About P12 Engineering Education and Our Mission

P12 engineering education is engineering education that takes place in formal and informal settings for learners in preschool (P) through high school (grade 12). This is also called “pre-college” or “pre-university” engineering.  Our committee is intended to connect individuals and organizations who are committed to advancing excellence in engineering education, including that which occurs prior to, during and beyond the college or university years. In order to do this, we aim to enhance and improve internal knowledge of and communication about P12 engineering education within ASEE and support mutually beneficial partnerships, collaborations, and relationships between ASEE and other organizations.


Internal Efforts

  • emphasize impact of P12 engineering education to members, specifically on undergraduate and graduate engineering education diversity, recruitment, and retention
  • communicate the range of P12 efforts within ASEE by groups such as the P12 BOD Committee on P12 Engineering Education and the Pre-College Engineering Education (PCEE) Division
  • spread awareness to ASEE members about appropriate funding opportunities
  • encourage intra-divisional and intra-committee initiatives related to P12 engineering education



  • utilize existing infrastructure in P12 (professional development credits, teacher evaluations, etc.)
  • connect with STEM teacher preparation programs
  • share best practices, resources, and research in engineering education
  • provide our engineering education expertise to outside organizations