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Paper NumberTitleAuthor(s)
101A Low-Cost Conveyor System for Teaching Automation to Engineering Technology StudentsAaron K. Ball, Johnson S. Busick – Western Carolina University
102Practice of Increasing Enrollment and Retention of Electronics Engineering Technology ProgramZhaoxian Zhou, University of Southern Mississippi
103LabVIEW-based Laboratory for Electronics Engineering Technology ProgramZhaoxian Zhou, University of Southern Mississippi
105Developing K-12 Pre-Engineering Curriculum Through: Interrelationship Between Higher Learning Organizations, Industry, After-School Robotics Competition and Teacher Professional OrganizationsMarcos Chu, The Boeing Company
106A Student Survey of a Web-based Distance Learning Engineering CourseScott Schultz – Mercer University
111Give them what they want: A look at student directed curriculum revision in a summer bridge campErin Crede, Jonathan Gaines, Leigh McCue – Virginia Tech; Tremayne Waller, Cornell University
112Engaging Current and Future Engineering Students Using PBS Design SquadSirena Hargrove-Leak, Elon University
114Manuscript Publication Aided by the Open Journal Systems: A Case StudyRobert A. Chin, East Carolina University; Nancy E. Study, Virginia State University
118Techfacturing: A Summer Day Camp Designed to Promote STEM Interest in Middle School Students through Exposure to Local Manufacturing FacilitiesJonathan Brumfield, James Leech, Lester Smith – Blue Ridge Community College; Michael Ellis, Sarah MacDonald, Robert J. Prins, James Shaeffer – James Madison University
119Faculty Student Advising at Western Carolina UniversityChip Ferguson, Western Carolina University
121An Introduction and Literature Review of Fuzzy Logic Applications for Robot Motion PlanningGeorge Ford, William McDaniel, Paul Yanik – Western Carolina University
122Recruiting and Retention Strategies for Construction Employers in the United StatesGeorge Ford, Jack Patterson – Western Carolina University; Bradford Sims, Indiana State University
123Improving Statics Instruction in Four-year Technology ProgramsRonald Bumgarner, George Ford, John Patterson – Western Carolina University
125Directions for Engineering and Technology Educators to Improve Program EnrollmentsGeorge Ford, William McDaniel, Paul Yanik – Western Carolina University
126A case study: an energy audit for a small municipality in North CarolinaAaron Ball, George Ford – Western Carolina University
129Economical Classroom Laboratories for Material ScienceDavid Domeruth, Appalachian State University
130A Pre-Engineering Class to Help Transition Students into an Engineering MajorRobert Green, Donna S. Reese, Martha Smith – Mississippi State University
131Development of Digital Audiovisual Lectures for an Engineering Course: A YouTube ExperienceSri Garapati, Autar Kaw – University of South Florida
132Demographics and Diversity of Mercer University’s Graduate Engineering ProgramsGreg Lofton, Richard O. Mines, Jr. – Mercer University
134Independent Research in Dynamics, a Case Study in Student LearningHodge E. Jenkins, Mercer University
135Interviews with Experts in which they Explain how they Solved Structural Failure InvestigationsLuis A. Godoy, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
136Industry Partnerships at Western Carolina University: Live Projects that WorkAaron K. Ball, William L. McDaniel – Western Carolina University
137Engineering Education as a Pathway to Sustainable SolutionsSam Harrell, Nathaniel Robinson – Africa Exchange; Elizabeth M. Hyde, Laura W. Lackey –  Mercer University
139Methods for Increasing Enrollment in a Telecommunications Engineering Technology ProgramTom Fallon, Southern Polytechnic State University
142Measuring Achievement Goal Orientations of Freshman Engineering StudentsRobin D. Anderson, Megan K. France, Olga Pierrakos, Javarro Russell – James Madison University
143Interdisciplinary and experiential approach towards the teaching of materials science and engineeringJudy Schneider, Keisha Walters – Mississippi State University
144Commuter Students’ Educational Experiences and Sense of Belonging in the Undergraduate Engineering Community: A Phenomenological StudyJenny Linn Smith, Julie Martin Trenor – Clemson University
145The Business of Engineering: Sharing Lessons on Motivating Potential Future EngineersZiette Hayes, Otsebele Nare, Eric Sheppard – Hampton University
146A VIEW on Mechanical Dissection for Freshmen EngineeringMichael Brundage, Priya T. Goeser, Felix G. Hamza-Lup, Wayne M. Johnson, Ivan Sopin – Armstrong Atlantic State University; Matthew Carroll, Georgia Institute of Technology
147Using Camtasia Relay on a Tablet PC to Record Lectures in the Classroom: Experiences of a First-Time UserSteven M. Click, Tennessee Technological University
148Greening the Educational Experience: Strategic Entry Points for Sustainability in the Existing CurriculaYong Han Ahn, East Carolina University; Annie R. Pearce, Virginia Tech
149Synergistic Learning & Inquiry through Characterizing the Environment for Sustainability (SLICES): Improving Understanding of Real-World Systems through Observation & ReflectionChristine M. Fiori, Vera Novak, Annie R. Pearce, Kathleen M. Short – Virginia Tech
152Situativity Approaches for Improving Interdisciplinary Team ProcessesEloise Coupey, Ed Dorsa, Ron Kemnitzer, Kahyun Kim, Tom Martin, Lisa D. McNair – Virginia Tech
153Learning Statics: A Cognitive ApproachLisa McNair, Chris Venters – Virginia Tech
155High Altitude Student Ballooning Project: An Intensive Research Experience for Undergraduate Engineering StudentsAtin Sinha, Albany State University
157Using a rubric-based assessment system to improve feedback and student performance in course-management systemsBob Edmison, Stephen H. Edwards, Manuel A. Perez-Quinones – Virginia Tech
158Discovering Patterns in Student Activity on Programming AssignmentsAnthony Allevato, Stephen H. Edwards – Virginia Tech
160iGrads@VT: An iPhone Application for Graduate RecruitmentBen Hanrahan, Ames Henry, Uma Murthy, Manuel A. Perez-Quinones, Ricardo Quintana-Castillo – Virginia Tech
161Undergraduate Civil Engineering Sustainability Education Metric (UCESEM): Benchmarking Civil Engineering Program PerformanceKathryn Augsburger, Annie R. Pearce – Virginia Tech
162CoPractice: An Adaptive and Versatile Practice ToolKevin Buffardi, Dzmitry Churbanau, Stephen H. Edwards, Rahul Kanna N. Jayaraman – Virginia Tech
163Towards the Development of Programming Skills for First-Time-ProgrammersAhmed Abukmail, Louise Perkins – University of Southern Mississippi
164Source Code Plagiarism and the Honor CourtStephen H. Edwards, J. Patrick Van Metre – Virginia Tech
165SPEED – An ASEE Initiative for A Nationally Recognized Development Program for Engineering EducatorsC. Finelli, University of Michigan; D. Schaefer, T.T. Utschig – Georgia Institute of Technology; D.P. Visco, Tennessee Technological University; J.P. Mohsen, University of Louisville; N.L. Fortenberry, Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education; M. Prince, Bucknell University  
168Initiating the Undergraduate Research Study through the NYC-LSAMP Summer FellowshipSunghoon Jang, Kenneth Markowitz – New York City College of Technology of CUNY
169Design and Build: Teaching Cognitive Skills through Tool UseEric Pappas, Robert Prins – James Madison University
170A Learning Community Approach to Development Of A Sustainable Energy CourseMichael W. Ellis, Cortney V. Martin, David D. Dillard – Virginia Tech
171Motivating Learning Performance in Collaborative Virtual Reality EnvironmentsAndrew Strelzoff, Tulio Sulbaran – University of Southern Mississippi
172Usability in Virtual Reality Construction Scheduling EducationJian Chen, Andrew Strelzoff, Tulio Sulbaran – University of Southern Mississippi
173Development of a Large-Scale Virtual Meeting Space for Drug and Alcohol Aftercare CounselingJames Ross, Andrew Strelzoff, Tulio Sulbaran – University of Southern Mississippi
178The Use of Modeling and Simulation as an Instructional Strategy in High School Math and Science ClassesMark A. Clemente, National Institute of Aerospace
179Empowering Teachers Through the Virginia 21st Century e-Teacher Graduate SeriesSharon Bowers, National Institute of Aerospace/Virginia Beach City Public Schools; Edwin K. Brown, University of Virginia
181Design of a Dust Collector Performance Experiment: An Extracurricular Student ProjectRobert Choate, Nicholas Harlow; Joel Lenoir – Western Kentucky University
184Self-efficacy in female and male undergraduate engineering students: Comparisons among four institutionsMargaret B. Bailey, Rochester Institute of Technology; Carol J. Burger, Virginia Tech; Joseph A. Raelin, Rachelle M. Reisberg – Northeastern University; David Whitman, University of Wyoming
185Information Technology Career Interest: Cross-cultural Study of College Women in Australia, New Zealand, & the United StatesCarol J. Burger, Virginia Tech
187Whatever Happened to Product Realization? Will Technology Programs Succeed Where Engineering Programs Have Failed?Taylan Altan, Ohio State University; John T. Berry, John E. Wyatt – Mississippi State University
188A Developmental Visualization Module that Starts with Inspection and Ends at Solid Modeling Using Real ObjectsKeith Holland, Robert J. Prins – James Madison University
190A Comedy of Errors: Teaching Oral Presentation Skills Using a Spectacularly Bad PresentationClaire L. McCullough, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
191Elon’s Enhanced Engineering Dual Degree ProgramRichard D’Amato, Elon University
195A System of Individualized Homework Assignments in Core Mechanics CoursesRonald Goulet, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
196Student Success-Oriented Needs Analysis: A Conceptual FrameworkSharnnia Artis, Ohio State University; Tracee Walker Gilbert, Janis P. Terpenny – Virginia Tech
197Construction and Implementation of a Mobile Robot Platform in a Microcontroller / Interfacing ClassDaniel Kohn, University of Memphis
199Blended Instruction in an Introductory Engineering Graphics Course: Understanding How Students Utilize Online Instructional ResourcesTheodore J. Branoff, Mark A. Shreve, Eric N. Wiebe – North Carolina State University
201Faculty Strategies for Facilitating Interdisciplinary CollaborationMarie C. Paretti, David M. Richter – Virginia Tech
202The Use of Clickers in Summer Undergraduate Civil Engineering CoursesKenneth P. Brannan, Edward L. Hajduk, John A. Murden – The Citadel
203Implementing a Peer Leadership Model in a Large-Scale Peer Mentoring ProgramTyler Aarons, Jean-Louis Bile, Jared Chelko, Erin Crede, Whitney Edmister, Fleur Gooden, Kaitlyn Hines, Ryan Hubbard, Rosemary Patterson, Bevelee Watford – Virginia Tech
204A Proposed Learner-Centered Mechatronics Engineering Instructional ProgramPatrick Currier, Virginia Tech
206Female Engineers at Mercer University; student recruitment, retention, and faculty involvementMonika Bubacz, Joan M. Burtner, Laura W. Lackey, Aaisha Merali – Mercer University
207An Experiment in Learner-Centered Instruction in Aerospace Engineering Capstone DesignW.M. Butler, R.M. Goff, R.M., J.P. Terpenny – Virginia Tech
210The Effect Knowledge Dissemination Structures Play in Increasing Design Efficiency in Small Design TeamsRichard Goff, Aaron Noble, Janis Terpenny – Virginia Tech
211An Updated Approach for Preparing Mechanical Engineering Students for the Machine Design IndustryRichard Goff, Chase Holland, Drew Newman, Janis Terpenny – Virginia Tech
212Introducing Undergraduates to Load Calculations: A Course Designed Around ASCE-7Richard Goff, Lori Koch, Janis Terpenny – Virginia Tech
213Reflections on Mentoring FIRST LEGO® LeagueRichard Goff, Kyle Kelley, Janis Terpenny – Virginia Tech
214Implementation and Evaluation of Laboratory/Tutorial Exercises for Software Defined Radio EducationAdeyemi A. Adenariwo, Carl B. Dietrich, Cecile C. Dietrich, Stephen H. Edwards, Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez, S.M. Hasan, Jeffrey H. Reed, Jason Snyder, Haris I. Volos – Virginia Tech; Frank E. Kragh, Donna L. Miller – Naval Postgraduate School
215The Role of College Sponsored Freshman Projects Engaging Freshmen – Engaging FacultyCecelia M. Wigal, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
217Outreach Program in Civil Engineering and Traffic Safety for Fourth and Fifth Grade StudentsRod E. Turochy, Auburn University
220An Early Start to Studying Shaky Ground: Teaching Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Topics in a Sophomore-Level Dynamics CourseFatih Oncul, Southern Polytechnic State University
221Faculty’s Self-Determined Engagement as the Key to Advancing a Culture of AssessmentRichard Goff, Ken Stanton – Virginia Tech
222A Curricular Model for a One Semester Capstone Course in EngineeringE. William Jones, Mohammad S. Qatu – Mississippi State University
223A Third Year Update on a Single-Gender Outreach ProgramThomas E. Banning, Jerry D. Newman – University of Memphis
227An Infrastructure for Teaching CS1 in the CloudGodmar Back, Stephen Edwards, Michael Woods –Virginia Tech
230Factors Affecting the Performance of Students in a Data Structures Course at Fort Valley State UniversityRamana M. Gosukonda, Masoud Naghedolfeizi, Nabil Yousif – Fort Valley State University
231Introducing High School Girls to PC Board AssemblyJerry Newman, University of Memphis
232Enhancements to Software Defined Radio Design Engineering EducationCarl B. Dietrich, Stephen H. Edwards, S.M. Shajedul Hasan, Jeffrey H. Reed – Virginia Tech; Frank E. Kragh, Donna L. Miller – Naval Postgraduate School
233Etiology of the Energy Crisis in One LectureB. K. Hodge, Mississippi State University
244Preparing Students for the Practice of Civil EngineeringKevin C. Bower, Thomas R. Dion, Dennis J. Fallon – The Citadel
246From the Classroom to the Operating Room: Cutting Edge and the StudentMena Aziz, Philip Kazemersky, Anthony Lopez, Joshua Stephenson, Ricky Thompson –  University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
247The Need for Adapting Engineering Education: Preparing Engineering Students for New Employment Environments a.k.a. Nuclear PowerPhilip Kazemersky, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
248Capstone Courses: Why They Work and Why They Don’tMarcus Ansley, Michelle Rambo-Roddenberry, Kamal Tawfiq – Florida A&M University-Florida State University
397Achieve objectives of engineering design course through the jansen project and a design sampleAaron Artigue, Terrence L. Chambers, Yucheng Liu, Jeremy Sommers – University of Louisiana-Lafayette
400Freshman Engineering Student Perceptions of Engineering DisciplinesCharles V. Camp, Stephanie Ivey, Paul J. Palazolo – University of Memphis