2020 Virtual Conference FAQ for BED Authors

ASEE Biomedical Engineering Division

When will I be able to upload my presentation?

A link to upload your presentation to the virtual platform will be available the week of May 18.

Who will have access to the PowerPoint Slides and when?

All registered conference participants will have access to the 10 minute narrated presentations. ASEE will post these files on the conference platform before the beginning of the conference.

What will be the format of the Live Technical Sessions?

Each live session will last 20 minutes. Participants are encouraged to watch the PPT presentations before attending the live sessions. The live sessions will begin with short presentations from each author summarizing their work. The additional time will be used for Q&A. 

How long should my narrated PowerPoint Slides be?

ASEE has allowed a maximum of 15 minutes for these presentations. BED strongly recommends that you keep your presentation under 10 minutes. We have over 40 presentations just in BED, so 15 minutes per paper will be a lot to watch. 

Do I have to narrate my slides? 

ASEE recommends uploading narrated slides. However, this is your presentation. If you feel that the slides alone are clear enough and convey the highlights of your work, you can upload a regular or annotated PPT file.  

Do I need to use the ASEE template for the one-slide I prepare for the Live Session?

No. This slide should be formatted in a way that it helps your presentation. It can have a summary of your results, or any other information that can supplement your short introduction.            

What is the deadline to submit my one-slide introductory slide?

Unless your moderator requests an earlier deadline, please submit your introductory one-slide by June 18th. 

What should I include in the introduction? 

We realize that one minute is not very long, but making the introductions longer would have taken time away from the Q&A interactive discussions. Think of this as an elevator pitch and try to use this time to introduce a summary of the work you did and/or highlight your most important results. Even though your PPT slides will be uploaded ahead of time, you can assume that a lot of people in the audience won’t be able to watch all of the presentations before the live sessions.  

I submitted a WIP.  Am I supposed to do a live presentation too?

Yes. The WIPs and full papers will be presented using the same format. WIP authors should not try  to extend their PowerPoint Slide Shows to fit the allotted 10 minutes – shorter presentations are encouraged. The WIP live sessions will have 6 presenters on average, whereas the full paper sessions will only have 5 presenters. Other than that, the format will be the same.