Post-doctoral Researcher in Detrital Zircon Geochronology at UBC

University of British Columbia, department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Deadline: October 22, 2023

The Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) is seeking a post-doctoral researcher in detrital zircon geochronology. The successful candidate will undertake a project relating the isotopic and geochemical compositions of minerals in modern rivers to the geology exposed in their catchments. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated ability to integrate geological concepts related to sediment transportation within a source-to-sink system and detrital geochronology. Background and experience with laboratory analytical methods and/or numerical methods of analyzing multi-variate detrital data sets is also required. The ability to integrate additional data sets (such as microXRF or petrology) into a quantitative interpretive framework would be considered an asset, as would a background in coding.