2022 Elections

With the annual conference approaching, it is time to plan for BED officer elections. There will be more information coming your way soon about how the election mechanics will work this year. In the meantime, you should know that due to the unique circumstances of this year’s conference, all BED members can run for an office and will be able to vote in the elections, whether or they have registered for the conference.

BED officers serve a variety of functions to help ensure that we have a great BED program at the conference. The officers also conduct other division business throughout the year as well. We encourage you to attend the BED business meeting at the conference to learn more about the division and the officer positions.

Our bylaws require us to have at least two members running in an election for every open position, so we encourage you to consider running for the following open positions:

Program Chair-Elect: Manages the Work In Progress portion of BED program at the Annual Conference. It is expected that this individual will subsequently serve as Program Chair, Division Chair, and Division Past Chair in the following 3 years. (1-year term with subsequent commitments totaling 4 years)

Treasurer: Oversees and maintains the financial records of the Division. (2-year term)

Awards chair: Manages the process of awards nominations and leads the awards selections committee. (2-year term)

Secretary / Webmaster: Records minutes at the BED business meeting and other meetings throughout the year, produces division publications, and maintains BED website. (1-year term)

Events chair: Organizes and plans the BED social and awards dinner at the Annual Conference, and any other events that arise. (1-year term)

Member at Large: Serves as judge (and recruits other judges) for the poster session at the Annual Conference, serves as judge for the BED Travel Award(s), and serves in other capacities on an ad-hoc basis. (3-year term)

If you are interested in running for an officer position (or would like to nominate someone else), please contact Mike Rust, Nominating Committee Chair (mrust@wne.edu) by Monday, June 14. Candidates should also prepare a 1 paragraph bio that will be shared with the division before voting occurs.

Also please visit the officer’s webpage (https://sites.asee.org/bed/contact-us/) if you would like to contact our current officers directly to get more information on the responsibilities/work load for a particular position.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation in elections!