Cluster-hire Faculty Search for Energy Systems and Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly Humboldt

We are pleased to announce we are searching for four new faculty to join the Engineering department at Cal Poly Humboldt. Our currently open cluster hire is targeting applicants with focus areas in Energy Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The link for the cluster hire announcement is here. Our first review of applications will be on November 1, 2022.

This is an exciting time for our University, which has just this year transitioned to a “polytechnic” institution. This designation recognizes the hands-on and applied education we have offered students for decades, and has come with a mandate to develop new programs that provide more opportunities for this kind of learning. In response our department is developing several new Engineering programs with an eye towards 21st century societal needs and interdisciplinary, inclusive approaches to education and scholarship. The new programs, which launch in Fall 2023, include Energy Systems Engineering (B.S.), Mechanical Engineering (B.S.), and Engineering and Community Practice (M.Eng).

The people who join our faculty through these cluster hires will have the opportunity to help shape the future of Engineering programs at Cal Poly Humboldt. This search is open-rank. We welcome and encourage applications from freshly finished PhD folks through seasoned faculty with years of experience.

You can read more about the polytechnic transition here:

Our new programs will be offered alongside our Environmental Resources Engineering (B.S.) and Environmental Systems (M.S.) programs. All of the programs will share our foundational educational approach for engineering students, which includes emphasizing a systems-thinking approach, skillfully applying computational methods and data analysis, seeking opportunities for applied design work to support learning, and valuing engineering work that is done in service to society.

You can read more about the current Engineering programs at Cal Poly Humboldt here: