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We hope to see you at the 130th Annual Conference & Exposition in Baltimore!

June 25-28, 2023

Conference Access:  2023 ASEE Annual Conference

The Women in Engineering Division (WIED) is committed to promoting the inclusion and education of diverse individuals and embracing diverse ideas in the professions of engineering and engineering technology. The Women in Engineering Division recognizes that diversity is strength in creativity, broadness of new ideas, and embracing new perspectives to arrive at the most truly innovative, resource-smart solutions possible.

Papers that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion on topics related to women in engineering, computing and/or technology are sought. Such work might include outreach and recruitment of K-12 students, innovative retention programs and their assessment. Topics that concern mentoring, recruitment, retention, leadership and professional development for women faculty and administrators (for example, work/life balance and dual-career issues) are appropriate. Other topics might include workplace climate, university programs, policies or reviews.

Transformative research especially in the social sciences or cognitive sciences that informs the development of impactful and forward-thinking programs and policies also are sought. Popular sessions at recent conferences have included panels focused on improving the experience of marginalized students on engineering design teams, developing practical skills for men as advocates for gender equity, interactive theater to promote difficult dialogues about inequities in engineering education, managing dual careers, work/life integration issues, and academic leadership strategies.

For additional information, please contact Brian Kirkmeyer, WIED Program Chair, Email:

As of now, the social for WIED will be held Monday, June 26. Details are forthcoming.