By Last Name

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Abbitt, JohnDevelopment of a Modern Thermal Systems Design Laboratory – A Follow-upUniversity of Florida
Aji, Chadia Affane; Heath Bruce; Khan M. Javed; Rossi, MarciaTeaching of Math and Physics Using a Flight SimulatorTuskegee University; Alabama State University
Al-Assadi, Waleed; Khan, AurangzebTeaching a Cross-Disciplinary Nanocomputing Systems CourseUniversity of South Alabama
Altammar, Hussain; Choate, Robert; Lenoir, Joel; Schamltz, KevinRedesign of an Airflow Test Bench: An Independent Student ProjectWestern Kentucky University
Atiqullah, Mir; Chin, Craig; Colebeck, Donna; Khalid, Adeel; Nuhferhalten, Bernice; Stutzmann, Beth; Toson, SoniaTeaching Methods – What Engineers Can Learn from Liberal ArtsSouthern Polytechnic State University
Ball, Aaron; McDaniel, WilliamDistance Education for Engineering Technology: Faculty and Student PerspectivesWestern Carolina University
Ball, Aaron; Ford, George; McDaniel, WilliamUniversity and Community College Collaboration in North CarolinaWestern Carolina University
Betro, Vincent; Wigal, CeceliaEngineering Education’s Role in Improving Student Understanding and Learning of Mathematics and SciencesUniversity of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Blaylock, Kendall; Dampier, David; McGrew, Robert W.Digital Forensics Workforce Training for Wounded WarriorsMississippi State University
Bohorquez, Jorge; Shen, Qian; Toft-Nielsen, JonathonTeaching Virtual Instrumentation to Biomedical Engineering StudentsUniversity of Miami; Mount Sinai Medical Center, Wien Center for Alzheimer’s Disease
Boyette, MichaelParsing the Content in Capstone Engineering Design CoursesNorth Carolina State University
Brannan, Kenneth; Fallon, DennisA Perspective of the Forces Driving Change in Engineering EducationThe Citadel
Bricka, R. MarkCapstone Design Course – Divide and ConquerMississippi State University
Brocato, JohnThe Evolution of an Assignment: Using a Technical News Story as a Writing PromptMississippi State University
Brown, Sarah; Islam, SamanthaYouth Transportation Institute: An Undergraduate Research Initiative to Promote Transportation EngineeringUniversity of South Alabama
Bubacz, Monika; Lackey, Laura; McCreanor, PhilipPower to the People: Energy AuditsMercer University
Camacaro, Samuel; Diaz-Ramirez, Jairo; Rivas, DavidDeveloping Modeling Software for Engineering Majors with Emphasis on Water ResourcesMississippi State University; National University of Colombia
Carr, Kendra; Niu, Nan;Women in Software Requirements Engineering: An Exploratory StudyMississippi State University
Carr, Kendra; Dampier, David; Kelly, KimberlyIncreasing Participation of Women in Cyber SecurityMississippi State University
Carr, KendraA Cry for Help: Persuading Cellphone Developers to Get Involved with Digital ForensicsMississippi State University
Carrico, Cheryl; Matusovich, Holly; Winters, KatherineSo How Did That Go for You? Early Career Engineers’ Success in Meeting Goals set as Undergraduate SeniorsVirginia Tech
Choate, Robert; Choate, ThomasUsing IR Thermal Imaging to Engage Students in Campus Energy AwarenessWestern Kentucky University; Vanderbilt University
Choate, Robert; Lenoir, Joel; Schmaltz, Kevin; Weatherford, TaylorA Centrifugal Pump Project: An Extracurricular Student ProjectWestern Kentucky University
Coe, JosephStudent Assessments of Learning Objectives as a Study ToolThe Citadel
Dampier, David; Glendowne, Dae; Ivancic, ChristopherWho Dun It: A Study of MAC Time Update on NTFSMississippi State University
Davis, William; Dion, ThomasCivil Engineering Service-Learning Projects: Local and Global PerspectivesThe Citadel
Domermuth, DavidBiomass Pyrolosis for Tar and Gas ProductionAppalachian State University
Durham, Delcie; Norma, Alcantar; Zhang, QiongTeaching Sustainability in an Interdisciplinary EnvironmentUniversity of South Florida
El-adaway, Islam; Jennings, MarianneEthical Concerns in Engineering PublicationsMississippi State University; Arizona State University
El-adaway, Islam; Truax, DennisUsing Experiential and Constructivist Teaching Pedagogies in Undergraduate TeachingMississippi State University
Elmore, Bill; French, W.Todd; Keith, Jason; Toghiani, Hossein; Toghiani, RebeccaThe Use of Energy Modules as a Mechanism to Introduce Sustainable Engineering and Improve Retention of Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Students at Mississippi State UniversityMississippi State University
El-Sharkh, Mohamed; Rahman, ArifurSuggested Course in Multi-Disciplinary Renewable Energy ManagementUniversity of South Alabama
Flett, Anthony; Goeser, Priya; Kriske, Justin; Panter, CharlesMatLab Marina: Web-Based Tutorials for Teaching Programming Concepts using MATLABArmstrong Atlantic State University
Forehand, Richard; Johnson, Pauline; Todd, BethBringing Water Quality into the Eighth Grade Science ClassroomUniversity of Alabama
Foroughi-sabzevar, Mohsen; Sulbaran, TulioConversion of Information into Process for Collaborative Virtual Reality Environments (CVRE)University of Southern Mississippi
Grant, Christopher; Sun, LuluTeaching Higher on Bloom’s Taxonomy: Experience in Introduction to Graphical Communication CourseEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Hall, Gregory; Morris, Tommy; Owens, SeanA Multi-Team Multi-Semester Large-Scale Capstone Project ExperienceNASA- Johnson Space Center; Mississippi State University
Hargrove-Leak, SirenaDeveloping Global Perspective through Service LearningElon University
Heathman, Travis; Sulbaran, TulioData Organization and Management for the USM Neighborhood Stabilization ProgramUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Hill, PriscillaProcess Intensification Modules in a Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer CourseMississippi State University
Hill, PriscillaNanoExposed! – Chemical Applications in NanotechnologyMississippi State University
Hill, PriscillaK-12 Demos for Outreach in Chemical EngineeringMississippi State University
Hodge, B. Keith; Luck, RogelioThe Use of Symbolic Solvers in Engineering EducationMississippi State University
Hodges, Julia; Jones, Bryan; Otondo, Robert; Pearson, Rodney; Reese, DonnaA Program to Broaden Participation in Computing MajorsMississippi State University
Hong, Xiaoyan; Kraft, Nicholas; Lush, John; McCallum, DebraEvolution of the 100 Problems Curriculum of Computer ScienceUniversity of Alabama
Janna, WilliamInk Dot Technique for Flow Visualization for the Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics LaboratoryUniversity of Memphis
Jenkins, Hodge; Schultz, Scott; Vo, HaA Different Approach to Multi-Discipline Senior DesignMercer University
Johnstone, David; Newhouse, CharlesImproving FE Pass Rates through Changes in AttitudeVirginia Military Institute
Katz, Frank; Murphy, Thomas; Williams, ChristopherA Comparison of Tablet Computers for Use as a Class Presentation PlatformArmstrong Atlantic State University
Khalid, AdeelAerospace Engineering Camp for Youth – Techniques Used and Lessons LearnedSouthern Polytechnic State University
Khalid, AdeelChallenges of Starting a New Aerospace Engineering Program at a Polytechnic UniversitySouthern Polytechnic State University
Khalid, AdeelDesign, Development and Testing of Variable Pitch Propeller Thrust Measurement Apparatus – Freshmen Research ProjectSouthern Polytechnic State University
Khalid, AdeelModern Distance Education – Going Global While Staying HomeSouthern Polytechnic State University
Kohn, DanielUniversity of Memphis Efforts Assisting US First Teams in Memphis City Schools: A Year in ReviewUniversity of Memphis
Kunberger, TanyaPromoting Self-Efficacy and Life-Long Learning in Conjunction with an Awareness of Contemporary Issues in Geotechnical EngineeringFlorida Gulf Coast University
Lee, Walter; Louis, Rachel; Mohammadi-Aragh, Mahnas“Wait … There is a PhD in Engineering Education?”: The First-Year Experience of Three Students in an Engineering Education DepartmentVirginia Tech
McCullough, ClaireEthics for the Information AgeUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Najafi, Fazil; Nayar, VaibhavTravel Behavior of Students Reaching Their Origin and Destination at the University of FloridaUniversity of Florida
Najafi, Fazil; Ramnath, HarryA Viable Alternative: Fiber-Reinforced PolymerUniversity of Florida
Nare, OtsebeleTeaching Energy Conversion – A Case of Electrical Engineering Students Self-Assessing Performance OutcomesHampton University
Nelms, R.Mark; Nixon, Mason; Roppel, Thaddeus; Smolin, LeviFostering Undergraduate Research through a Student Projects and Research ClubAuburn University
Noyes, Caroline; Rodgers, Michael; Watson, MaryDevelopment of a Structured-Inquiry Module for Teaching Sustainability ‘Around the Cycle’Georgia Institute of Technology
Pang, Qing; Whalin, RobertPreliminary Assessment of Summer Enrichment ProgramJackson State University
Reinholtz, Charles; Tang, YanA Project-based Pedagogy in Teaching Robotic Mechanisms: Design a Remote-Control All-Terrain Vehicle out of a Junky Car ChassisEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Russ, SamuelPodcasting to Improve Software UsageUniversity of South Alabama
Russ, SamuelUsing Student ID Numbers to Create Customized Homework ProblemsUniversity of South Alabama
Schwindt, RandalA First-Order Approximations Module for a First-Year Engineering CourseUnion University
Smith, Randy; Jenkins, JanetMeeting Quality Demands: A Case for Improving Non-Functional Requirements LiteracyUniversity of Alabama; University of North Alabama
Spear, Zachary; Sulbaran, TulioAnalysis of the Change Order Process for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program at the University of Southern MississippiUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sulbaran, Tulio; Tsegaye, AlazarSurvey Practices implemented in an MDOT ProjectUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Swayne, KenAn Electrical Circuits Hybrid Course DesignPellissippi State Community College
Toghiani, RebeccaThe Design Report: A Staged ApproachMississippi State University
Wasson, CharlesFormulation and Development of the Wasson System Engineering Process ModelWiley Systems Engineering Author
Zhou, ZhaoxianMathematics Skills in Electronics Engineering Technology CurriculumUniversity of Southern Mississippi