Elections Now Open!

WIED Elections 2023

We are pleased to announce that voting is now open for positions on the WIED Executive Board.

How to Vote

You may cast your ballot here.

Voting will be open April 1 – May 1, 2023.  WIED members will need to enter their ASEE member number.  If you don’t know your number, log into ASEE using your email and password and you will find your Member ID on the landing page.  Thank you for your support and participation!

Positions and Candidates

  • Treasurer
  • Director: Awards
  • Director: Positions
  • Director: At Large

Treasurer – The Treasurer maintains the financial records of the organization. As such, they are responsible for creating and presenting financial reports for the Executive Board throughout the year, and to the general membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all income and expenses for WIED. This position is a 2-year term. CURRENT: Lily Wang (lilywang@unl.edu)

  • Candidate 1: Dr. Lily Wang is the Durham Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Technology, and Director of the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction in the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL). She earned her PhD in Acoustics at Pennsylvania State University and her BS in Civil Engineering at Princeton University.  Her research focuses on room acoustics and noise control topics.  She is active in the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and has served on the ASA Women in Acoustics committee since 2002.  Between 2018 to 2021, she led diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the UNL College of Engineering as Associate Dean of Faculty and Inclusion. In that position and as a member of the UNL Association of Women in Science Steering Committee, she has guided initiatives and programs aimed at supporting and celebrating women in engineering.
  •  Candidate 2:  Write-in

Director: Awards – The Director: Awards is the Chair of the WIED Awards Committee. As such, they are responsible for (1) constituting the awards committee composed of at least 4 WIED members, (2) coordinating the process for selection of the Best Paper Award based on information provided by the Program Chair and providing this information to the Program Chair. This position has a 2-year term. CURRENT: Jessica Perez (joperez@cpp.edu)

  • Candidate 1: Dr. Jessica Perez Two years ago, I decided that it was time for me to get more involved in WIED. I did and I have loved being a part of the board this past year. The intersection of gender and engineering is truly my passion. I am currently an assistant professor at Cal Poly Pomona with a cluster posting in STEM pedagogy. It has made me very flexible and able to work on a team. I am also the director of faculty awards for the Pacific Southwest Section of ASEE. I feel that this position and my experience on the board will allow me to grow in my role and serve as the director of awards for WIED. As a past recipient of an award from WIED, I understand the impact it can have on a career and I am eager to help others in the same fashion. I am looking forward to serving the division and being able to grow in my field.
  • Candidate 2:  Write-in

Director: Positions – The Director: Positions forms a Nominating Committee whose responsibility is to: (1) solicit nominations for the open Officer and Director positions from the WIED membership, (2) prepare a ballot to be distributed to WIED members. The Director: Positions conducts the election and notifies the Division Chair and all of the candidates of the results. This position has a 2-year term. CURRENT: Jenahvive Morgan (jenahviv@msu.edu)

  • Candidate 1: Yuchen Huang is Senior Instructor and the Director of the MS Graduate Program in Digital Integrated Circuit Design in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Portland State University (PSU). Prior to joining PSU, she worked at Intel Corporation for 21 years as a senior staff engineer, involved in key product development and industry adoption of technologies and standards. Yuchen is PSU’s Society for Women (SWE) Faculty Co-Advisor. She serves as the ASEE MULTI Division Executive Committee Director At-Large. She was the board member of Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation, involved in organizing state wide chess tournament. She was a member of the fundraising committee on the Chess for Success Organization. She served as the Intel ISEF Grand Award judge and the head judge of Oregon state science fair. Yuchen is interested in the ASEE WIED Division Executive Board Director of Positions because she wants to promote women in engineering.
  • Candidate 2:  Write-in

Director: At Large – Those elected to these positions are assigned duties by the Division Chair, usually to work on standing or ad hoc committees of the WIED. This position has a 2-year term. CURRENT: Lily Wang (lilywang@unl.edu)

  • Candidate 1: Dr. Laura Gelles is the Director of Student Retention and Success within Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. In her role, she develops and administers programs that increase undergraduate persistence through enhancing student sense of belonging, developing self-efficacy, and fostering academic and professional success. She received her bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Nevada Reno and her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Dakota. Reflecting on the challenges she and other underrepresented populations face in engineering education, she pursued Engineering Education as a way to enact meaningful change in higher education. She received her Ph.D. in Engineering Education at Utah State University where she studied the mentoring relationship and career prospects and resources of graduate students within engineering. Her other research topics have included: undergraduate persistence, climate and culture within engineering programs, institutional change, integrating social context into technical engineering curriculum, self-advocacy, and ethical mentoring.
  • Candidate 2: Dr. Suzanne Zurn-Birkhimer has spent her career diligently working towards broadening participation of women and underrepresented groups in STEM fields. She is the Associate Director of the Purdue University Women in Engineering (WiE) Program where she leads retention efforts and conducts research around women student success. She manages the undergraduate and graduate mentoring programs that reach over 1,000 students annually and teaches two seminar courses offered by WiE. She also holds a courtesy Associate Professor appointment in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. Dr. Zurn-Birkhimer’s research focuses around understanding the barriers and pathways to success for typically marginalized groups in STEM. She is developing an online training program for engineering students with under-developed spatial skills. She is also working to understand the intricacies of undergraduate women engineering students’ successful navigation to their degrees. Finally, Dr. Zurn-Birkhimer studies the career pathways of indigenous women to better inform practices and policies in the work force. She is a founding Advisory Board member of the Geoscience Alliance, a national alliance committed to broadening participation of Native Americans in the geosciences. In 2019, she was appointed to the Advisory Board of the international organization Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations Research Network.
  • Candidate 3:  Write-in