Coronavirus Quarantine

During this time of isolation, we’ve created a Facebook group with daily engineering design challenges for kids to complete while they aren’t at school. All challenges can be completed using household supplies!


P12 Engineering Education Specialists

Are you a specialist in P12 engineering education?  Be sure to sign up for ASEE’s Specialist Program here.


PD Endorsement Programs

Any individual or organization that is seeking ASEE’s endorsement of a P12 Engineering Professional Development Workshop for educators should view EPTDE’s website here.




Partnership Proposals

Would you like to partner with ASEE in the P12 space?  Send us your proposal!



Have you seen the Standards for the Preparation and Professional Development of Teachers of Engineering?  And their accompany matrix?  You can read the J-PEER paper that supports this work as well.  If you’re working in the P12 teacher space you need to check these tools out!  They will help you both formatively assess and improve your own PD as well as describe your PD to others.





Click here to read research on P-12 engineering education.



Click here to watch a webinar on free resources that will infuse engineering into P12 classrooms.