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The objective of this division is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas between those people interested in lower division engineering and related studies, with an emphasis on the first year experience. Topics of interest include methods of integrating design, problem-solving, computing, and student success studies into the first year experience.

Topics of Interest

  • Advances in engineering education research as it applies to the first-year experience;
  • Innovative approaches to first-year engineering education;
  • Pedagogical strategies for first-year learning objectives, ABET accreditation requirements, assessment;
  • Design, reform, evaluation, and classification of first-year engineering curriculum;
  • Integrated experiential learning curricula & global/societal problems including service, research, and entrepreneurship for the first year;
  • Project-based, activity-based, and hands-on learning in the first year;
  • Teaching and practicing the engineering design process in the first year;
  • Creative, open-ended problem-solving courses and/or related teaching activities in first-year engineering programs;
  • Insights into teaming, group work, and team/individual assessment among first-year students;
  • Inclusivity and diversity in the first-year engineering experience;
  • Retention and student success/motivation strategies for first-year students;
  • Programs that support the transition from K-12 to first-year engineering;
  • Programs, policies, or frameworks linking high school/two-year/transfer prep/junior college institutions and first-year programs;
  • Advising, student services, learning communities, orientation, tutoring, and other co-curricular first-year engineering student development programs;
  • Professional development, technical communication, integration with math & sciences, major selection, peer-led team learning, and other models for first-year engineering;
  • Instructional use of learning technologies, online tools, computational methods, and computer software in first-year engineering programs;
  • Makerspaces, labs, equipment, materials to support learning in the first-year engineering experience

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