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Abbitt, JohnDevelopment of a Modern Integrated Thermal Systems Design LaboratoryUniversity of Florida
Anderson, Robert L.; McDaniel, William L.; Ball, Aaron K.; Miceli, FrankBridging Tomorrow through Strengthening PartnershipsWestern Carolina University
Archer, Akibi; Andrews, Samantha; Babalola, Karolyn; Fairley, Jacqueline; Tarver, MargaretEngineering Outreach by High School Students in NSBE Jr.Georgia Institute of Technology; Tri-Cities High School
Baldridge, Anthony; Nutt, Ashley; Vaughn, Mary; Hartley-Lewis, Celis; Amos, AmandaThe STEM Club at Marietta High SchoolGeorgia Institute of Technology; Marietta High School
Batarseh, Feras; Abdelwahab, Moataz; Batarseh, Issa; Haralambous, MichaelQuiz Me- An Interactive Learning Tool with Application to Electrical CircuitsUniversity of Central Florida
Behravesh, Edfandiar; Roy, Auroop; Duncan, Shaun; Tuthill, ChristopherDevelopment of RFID-Based Real-Time Inventory Tracking as a Project Assessment Tool in a Problem-Based Laboratory EnvironmentGeorgia Institute of Technology
Bernal, Ashley; Gravitt, AlanPromoting Engineering at an Inner-City Chartered SchoolGeorgia Institute of Technology; Tech High School
Bhadsavle, Neil; Wang, Ju AnValidating Tools for Cell Phone ForensicsSouthern Polytechnic State University
Brannan, Ken; Murden, John A.; Hajduk, Edward L.A New Meaning to Click Here in a Computer ClassThe Citadel
Branoff, Ted; Mapson, KathleenLarge Course Redesign: Moving an Introductory Engineering Graphics Course from Face-to-Face to Hybrid InstructionNorth Carolina State University
Brocato, JohnThe Luddite Exam: Not Using Technology to Gauge Student Writing DevelopmentMississippi State University
Butler, André Schultz, Scott; Sumner, LorenThe Process of Revising Faculty Performance Evaluations – Not for the faint of heartMercer University
Canfield, Stephen; Abdelrahman, Mohamed; Patton, NickEnhancing the Programming Experience for Engineering Students through Hands-On Integrated Computer ExperiencesTennessee Technological University
Canfield, Stephen; Hunter, KenEarly Intervention and Mechanical Engineering (EIME): Balancing stakeholder expectations in an engineering educational environmentTennessee Technological University
Chu, MarcosDeveloping K-16 Pre-Engineer Learning Communities Through Mentoring: Interrelationship Between Higher Learning Organizations, Industry, After-School Robotics ComINCOSE
Clark, Aaron C.; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Scales, Alice Y.Results of a Study using the Motivation Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) in an Introductory Engineering Graphics CourseNorth Carolina State University
Click, StevenClassroom Response Systems in Upper-Level Transportation Engineering Classes: A Pilot StudyTennessee Technological University
Coates, Cameron; Lau, Kam Fui; Brown, MichaelSolid Model Numerical Representation: An Emerging Skill for Engineering Graphics StudentsArmstrong Atlantic State University; OpenVision, Inc.
Cooper, K.N.; Sommerich, C.M.; Campbell-Kyureghyan, N.H.Technology in the classroom: College Students computer usage and ergonomic risk factorsUniversity of Louisville; Ohio State University
Dasigi, Venu; Reichgelt, HanIssues and Experiences with Online STEM EducationSouthern Polytechnic State University
Dion, Thomas; Bower, KevinCreating A Positive Work Ethic in Civil Engineering Students: A Case for Attribution Theory and ScaffoldingThe Citadel
Domermuth, DavidThe Pedagogy of Form versus Function for Industrial DesignAppalachian State University
Duggins, Sheryl; Walker, RayTeaching Software Engineering Courses Online Using 21st Century TechnologySouthern Polytechnic State University
Duke, Jr, John C.A New Design Process Paradigm: Sustainable System DesignVirginia Tech
Ervin, ElizabethPreparing Non-Nuclear Engineers for the Nuclear FieldUniversity of Mississippi
Ervin, Elizabeth; Xu, WeipingVibration Course Enhancement Through a Dynamic Matlab Graphic User InterfaceUniversity of Mississippi
Galloway, Joshua; Wilcox, Daren R.Honors Undergraduate Research: Autonomous Robot for Remote Detection of UXOSouthern Polytechnic State University
Gehringer, EdPropagating Software-Based Educational InnovationsNorth Carolina State University
Goeser, Priya; Coates, Cameron W.; Johnson, Wayne M.; McCarthy, ChrisPushing the Limit Further: Exposure of High School Seniors to Engineering Research, Design and CommunicationArmstrong Atlantic State University
Guo, Minzhe; Wang, Ju AnAn Ontology-based Approach to Model Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures in Information SecuritySouthern Polytechnic State University
Harris, Bonnie; Usselman, MarionCorporate Partnerships in the Georgia Intern-Fellowships for Teachers (GIFT) ProgramGeorgia Institute of Technology
Henclewood, Dwayne; Smith, Mshadoni; Garrow, Laurie; Guin, Angshuman; Hunter, Michael; Usselman, MarionBuilding Engineering Achievement through Transportation (BEAT): A Traffic Engineering Program for High School StudentsGeorgia Institute of Technology
Irizarry, Javier; Meadati, PavanUse of Interactive Display Technology for Construction Education ApplicationsGeorgia Institute of Technology; Southern Polytechnic State University
Jackson, Kenneth W.; Reichart, Nancy L.Teaching Engineers to Compete in the 21st Century-A Multidisciplinary Approach for Honors StudentsSouthern Polytechnic State University
Jenkins, Hodge; Lackey, Laura W.Survey of Teaching Assessments at Engineering Educational InstitutionsMercer University
Johnson, Ashley N.; Usselman, Marion; Llewellyn, DonnaEngineering for High School StudentsAshley N. Johnson, Marion Usselman, Donna Llewellyn – Georgia Institute of Technology; Douglas Edwards, Westlake High School
Johnson, Ashley N.; Weaver, Jason D.; Archer, Akibi; Post, Brian; Usselman, Marion; Llewellyn, DonnaA Comparative Analysis of Engineering Clubs in Atlanta Area High SchoolsGeorgia Institute of Technology
Johnson, Pauline; Todd, Beth; Ingram, Laura; Aruwayjoye, Bettie; Beatty, Hannah; Black, William; Burchalter, Cole; Gibson, KendrickSynchronizing International Service with ABET OutcomesUniversity of Alabama
Johnson, Wayne M.; Coates, Cameron W.; Hager, Patrick; Stevens, NyrellEmploying Rapid Prototyping in a First-Year Engineering Graphics CourseArmstrong Atlantic State University; Savannah State University
Juang, Jeng-Nan; Radharamanan, R.A High Voltage DC Power Supply to Excite a Laser Tube: A Capstone Design ProjectMercer University
Katsioloudis, PetrosEnhancing the Collection Process for the Delphi TechniqueOld Dominion University
Kellam, Nadia; Babcock, Ashley; Gattie, DavidThe Engineering Learning Environment and its Role in the Attraction and Retention of Women in Engineering ProgramsUniversity of Georgia
Kellam, Nadia; Gattie, DavidA Systems Approach to Teaching Engineering Design to Non-EngineersUniversity of Georgia
Kohn, DanielAn Unexpected Experiment in Project Based LearningUniversity of Memphis
Kunz, RichardManufacturing Practices – A Hands-On Course in Metalworking for Engineering UndergraduatesMercer University
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Lesko, Charles; Pickard, John L.Enhancing the Distance Learning Experience: Building Virtual Classroom and Laboratory EnvironmentsEast Carolina University
Luck, Rogelio; Hodge, B.K.A Multicourse Effort for Instilling Systematic Engineering Problem Solving Skills Through the Use of a Mathematic Computer Aided EnvironmentMississippi State University
Malasri, S.; Ray, A.; Zhou, Y.; Ventura, J.; Shiue, P.; Davila, J.Undergraduate Packaging Programs at CBUChristian Brothers University
Malasri, S.; Ray, A.; Zhou, Y.; Ventura, J.; Shiue, P.; Davila, J.Recruiting for Undergraduate Packaging Programs at Christian Brothers UniversityChristian Brothers University
Marghitu, Daniela; Fuller, Michael; Brahim, Taha Ben; Banu, ElizaAuburn University Robotics and Computer Literacy K-12 Engineering Camps: A Success StoryAuburn University
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McDaniel, William L.; Ball, Aaron K.; Ferguson, Chip; Bumgarner, Ron; Stone, WesIntegrating Rapid Product Development Methods in Engineering TechnologyWestern Carolina University
Miers, Ronald J.; Patterson, JackCreative Coursework Development using a Creative Problem Resolution ProcessWestern Carolina University
Minerick, Adrienne; Thibaudeau, GiselleUse of Concept Development Projects in Science and Engineering CoursesMississippi State University
Morsi, Rasha; Jackson, Edward; Ibrahim, WaelConcept Map Presentation Tool (CMPT): Teaching Wireless Communications using Concept MapsNorfolk State University; ECPI College of Technology
Newman, JerryI Have This Calculator; I’m Not Supposed to Have to ThinkUniversity of Memphis
Nordstrom, Greg; Reasonover, Ginger; Hutchinson, BenAttracting Students to Engineering Through Robotics CampLipscomb University
Obadat, Mohammad; Kissell, Stephanie; Anderson, William; Kee, MattTraffic Study for UT Martin Campus and SurroundingsUniversity of Tennessee-Martin
Paretti, Marie C.; Tucker, Raymond R.; McNair, Lisa D.Cross-Functional Teams: Learning from Industry to Identify Opportunities in Undergraduate EducationVirginia Tech
Patterson, John Ford, GeorgeThe damaging impacts of hurricanes upon coastal structuresWestern Carolina University
Patterson, John; Ford, GeorgeBasic aspects of hurricanes for technology faculty in the United StatesWestern Carolina University
Post, Brian K.; Riechert, Susan E.Bridging the Gap: Connecting Biology and Engineering in the High School CurriculumGeorgia Institute of Technology; University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Pucha, Raghu; Utschig, Tristan T.Computer-Aided-Nano-Design Education in the Engineering Curriculum: Scope and ChallengesGeorgia Institute of Technology
Radharamanan, R.; Juang, Jeng-NanEffect of Temperature on Dry Cell Life Span: A Case StudyMercer University
Richter, David M.; Paretti, Marie C.; McNair, Lisa D.Teaching Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Learning Barriers and Classroom StrategiesVirginia Tech
Rivoli, Gary J.; Ralston, Patricia A.S.Elementary and Middle School Engineering Outreach: Building a STEM PipelineUniversity of Louisville
Rosen, Jeff; Stilwell, FredA.C.E.S Wild: Applied Concepts of Engineering and Science Course Shakes Up TraditionGeorgia Institute of Technology; East Cobb Middle School
Scherrer, Christina R.; Butler, Renee J.; Burns, ShekinahPerceptions of On-line EducationSouthern Polytechnic State University
Seale, Kevin; Armstrong, Patricia; Wikswo, JohnThe Systems Biology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Experience at Vanderbilt UniversityVanderbilt University
Shankar, RaviPreparing Systems Engineers of TomorrowFlorida Atlantic University
Shankar, Ravi; Agarwal, AnkurKISMET: An Open-Source Process for Faculty Participation in ABET AccreditationFlorida Atlantic University
Shrago, Marsha; Garrow, Laurie; Usselman, MarionCivil Engineers Design High School Statistics TasksGeorgia Institute of Technology
Sinha, AtinNew Frontiers in Manufacturing Education: Rapid Prototyping, 3D Scanning and Reverse EngineeringAlbany State University
Stucky, Alison; Bellamy, Marcus; Llewellyn, Donna; Usselman, MarionThe Consequences of Canceling Physics: Revisiting a Case Study in an At Risk Urban High SchoolGeorgia Institute of Technology
Sulbaran, Tulio; Marchman, DavidData Structuring for Statistical Analysis of Effectiveness of Rumble Stripes on Highway SafetyUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sulbaran, Tulio; Strelzoff, AndrewDelivery of Multimedia Education Content in Collaborative Virtual Reality EnvironmentsUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Thain, WalterA Laboratory Component of a Switching Power Supply Course Requiring Nominal ResourcesSouthern Polytechnic State University
Thomas, Ken D.; Howard, Joniqua A.; Omisca, Erlande; Green, Trent; Trotz, Maya A.Stormwater Pond Beautification in East Tampa: The Basis for University, K-12, and Community Partnerships that Broaden Participation in Environmental EngineeringUniversity of South Florida
Turochy, Rod E.Experiences in Civil Engineering Outreach with Middle School Age StudentsAuburn University
Usselman, Marion; Rosen, JeffreyPromoting Equity and Diversity in First Lego LeagueGeorgia Institute of Technology
Vo, Ha Van; Radharamanan, R.Simulation on Human Body Injury Locations during a Fall due to SlipMercer University
Walker, ThomasRe-defining, De-limiting, and Activating the Engineering Learning Space with Tablet PC Convertible Computers and Associated ApplicationsVirginia Tech
Wang, Hao; Wang, AndySecurity Metrics for Software SystemSouthern Polytechnic State University
Wang, Shih-Liang (Sid)Developing a Nuclear Certificate ProgramNorth Carolina A&T State University
Waryoba, D.R. Luongo, C.A.; Shih, C.Integration of Industrial-Sponsored and Design Competition Projects in the Capstone Design CourseFlorida A&M University-Florida State University
Weaver, Jason; Ryan, Michael; Usselman, MarionUsing Inquiry Biomedical Engineering Cases to Increase Middle and High School Student Interest in Science and EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology
Wigal, Cecelia M.Introducing Freshmen Engineering Students to Systems ModelingUniversity of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Wilhelm, Kristin B.Beyond the Box: A Contribution to Changing the Engineering Educational ParadigmUniversity of Virginia
Wilson, Timothy A.Assessment Based Instruction Applied to a Course and Lab in Digital Signal ProcessingEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Winters, Kathy; McCullough, ClaireA Student-Designed Computer System to Aid ABET Assessment: Using One ABET Requirement to Fulfill AnotherUniversity of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Wohrley, AndrewPimp My Browser: Browser Plug-ins Enhance Undergraduate ResearchAuburn University
Xia, Min; Wang, Ju AnTemporal Text Extraction and Automated Time-OWL PopulationSouthern Polytechnic State University
Yanik, Paul; Ford, George; Howell, BrianAn Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Applications for Robot Motion PlanningWestern Carolina University
Zhou, ZhaoxianNumerical Simulation of Lightning Induced Voltage on Power Transmission LinesUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Zhou, Zhaoxian; Johnson, James MatthewLabview Simulation of Induction MotorsUniversity of Southern Mississippi