Sterling Olmsted Award

The Sterling Olmsted award honors those who have made distinguished contributions to the development and teaching of liberal arts in engineering education. It is the highest award given by the Liberal Education/Engineering & Society (LEES) Division of the ASEE. The recipient will be presented with a personal commemorative award plaque at the ASEE Annual Conference and will have his/her name entered on a permanent list maintained on the the division web site.

2020 Alice Pawley

2019 Erin A. Cech

2018 Dean Nieusma

2017 Amy Slaton

2016 Atsushi Akera

2015 Juan Carlos Lucena

2014 Cherrice Traver and J. Douglass Klein

2013 Vivian Weil

2012 Donna Riley

2011 Taft Broome

2010 Julia Williams

2009 Sarah Pfatteicher

2008 Gary Downey

2007 Caroline Carvill

2006 Rachelle Hollander

2005 Joseph R. Herkert

2004 Bruce E. Seely

2003 Kathryn A. Neeley

2002 David F. Ollis

2001 Debra G. Johnson

1999 Melvin Cherno

1998 Heinz Luegenbiehl

1997 Barbara Olds

1996 Jerry W. Gravander

1995 Lance Schachterle

1994 Herman Estrin

1993 Samuel C. Florman

1992 John G. Truxal

1991 Mel Kranzberg

1990 John Rae

1989 Alan Gianniny

1988 William R. Grogan

1987 Billy V. Koen

1986 Sterling Olmsted