Choate, Vanderbilt University
556Bringing Water Quality into the Eighth Grade Science ClassroomRichard Forehand, Pauline Johnson, Beth Todd – University of Alabama
557A Cry For Help: Persuading Cellphone Developers To Get Involved With Digital ForensicsKendra Carr, Mississippi State University
559The Use of Symbolic Solvers in Engineering EducationB. Keith Hodge, Rogelio Luck – Mississippi State University
560Evolution of the 100 Problems Curriculum of Computer ScienceXiaoyan Hong, Nicholas Kraft, John Lush, Debra McCallum– University of Alabama
562The Use of Energy Modules as a Mechanism to Introduce Sustainable Engineering and Improve Retention of Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Students at Mississippi State UniversityBill Elmore, W. Todd French, Jason Keith, Hossein Toghiani, Rebecca Toghiani – Mississippi State University
564University of Memphis Efforts Assisting US First Teams in Memphis City Schools: A Year in ReviewDaniel Kohn – University of Memphis
565The Design Report: A Staged ApproachRebecca Toghiani, Mississippi State University
566Travel Behavior of Students Reaching Their Origin and Destination at the University of FloridaFazil Najafi, Vaibhav Nayar, University of Florida
569Developing Modeling Software for Engineering Majors with Emphasis on Water ResourcesSamuel Camacaro, Jairo Diaz-Ramirez – Mississippi State University; David Rivas, National University of Colombia
571Teaching Energy Conversion – A Case of Electrical Engineering Students Self-Assessing Performance OutcomesOtsebele Nare, Hampton University
572An Electrical Circuits Hybrid Course DesignKen Swayne, Pellissippi State Community College
573A Program to Broaden Participation in Computing MajorsJulia Hodges, Bryan Jones, Robert Otondo, Rodney Pearson, Donna Reese – Mississippi State University
574The Evolution of an Assignment: Using a Technical News Story as a Writing PromptJohn Brocato, Mississippi State University
576Youth Transportation Institute: An Undergraduate Research Initiative to Promote Transportation EngineeringSarah Brown, Samantha Islam – University of South Alabama
577Teaching Higher on Bloom’s Taxonomy: Experience in Introduction to Graphical Communication CourseChristopher Grant, Lulu Sun – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
579Digital Forensics Workforce Training for Wounded WarriorsKendall Blaylock, David Dampier, Robert W. McGrew – Mississippi State University
582Student Assessments of Learning Objectives as a Study ToolJoseph Coe, The Citadel
583Developing Global Perspective through Service LearningSirena Hargrove-Leak, Elon University
588A Project-based Pedagogy in Teaching Robotic Mechanisms: Design a Remote Control All-Terrain Vehicle out of a Junky Car ChassisCharles Reinholtz, Yan Tang – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
589Formulation and Development of the Wasson System Engineering Process ModelCharles Wasson, Wiley Systems Engineering Author
592Data Organization and Management for the USM Neighborhood Stabilization ProgramTravis Heathman, Tulio Sulbaran – University of Southern Mississippi
593Analysis of the Change Order Process for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program at the University of Southern MississippiZachary Spear, Tulio Sulbaran – University of Southern Mississippi
594Conversion of Information into Process for Collaborative Virtual Reality Environments (CVRE)Mohsen Foroughi-sabzevar, Tulio Sulbaran – University of Southern Mississippi
595Survey Practices implemented in an MDOT ProjectTulio Sulbaran, Alazar Tsegaye – University of Southern Mississippi
599A Comparison of Tablet Computers for Use as a Class Presentation PlatformFrank Katz, Thomas Murphy, Christopher Williams – Armstrong Atlantic State University
600Development of a Structured-Inquiry Module for Teaching Sustainability ‘Around the Cycle’Caroline Noyes, Michael Rodgers, Mary Watson – Georgia Institute of Technology
601Distance Education for Engineering Technology: Faculty and Student PerspectivesAaron Ball, William McDaniel – Western Carolina University
603Mathematics Skills in Electronics Engineering Technology CurriculumZhaoxian Zhou, University of Southern Mississippi
605Podcasting to Improve Software UsageSamuel Russ, University of South Alabama
606Using Student ID Numbers to Create Customized Homework ProblemsSamuel Russ, University of South Alabama
607Teaching a Cross-Disciplinary Nanocomputing Systems CourseWaleed Al-Assadi, Aurangzeb Khan – University of South Alabama
610A Perspective of the Forces Driving Change in Engineering EducationKenneth Brannan, Dennis Fallon – The Citadel
612Using Experiential and Constructivist Teaching Pedagogies in Undergraduate TeachingIslam El-adaway, Dennis Truax – Mississippi State University
613Ethical Concerns in Engineering PublicationsIslam El-adaway, Mississippi State University; Marianne Jennings, Arizona State University
614Fostering Undergraduate Research through a Student Projects and Research ClubR. Mark Nelms, Mason Nixon, Thaddeus Roppel, Levi Smolin – Auburn University
616Teaching of Math and Physics Using a Flight SimulatorChadia Affane Aji, Bruce Heath, M. Javed Khan – Tuskegee University; Marcia Rossi, Alabama State University
619Power to the People: Energy AuditsMonika Bubacz, Laura Lackey, Philip McCreanor – Mercer University
624Suggested Course in Multi-Disciplinary Renewable Energy ManagementMohamed El-Sharkh, Arifur Rahman – University of South Alabama
628Development of a Modern Thermal Systems Design Laboratory – A Follow-upJohn Abbitt, University of Florida
633Capstone Design Course – Divide and ConquerR. Mark Bricka, Mississippi State University