CoNECD 2024 Preconference Workshops

The CoNECD (Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity) Conference Planning Committee invites you to engage in one of our 2024 CoNECD Pre-Conference Workshops held on Sunday February 25th. Please consider registering for one of the many options based on your interests and needs. All workshops are facilitated by experts in their respective fields. To register, go to the “Get Tickets and Build Schedule” section of your “Registration Overview” page in the CoNECD Registration Portal.

1. Developing Culturally Responsive Student Support
2. Preparing Engineers for the Workforce of the Future
3. Disability Inclusion in Academic STEM Careers
4. Designing Robust Project Evaluations
5. Creating Inclusive Undergraduate Computing Programs with NCWIT’s Tech Inclusion Journey Platform
6. Designing Your Course to Use Mastery-Based Grading