FPD Notes for March 2020

“Your Connection with the First-Year Programs Division of ASEE”


  1. Bylaws Vote Outcome
  2.  FPDEngineering Educator Grant – Now Accepting Applications
  3.  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: First Year Engineering Experience Conference
  4. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Engineering Community Engagement and Service-Learning Workshop
  5. DESIGNING STUDENT-CENTERED LEARNING EXPERIENCES: Summer Institute Experience at Olin College of Engineering
  6. ASEE Annual Conference in Montreal, June 21-24
  7. Instructions for Submitting Announcements for FPD Notes

  1. Bylaws Vote Outcome

The bylaws revision for the First Year Programs Division has been unanimously approved. Thanks to all who voted.

  1. FPD Engineering Educator Grant – Now Accepting Applications

FPD Engineering Educator Grant

The First-Year Programs Division (FPD) of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) awards grants to attend the Annual Conference and Exhibition. Each grant consists of reimbursement of receipted registration, travel, food and accommodation expenses up to a maximum of $1500. Those applicants that can provide evidence of financial need for support to attend the conference will be prioritized in consideration for this award. Grant recipients are expected to attend the full duration of the conference, including the FPD Meeting, and at least one FPD Technical Session.

Who is eligible?

The FPD Educator Grant is awarded to an FPD member planning to or currently pursuing a career in engineering education, has a focus or close tie to first year programs in engineering, and the potential for substantial contributions to the field. Eligible persons include: graduate students, post-docs, professional staff, professional track faculty, and tenure-track/tenured faculty with close ties to first year programming in engineering.

What are the goals of the program?

    • To recognize and support students, staff, and faculty who have a focus or close ties to first-year programs and have the potential to contribute to the engineering education community and support the mission of FPD

How do you apply?

Interested applicants should develop the requested application:

    • CV
    • Two page personal statement including value of FPD to career and a statement of goals/objectives for attending the conference

Applications should be submitted to the following link: https://fpd-eegrant.questionpro.com

How are applications evaluated?

    • Applications are evaluated on: a) current contributions and potential of future contributions to engineering education, b) financial need, and c) participation in FPD.

When is the deadline?

Applications are due April 3, 2020. All applications will be acknowledged by email. Decisions will be made and applicants notified of the outcome of the deliberation process by end of April.


Contact Rachel McCord (rmccord1@utk.edu)

  1. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: First Year Engineering Experience Conference

The FYEE conference will be held July 26-28, 2020 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. This year’s conference will focus on connecting the first-year engineering classroom with first-year engineering initiatives and programs beyond the classroom. For more information about the conference, visit the FYEE conference website at [ https://sites.asee.org/fyee2020/ ]. Please direct any questions to Kevin Calabro at kcalabro@umd.edu.

A reminder to our authors that FYEE draft papers are due April 20 with final papers due June 1.

  1. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION:Engineering Community Engagement and Service-Learning Workshop

A new and exciting event is planned to bring faculty, professionals, researchers, students community members and others interested in engineering-based community-engagement and service-learning  together to discuss the state of the art, best practices, challenges and opportunities to enhance learning and make a difference in the world. Engineering, technology and computing have enormous opportunities to impact our world. Community-engaged learning is a proven pedagogy that has made significant impacts in engineering and the STEM disciplines and has tremendous opportunities to address many of the challenges that educators face to enhance learning, prepare students for today’s global workplace and increase diversity. This interactive workshop/conference is designed to promote discussion and interactions between participants to exchange ideas, share research findings and explore opportunities. There are three ways to participate by submitting a full paper, abstract and poster or as a participant. Abstracts for papers and posters should be submitted by March 16, 2020 by email to epics-university@purdue.edu

Date:  29-31 July 2020 (immediately after the FYEE Conference at MSU)

Location:  Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

More information can be found at https://engineering.purdue.edu/EPICS/university/events/Events%20Information.

  1. DESIGNING STUDENT-CENTERED LEARNING EXPERIENCES: Summer Institute Experience at Olin College of Engineering

Registration is now open for the Olin Summer Institute!  Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences is a weeklong interactive workshop for faculty teams engaged in a curricular change effort at their own institution. Through participatory workshops, immersive design exercises, and presentations from experts, teams of faculty learn about, experience, and practice effective, engaging teaching approaches for new and meaningful STEM curricula. The workshop will be held June 8-12, 2020 at the Olin College campus in Needham, Massachusetts.

More information may be found here. The priority application deadline is March 15, 2020.

Click here for more information. Contact us with any questions here. Submit your application here.

  1. ASEE Annual Conference in Montreal, June 21-24

A reminder that Housing and Registration is now open!

  1. Instructions for Submitting Announcements for FPD Notes

Submissions for the next issue of FPD Notes can be sent to the FPD newsletter editor, Joshua Hertz, at: j.hertz@neu.edu. Please use the subject line “FPD Notes Submission”.