Officers / Contact

Interested in serving in our division? Contact our Past Chair (below), and attend our annual business meeting. Positions become available annually!

2021  –  2022 Executive Committee

Name, Contact Information Institution Position
Renata Ramos

Associate Dean


Rice University Past Chair
Aileen Huang-Saad

Associate Professor


Northeastern University Division Chair
Tanya Nocera

Associate Professor – Clinical

(614) 292-4753

The Ohio State University Program Chair
Sarah Rooney

Associate Professor


University of Delaware Program Chair-Elect
Alexis Ortiz-Rosario

Assistant Professor of the Practice

(614) 688-1776

The Ohio State University Treasurer
Jennifer Choi

Associate Professor of Teaching

(530) 752-9436

University of California, Davis Awards Chair
Christine King

Assistant Professor of Teaching


University of California, Irvine Secretary/Webmaster
Ruth Ochia

Professor of Instruction


Temple University Events Chair
Rachel Childers

Assistant Professor of Practice

(614) 247-6681

The Ohio State University Member-at-Large

Term ending 2022

Casey Ankeny

Associate Professor of Instruction 

(847) 467-7435

Northwestern University Member-at-Large

Term ending 2023

Nicole Ramo

Instructional Fellow

Westchester University Member-at-Large

Term ending 2024


2021  –  2022 BED Delegates

Name, Contact Information Institution Position
Devina Jaiswal

Assistant Professor


Western New England University BED division representative for P-12
Joseph D. Towles



Stanford University BED division representative for P-12