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Paper NumberTitleAuthor(s)
2Student Involvement In The Life Cycle of A 3d Yearbook ProductScott Schultz, Sinjae Hyun – Mercer University
4Effect of Letting Students Choose The Weight of Each Assessment Category On Semester GradeAutar Kaw, University of South Florida
5Senior Design Project: Design of A Heated Pet WasherWilliam Janna, Jeffry Marchetta – University of Memphis
7Are Our Undergraduate Students Ready To Occupy Positions At Renewable Energy Companies?*Sadegh Poozesh, Tuskegee University; Lauren Beckingham, Auburn University; Karen McNeal, Auburn University; Henry Aribisala, Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc
8Engaging Middle and High School Students In Cybersecurity Through Summer CampsXiaohong Yuan, Jinsheng Xu, Xiuli Qu, Joaquin Hernandez – North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
9Educating Stem Teachers On Thermoelectrics – A Promising, Emerging TechnologyLenwood Fields, The University of Memphis; Jada Meeks, The University of Memphis
10Industry Product Data Management (PDM) Tool Integration Into Undergraduate Engineering Design CoursesSean R. Niemi, University of Florida; Michael W. Griffis, University of Florida; Ryan A. Smolchek, University of Florida; Matthew C. Banks, Elon University; Noel A. Thomas, University of Florida; Matthew J. Traum, University of Florida
11A Problem Based Approach To Facilitate Linking Theory and PracticeSankar Raghavan, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
12Gamification In A Graduate Fluid Dynamics CourseJohn Palmore Jr, Virginia Tech
13Using Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) Approach To Improve Retention In ECE Gateway CoursesHarish Chintakunta, Suleiman Alsweiss, Jorge Vargas, Douglas Holton – Florida Polytechnic University
14Implementing An Effective Large-Enrollment Engineering Capstone Design-and-Build ProgramMatthew J. Traum, Sean R. Niemi, Michael W. Griffis, Noel A. Thomas, W, Gregory Sawyer – University of Florida
15Additively Manufactured 2d Truss DemonstrationDaniel Crifasi, Auburn University; Chandan Roy, Mercer University, Macon; Edmon Perkins, Auburn University
16A Focus On Functional-Based Teams In The Development of Prototypes of Innovative Technology: Observations From A QEP Grant Implementation At Tennessee TechStephanie Jorgensen, Andrea Arce-Trigatti, J. Robby Sanders, Pedro E. Arce – Tennessee Technological University
17Constraining The Landscape: Unpacking The Inquiry Learning Aspects of The Foundry Model For The Purpose of Curriculum DesignAndrea Arce-Trigatti, Stephanie Jorgensen, J. Robby Sanders, Pedro E. Arce – Tennessee Technological University
19Energy Themed Laboratory Experiments In Mechanical Engineering*Stephanie Hulsey, Shubhamkar Kulkarni, Douglas Byrd – Clemson University
22Speech Pathology Clinical Shadowing and Research Experiences For Undergraduate Engineers & Computer ScientistsTodd Freeborn, Memorie Gosa, Debra McCallum, Erika Steele – The University of Alabama
23Modification of The Three-Moment Equation For Improved Student Learning*Sajjad Ali, Shane Palmquist – Western Kentucky University
24Challenges Integrating Entrepreneurial Training Into Summer Research Experiences For Undergraduate Engineering StudentsTodd Freeborn, Susan Burkett, Debra McCallum, Erika Steele, Ying Qin – The University of Alabama
25Preliminary Feedback On Learning In Advance Courses To Prepare Engineering Students For Gateway CoursesTodd Freeborn, Susan Burkett, Debra McCallum, Erika Steele, Sarah Dunlap, Paul Hubner, Aibek Musaev, Patricia Sobecky – The University of Alabama
26Developing A Probability and Statistics Course For Civil and Construction Engineering StudentsDavid Greenburg, Jeff Davis – The Citadel
27Introduction To Forecasting Methods For Engineering Students Using RDavid Greenburg, James Righter – The Citadel
28Scholastic Considerations For Selection and Design of An Honors Project In Structural EngineeringShahnam Navaee, Georgia Southern University; Gustavo Maldonado, Georgia Southern University; Kayla Allen, Georgia Institute of Technology
30Interdisciplinary Research In Communications Sciences and Disorders and Software Engineering To Develop Online Phonetics Educational Training ModulesSicheng Li, Marisha Speights Atkins, Dallin Bailey, Jueting Liu, Yang Cao, Robertson Bassy, Cheryl Seals – Auburn University
32Towards A High-Precision Personalized Learning Tool For Solving Stem Word ProblemsQuintana Clark, Purdue University; Jason Clark, Auburn University
33A Media-Enhanced Thermodynamics PrimerGeorg Pingen, Union University
34A Sixth-Tenth Grade Engineering Summer Camp – Drawing, 3d Printing, and Building A 4 Cylinder Combustion Engine ModelGeorg Pingen, Betsy Pingen – Union University
35Understanding Learning Environments At The Graduate Level: A Qualitative Analysis of Doctoral Engineering Education Programs Within The United StatesBobby Adams, Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Pedro Arce – Tennessee Technological University
36Infographic Design and Audience Expectations: A Technical Communication AssignmentAmy Barton, Mississippi State University
39Assessment of Experiments In A Controls CourseChiu Choi, University of North Florida
41Learning CAD: Who Is The Champion?Arash Afshar, Mercer University; Nasim Rezvanpour, University of Georgia
42Indirect Assessment of Deflategate: A High School Chemistry Experiment Simultaneously Measuring Pressure & Temperature Inside A FootballShuaicheng Tong, Oak Hall School; Sharon L. Karackattu, Oak Hall School; Matthew J. Traum, Engineer Inc.
44Capstone Design Project- String Wound Cartridge Filter Restoration ProjectJeffery Plumblee, Emily Bierman, Jason Howison – The Citadel
45Capstone Project – Designing A Testing System and Solution For An Air Pollution Reduction Solution (APRS) For Applications In Developing CommunitiesEmily Bierman, Jeffery Plumblee, Jason Howison – The Citadel
46Current Status and Future Directions of Data Science Education In EngineeringPeter He, Jin Wang, Shiwen Mao, Laura Parson, Peng Zeng, Bo Liu, Daniel Henry – Auburn University
47Data-Enabled Engineering Projects (deeps) Modules For Data Science Education In EngineeringPeter He, Jin Wang, Shiwen Mao, Laura Parson, Bo Liu, Peng Zeng, Daniel Henry – Auburn University
50Capstone Design Project – Solar Powered Production of Clean WaterJason Howison, Jeffery Plumblee, Emily Bierman – The Citadel
51Quantitative Analysis On Students Success and Class Satisfaction By Comparing Three Different Modalities of Assessments For A Large Engineering Gateway CourseRicardo Zaurin, University of Central Florida
52Blended Instructional Delivery For A Large Engineering Course: A Step By Step Case Study DescriptionRicardo Zaurin, University of Central Florida
54Rubrics For Formative and Summative Student Writing Assessment In Industrial EngineeringLesley Strawderman, Kiley Forsythe – Mississippi State University
56If Programming Concepts Are Eliminated From The Curriculum Then Civil Engineers Will…Charles Newhouse, Tanjina Afrin, Ramniceanu Andrei, Swenty Matthew – Virginia Military Institute
57Slido As A Student Response System In Engineering EducationNandan Shetty, Simon Ghanat – The Citadel
58The Future of Creative Engineering Education: Application of Virtual Reality For Water-Energy-Food NexusSeneshaw Tsegaye, Florida Gulf Coast University; Tanya Kunberger, Florida Gulf Coast University; Janusz Zalewski, Florida Gulf Coast University; Thomas Culhane, University of South Florida; Garrett Fairburn, Florida Gulf Coast University; Maximilian Honigfort, Florida Gulf Coast University
59Curricular Predictors For Success On The Civil Fundamental of Engineering (FE) ExamThomas Timmes, Tanjina Afrin, Charles Newhouse, Andre Ramniceanu, Swenty Matthew –Virginia Military Institute
60Impact of Laboratory Section Size On Student Perception of Learning In Materials Laboratory CourseSimon Ghanat, Nandan Shetty – The Citadel
61Teaching Thermodynamics Via Site-Synchronous TechnologyPriya Goeser, Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus
62Utilization of Visual Workbook As Supplement To A Textbook*Pyo-Yoon Hong, University of Guam
63Fostering Institutional Innovation Through An Engineering Education Ideas ForumTris Utschig, Adeel Khalid – Kennesaw State University
64Students’ Perception of Performance Before and After Exams In A Surveying CourseKweku Brown, Dimitra Michalaka, William J. Davis – The Citadel
65The Effects of Entrepreneurship Learning On The Engineering Identity of HBCU StudentsJerald Dumas, Hampton University
66Study of Properties of Coastal Pluff Mud At The CitadelSimon Ghanat, Calvin Pitts, Marc Dolder – The Citadel
67Pedagogical Techniques Employed In A Freshman Seminar CourseSimon Ghanat, The Citadel
68Reflections About Using A Hybrid Inverted Classroom In A Sophomore Environmental Engineering CourseRichard Mines, Mercer University
69Delivering High Impact Stem Experiences To Underrepresented K-12 Students In Informal Settings: Strategies and Best Practices From Two Case StudiesTameshia Baldwin, Evelyn Brown –North Carolina State University
70Improving Pass Rates For Solidworks CSWA ExamEmily Spayde, Shane Brauer, Dustin Spayde – Mississippi State University
71Evaluation of Student Learning Outcomes and Motivation In An Innovative Engineering CourseMadison Levan, Rachel Saunders, Peter Tkacik, Jerry Dahlberg, Jae Hoon Lim – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
72Orbital Mechanics Competitions As Experiential Learning Opportunities For UndergraduatesSean Domermuth, Patrick Bass, Nathan Washuta, Rafael Gonzalez – The Citadel
73Development of A Matlab App For Improving Student Learning of The Use of ArraysThomas Murphy, Christopher Williams – Georgia Southern University
75Impact of Goal-Setting During Student Advisement Sessions On Academic Performance, Study Skills, and Happiness In MajorCarlie Cooper, Fred Beyette – University of Georgia
76Incorporating Grand Challenges and Developing A Grand Challenges Scholars Program At A Large Land Grant UniversityEdward Davis, Auburn University
79Engineering Learning Strategies Course Supports Student RetentionElizabeth Stephan, Abigail Stephan, Laurel Whisler, Matthew Miller, Andrew Neptune – Clemson University
80Design, Build, Install: An Experiential Implementation of Freshman Engineering DesignLouie Elliott, Cecelia Wigal – The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
81Assessing Graduate Student Understanding of Leadership Compared To ManagementDavid Greenburg, Dimitra Michalaka – The Citadel
83An Analysis of The Software Engineering Curriculum Using The Guideline ModelsMassood Towhidnejad, Omar Ochoa, Anton Kiselev – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
84“But The First Amendment Will Save Me”: Key Communication Laws and Policies That Your Engineering Students Get WrongAlexis Nordin, Mississippi State University
85Best Practices For Managing Large Capstone ClassesHarry Powell, University of Virginia
86Recruiting and Retaining Women In Engineering Through Car Maintenance Outreach ProgramAlta Knizley, Emily Spayde – Mississippi State University
87Development of Naval Challenges Motivated High School Curriculum UnitsEdward Davis, Joni Lakin, Virginia Davis – Auburn University
88Efficacy of Teaching Professional Engineering Ethics To Engineering StudentsHodge Jenkins, Mercer University
90Using Community and Gaming Concepts In Projects To Improve Student LearningRamana Pidaparti, University of Georgia
91The Design of A New Lab For Mechanical Evaluations of Molded and 3D Printed PolymersDorina Mihut, Arash Afshar, Dylan Kennedy – Mercer University
94Significance of Proper Math Placement For First Year Minority Engineering StudentsPhenique Parker, Angela Verdell, Jada Boone – Mississippi State University
95Implementation of A Student Designed Material Wear Tester In A Mechanical Engineering Lab To Better Understand Student Learning As It Pertains To ABET EAC Student Outcome 6Stephen Hill, Dorina Mihut, Brian Laue, Brandon Matthews – Mercer University
96Continuing Laboratory Changes: Looking Forward and BackKenneth Marek, Robert Gill – Mercer University
98Which Skills Are More Important In The Engineering World? Perceptions of College Students, Recent Graduates, and EmployersDimitra Michalaka, The Citadel; Emanuele Giogli, Volvo Car USA LLC
99Adopting Asce Exceed Model For Engineering Education: Lessons Learned and Implementation StrategiesMostafa Batouli, Timothy Wood, Dimitra Michalaka, Kweku Brown, Ronald Welch – The Citadel
101Using Science and Engineering History To Increase Engagement and Conceptual LearningAaron Smith, Mississippi State University
103Enhancing K-12 Outreach Programs Through The Implementation of Discipline Specific DemonstrationsEmily McCabe, Morgan Green – Mississippi State University
104Preemptive Topic Exposure To Enhance Student Interactions With Potential EmployersDustin Spayde, Morgan Green, Kirk Kinard – Mississippi State University
107Aquaculture Development To Address Nutritional and Economic Needs In The Central Plateau of HaitiAdam Abdulrahman, David Vaughn, Ryan Donahue, Jeff Plumblee – Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries
108Developing An Inquiry-Guided Laboratory Manual With Abet-Centered Student Learning Objectives For Chemical Engineering Transfer Science CoursesBobby Adams, Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Pedro Arce – Tennessee Technological University
109Analysis of Student Perception In ThermodynamicsNancy Moore, North Carolina State University
110Predicting Student Performance In ThermodynamicsNancy Moore, North Carolina State University
111Comparison of Faculty and Phd. Candidate-Instructed Capstone Senior Design ClassesChau Tran, North Carolina State University
113Science and Engineering Fairs As A Pathway For Diversifying Engineering ProgramsVirginia Davis, Auburn University; Joni Lakin, Auburn University; Mary Lou Ewald, Auburn University; Emily Hardy, Roanoke College; Janie Marino, Auburn University; Haruka Wada, Auburn University; Allen Landers, Auburn University; Paul Cobine, Auburn University
116Framing Engineering As Community Activism For Values-Driven EngineeringVirginia Davis, Joni Lakin, Daniela Marghitu, Edward Davis – Auburn University
117Comparing Serious Games For Cyber Security EducationWinston Hill, Mesafint Fanuel, Xiaohong Yuan – North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
123Assessing Urban High School Students’ Interest In The Business of Engineering*Isi Ero-Tolliver, Jerald Dumas, Otsebele Nare – Hampton University
126Stem-Attraction Through Model-Eliciting ActivitiesQuintana Clark, Purdue University; Jason Clark, Auburn University
127Model-Eliciting Activities For Promoting Diversity & InclusionQuintana M. Clark, Purdue University; Jason Clark, Auburn University; Erin Garcia, Auburn University; Jeffrey Fergus, Auburn University; Pamala V. Morris, Purdue University
129Student Perception On Ethics and Intercultural Issues In Introduction To Mechanical Design CourseMonika Bubacz, Deirdre Ragan, Kevin Skenes – The Citadel
130Undergraduate Student Preferences Regarding Textbook MediumAnna Howard, North Carolina State University; David Calamas, Georgia Southern University
131Introducing Competition To Improve Design Aptitudes In Introduction To Mechanical Design CourseMonika Bubacz, Kevin Skenes, Nathan Washuta, Deirdre Ragan – The Citadel
132Implementation of Matlab/simulink Into A Vibration and Control Course For Mechanical Engineering StudentsYucheng Liu, Mississippi State University
133Completion of A Small Scale Geothermal Heat Sink ExperimentJesse Barnard; Trevor Elliott; Chuck Margraves, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

*This paper was not presented due to institutional travel cancellation during the COVID-19 pandemic; the Executive Board of the Southeastern Section of ASEE voted to include such papers in the proceedings since the authors’ inability to travel was unprecedented and beyond their control.