Past BED award winners

Best Paper Award

2010 Alyssa Taylor, Katelyn Mason, A. Leyf Pierce Starling, Timothy Allen, and Shayn Peirce-Cottler
2011 Jonathan Sanghoon Lee, Shing Wai Yam, and William H. Guilford
2012 Steve R. Marek, William Leichty, and James W. Tunnell
2013 No Award Presented
2014 William H. Guilford and Michael B. Lawrence
2016 LeAnn Dourte Segan and Emily R. Elliott
2017 Christa Wille, Dalton Hess, Jake Levin, Amit Nimunkar, and John Puccinelli
2018 Nicole L. Ramo, Jasmine E. Nejad, Ketul C. Popat, Kimberly Catton, “Student Assessment of Active Learning Elements in 100-Level Introductory Biomedical Engineering Course”
2019 Nicole L. Ramo, Aileen Huang-Saad, Barry Belmont, “What is Biomedical Engineering? Insights from Qualitative Analysis of Definitions Written by Undergraduate Students”
2020 William H. Guilford, “Clinician-Engineer Career Bias and its Relationship to Engineering Design Self-Efficacy among Biomedical Engineering Undergraduates”
2021 Tristan McCarty and Sarah Corinne Rowlinson Furtney, “Development Of Quantitative Methodologies For Analyzing Biomedical Engineering Resumes and Their Use In Career Pathway Alignment”
2022 Devina Jaiswal and Sara Cunha, “Resolving Troublesome Knowledge in Engineering Physiology using ICAP framework based Problem-Solving Studio”

Best Poster Award

2013 Bradley Sutton
2013 Jeffrey LaMack
2015 Jean-Michel I. Maarek and Brittany Kay
2017 Yanfen Li, Philip Jensen, Paul Jensen, and Karin Jensen
2019 Guilford, W. H., & Keeley, M., & Helmke, B. P., & Allen, T. E., “Work in Progress: A Clinical Immersion Program for Broad Curricular Impact Paper”,
2020 Ryan Devine, Dominik May, Cheryl Gomillion, “Work in Progress: Pilot Study for the Effect of Simulated Laboratories on the Motivation of Biological Engineering Students,”
2021 Jen Choi, University of California Davis
2022 Cameron Kim, “Work-in-Progress: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Emergent Biotechnologies: Distributive justice and dual-use technology in the engineering design cycle curriculum”, Duke University

Biomedical Engineering Teaching Award

2008 Krisyen S. Masters, University of Wisconsin-Madison2017 Teaching Prize winner Casey Ankeny (right) with Awards Chair Mike Rust (left)
2009 Chris B. Schaffer, Cornell University
2010 Joseph Tranquillo, Bucknell University
2012 Eric Kennedy, Bucknell University
2013 Michael Rust, Western New England University
2014 Renata Fortuna Ramos, Rice University
2015 Mary Staehle, Rowan University
2016 LeAnn Dourte Segan, University of Pennsylvania
2017 Casey Ankeny, Northwestern University
2018 Sarah Rooney, University of Delaware
2019 Tanya Nocera, The Ohio State University
2020 Karin Jensen, University of Illinois
2021 Yanfen Li, University of Massachusetts Lowell
2022 Christine King, University of California Irvine

Theo C. Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award

Note: Award named Outstanding Biomedical Engineering Educator Award prior to 1994

1981 Francis M. Long, University of Wyoming2017 Pilkington winner, Joe Tranquillo (right) with Awards Chair Mike Rust (left)
1982 Glenn V. Edmonson, University of Michigan
1983 Herman P. Schwan, University of Pennsylvania
1984 Theo C. Pilkington, Duke University
1985 Albert M. Cook, Stanford University
1986 William C. Van Buskirk, New Jersey Institute of Technology
1987 Herman R. Weed, Ohio State University
1988 J. Larry Katz, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1989 Leslie A. Geddes, Purdue University
1990 Andreas F. von Recum, Ohio State University
1991 Daniel J. Schneck, University of Iowa
1992 Kwan Rim, University of Iowa
1993 Paul N. Hale, Jr., Louisiana Tech University
1994 John G. Webster, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1995 Willis J. Tompkins, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1996 John R. Collier, Florida A&M University
1998 Robert M. Nerem, Georgia Institute of Technology
1999 Krishnan B. Chandran, University of Iowa
2000 Gerald E. Miller, Virginia Commonwealth University
2001 Richard T. Hart, Ohio State University
2002 Robert Plonsey, Duke University
2003 Thomas R. Harris, Vanderbilt University
2004 Susan Blanchard, Florida Gulf Coast University
2005 Ajit Yoganathan, Georgia Institute of Technology
2006 John Enderle, University of Connecticut
2007 Robert Linsenmeier, Northwestern Engineering
2008 Mary C. Verstraete, University of Akron
2009 John Gassert, Milwaukee School of Engineering
2010 Dan Cavanagh, Bucknell University
2011 Paul H. King, Vanderbilt University
2012 Arthur Johnson, University of Maryland
2013 Ann Saterbak, Duke University
2014 Rena Bizios, University of Texas at San Antonio
2015 Barbara Oakley, Oakland University
2016 Conrad Zapanta, Carnegie Mellon University
2017 Joe Tranquillo, Bucknell University
2018 James Sweeney, Oregon State University
2019 Michele Grimm, Michigan State University
2020 Judy Cezeaux, Arkansas Tech University
2021 William Guilford, University of Virginia
2022 Rachael Schmedlen, University of Michigan

Student Travel Awards

2018 Angela Lai, Carnegie Mellon University, and S. Cyrus Rezvanifar, University of Akron
2019 Kathryn Kundrod, Rice University and Amena Shermadou, The Ohio State University
2020 Stanley Ng University of North Dakota and Kali Morgan, Georgia Institute of Technology
2021 Amy Adkins, Northwestern University, Isabel Miller, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2022 Eileen Johnson, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Saralyn McKinnon-Crowley, Georgia Institute of Technology