FPD Notes for July 2017

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  1. FPD Award Winners from the 2017 ASEE Annual Conference
  2. Call for Participation: First-Year Engineering Experience Conference
  3. Instructions for Submitting Announcements for FPD Notes

  1. FPD AWARD WINNERS FROM THE 2017 ASEE Annual Conference

2017 Best Paper Awards

  • First Place:  “Incorporation of Ethics and Societal Impact Issues into First Year Engineering Courses: Results of a National Survey” by Angela R Bielefeldt, Madeline Polmear, Daniel Knight, Nathan E Canney, and Chris Swan.
  • Second Place: “Integrating Theory and Hands-On Practice Using Underwater Robotics in a Multidisciplinary Introductory Engineering Course” by Nancy K Lape, Lori Bassman, Christopher Clark, Albert Dato, Angela Lee, Matthew Spencer, Erik Spjut, and Laura Palucki Blake.
  • Finalists (in alphabetical order):
    • “Are Students Overworked? – Understanding the Workload Experience and Realities of First-year Engineering” by Darlee Gerrard, Kirstin Newfield, Narges Balouchestani Asli, and Chirag Variawa.
    • “Creating a Psychological Profile of Successful First-Year Engineering Students” by Danielle D Gagne, Bethany C. Johnson, and Steven M. Pilgrim.
    • “Development and Application of a Questionnaire to Measure Student Attitudes Toward and Understanding of Engineering” by Jan DeWaters, John C. Moosbrugger, and Pankaj Sharma.

Best Paper Award Winners

2017 Best Presentation Award

  • “Integrating Theory and Hands-On Practice Using Underwater Robotics in a Multidisciplinary Introductory Engineering Course” by Nancy K. Lape, Lori Bassman, Christopher Clark, Albert Dato, Angela Lee, Matthew Spencer, Erik Spjut, and Laura Palucki Blake. Presented by Nancy Lape.

2017 Best Student Presentation Award

Congratulations to all of our 2017 winners!



9th Annual First Year Engineering Experience Conference (FYEE)

Conference hosted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida

August 6 – August 8, 2017

Conference Overview:

Over 200 academic and industry representatives are expected at this meeting to discuss and share relevant topics on the first-year engineering experience. Participants include college deans, department chairs, student service professionals, advisors, faculty in engineering and engineering technology, K-12 teachers, and industry leaders from across the country. Participants of FYEE come together to share and expand their knowledge and discuss a wide range of topics related to the first-year engineering experience. Please consider attending and participating in this conference.

Kicking off the conference will be a keynote address from Kenneth Reid, Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor, Engineering Education, Virginia Tech.  Before joining the faculty at Virginia Tech, Ken was the founding director of the B.S. in Engineering Education program at Ohio Northern University. He was also responsible for developing a classification scheme for “Introduction to Engineering Courses”, the author of multiple textbooks, and the recipient of a 2013 IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award.

Workshops and paper presentations will be conducted on the following topics of interest related to First-Year Engineering:

  • Instruction/Pedagogy (e.g., curriculum design, ABET accreditation requirements and assessments, peer mentoring/teaching programs
  • Student Success/Development (e.g., learning communities, development models and what best procedures can be used to promote the professional development of the first-year student)
  • Academic & Career Advising (e.g. exploring engineering, understanding today’s student, students on non-traditional pathways and advising students on probation)
  • First Year Student Orientation
  • Enrollment Management
  • Service Learning in the first year and beyond
  • Current technologies and their impact/use for first year students (including Hardware/Software/Product demo and use)
  • Maker Spaces
  • Engineering Education Research as it applies to the first-year experience
  • The Link Between K-12 and First-Year Engineering
  • Other topics that address issues in education

Registration Timeline:

  • Early Bird Registration ends July 14, 2017: $275
  • Regular Registration July 15, 2017 – August 5, 2017: $325
  • On-site Registration after August 6, 2017: $375

To Register Click Here

Note: Registration is handled through ASEE website.  You don’t have to be an ASEE member to register for FYEE.

Conference details, registration information, and hotel information can be found at: http://fyee.asee.org/FYEE2017/

Conference General Chair: Matthew Verleger – verlegem@erau.edu

Conference Program Chair: Tim Hinds – hinds@egr.msu.edu

  1. Instructions for Submitting Announcements for FPD Notes

Submissions for the next issue of FPD Notes can be sent to John Estell at: j-estell@onu.edu – please use the subject line “FPD Notes Submission”.

This year at the ASEE Annual Conference:

Postcard Sessions Offer a New Means for Work-In-Progress Paper Presentations

The Ohio State University Hosts the First First-Year Programs Division Annual Dinner and Social