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Paper NumberPaper TitleAuthor(s)
9Interns and Mentors’ Evaluation of Workforce Knowledge and Skills and the Perceived Importance of These Skills in Engineering and Science CareersKimberly Brush, NASA Langley Research Center; Cathy Hall, East Carolina University; Thomas Pinelli, NASA Langley Research Center; Jeannine Perry, Continental Research Associates, Inc.
13Basic Quantum Concepts for Engineering Undergraduates: Making More Effective Use of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty PrincipleMartin Parker, University of South Alabama
19The Impact of Testing Frequency and Final Exams on Student PerformanceRichard Mines, Mercer University
20Improved Student Understanding of Materials and Structures Through Non-traditional Laboratory ProjectAdel Abdelnaby, University of Memphis; Andrew Assadollahi, Christian Brothers University
21Propulsion Ankle ProstheticAwab Khan, Mercer University
22In Vitro Inter-Subject Comparison of Inhaled Aerosol Deposition in Realistic Human Upper Respiratory ModelsDo Hyun Yoon, Mercer University
26Flywheel Energy Storage and Release via Continuously Variable TransmissionsAlan Westbay, Mercer University
28Improving the Aerospace Engineering Summer Camps – Student SurveysAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University
30Raspberry Pi, Python, Digital Cameras and Speed Detection Camera: Lessons LearnedEmily Minch, Mercer University
32Use of Student-Generated Videos to Enhance Teaching Quality in Engineering ClassesAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University
33Project-Based Learning: The Evolution of a Senior Project to a Laboratory Test BedJoel Lenoir, Darren Tinker, Robert Choate – Western Kentucky University
35Bio-Sand Filter Engineering: The Multi-faceted Aspects of Poverty Observed in Sisit, KenyaE. Davis Lacey, Laura Lackey – Mercer University
36Engaging Middle School Girls in Computing with a Project-Based Learning ApproachSarah Lee; Rian Walker – Mississippi State University
39The Transition of Mechanical Engineering Technology Students to the Mechanical Engineering Program Through the Leveling Courses at Georgia Southern UniversityMahbub Ahmed, Southern Arkansas University; Brian Vlcek, Aniruddha Mitra – Georgia Southern University
40Mid Semester Survey: An Alternate for the End of Semester Evaluation for Engineering CoursesMahbub Ahmed, Southern Arkansas University; Aniruddha Mitra, Georgia Southern University; Md Rashid, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
47Reflection in a Technical Writing Course: Students Assess Their ProgressAmy Barton, Mary-Kay Belant – Mississippi State University
52What Makes Educational Innovations Stick? A Delphi ApproachDavid Bourrie, L. Allison Jones-Farmer, Chetan Sankar, Casey Cegielski – Auburn University
55F – Scan Analysis of Prosthetic Fittings through Mercer on Mission VietnamEmily Brett, Matthew Yin – Mercer University
56Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering Workplace: A Call for Majority Intentionality to Increase Career Self-EfficacyScott Hofacker, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Command
58Design a Small and Low-Cost Thermal Cycling Chamber for ThermostatsRobert Carson, Mohammad Hossain, Shawn Jackson, Jonathan Rocha – Tuskegee University; Chris Jensenius, John Deere Power Systems
60Teaching Project Management for a Manufacturing EnvironmentMark Angolia, Charles Lesko – East Carolina University
62Using Multimedia Online Learning Tools to Supplement the Classroom InstructionCassandra Gribbins; Lulu Sun – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
63Undecided Engineers: A First-Year General Engineering ProgramDenis Andre, Alexandra Boggs, Matthew Jensen – Florida Institute of Technology
65Establishment of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Research and Teaching Laboratory ProjectsBethany Castleberry, Jared Teague – University of Tennessee-Martin
69An Evaluation of Microgrid Design Projects Integrated in a Pre-college Summer ProgramJames Brinkman, Cortlandt Coghill – Battelle; Ziette Hayes, Otsebele Nare – Hampton University
75Benefits of an Economical Structural LabDavid Johnstone, Matthew Swenty – Virginia Military Institute
76Incorporating Lifelong Learning Skills into a Computer Applications CourseKevin Bower, Kenneth Brannan, Dennis Fallon, Kaitlin Marley – The Citadel
77Pluses and Minuses of a Traditional Grading SystemCharles Newhouse, Matthew Swenty – Virginia Military Institute
78Design and Monitoring of a Residential AC Condensate Collection SystemBryan Danley, Mercer University
79Structural Analysis of the Typha LatifoliaNicholas Fortenberry, Aniruddha Mitra, William Pruitt, Emerald Simons, Shaowen Xu – Georgia Southern University
84Departmental Implementation of ASCE’s Exceed Teaching PrinciplesAngelica Palomino, Jennifer Retherford – University of Tennessee-Knoxville
85Incorporating ASCE’s ExcEEd Principles in Capstone Project and Other Active Learning CoursesJoseph Amoah, Jennifer Retherford – University of Tennessee-Knoxville
93Systematic Offering of Software Engineering Tools and Practices in Software Engineering CurriculumMark Hornick, Milwaukee School of Engineering; Shafagh Jafer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
95Effects of Cooperative Learning as a Teaching Method for an Introductory Course in Engineering StatisticsMuhammad Omar Amini, Colorado State University; James Leeper, Paul Ray – The University of Alabama
97Implicit Association Test as an Indicator of Gender Bias in Computer FieldsClaire McCullough, The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
99Course Structure for Service-Learning in Mercer – On – Mission Prosthetic ProgramEdward O’Brien, Ha Vo – Mercer University
102Teaching Turbomachinery Analysis Using 3-D Printing TechnologyJohn Abbitt, Shannon Ridgeway – University of Florida
110Exposing Undergraduate Students to Fuzzy Logic Through Robotics and MechatronicsCheryl Seals, Auburn University; Earl Smith, Georgia Southern University
111Developing a Task Model for Evidence-Centered Assessment Design in a Speech Signal Processing CourseShonda Bernadin, Tejal Udhan – Florida A&M University-Florida State University
118Comparison of the Panama Canal Expansion vs. Mississippi’s Ports of Gulfport and Pascagoula ExpansionsTulio Sulbaran, Emerson Toledo – University of Southern Mississippi
124How Delivery Modalities Affect the Students’ Academic Achievement and Their Life PlansSimin Nasseri, Southern Polytechnic State University
134A Comparison in Civil Engineering Education Between Beijing University of Architecture and University of FloridaFazil Najafi, Shuang Song – University of Florida
135Review of Permeable Pavement Systems and DesignsMathew Lipman, Fazil Najafi – University of Florida
141Aerodynamic Analysis of Box Wing Configuration for UnmannedAdeel Khalid, Southern Polytechnic State University