The following papers were LEES Division nominees for the PIC III Best Paper Award and, where, noted, the winners of said award. Congratulations to all our authors!

2016: “Going is Not Knowing: Challenges in Creating Intercultural Engineers.” Kurt Paterson, James Madison University; Christopher Swan, Tufts University; David W. Watkins, Michigan Technological University

2015: “Which Courses Influence Engineering Students’ Views of Social Responsibility?” Nathan E Canney and Angela R Bielefeldt.

2014: “Engineering and Engineering Education as Spiritual Vocations.” Julia D Thompson, Cole H Joslyn, and Mel Chua, Purdue University.

2011: “We’ve Been Framed! Ends, Means, and the Ethics of the Grand Challenges.” Donna Riley, Smith College

2010(1): “Helping Engineering and Science Students find their Voice: Radio Production as a Way to Enhance Students’ Communication Skills and their Competence at Placing Engineering and Science in a Broader Societal Context.” Ari Epstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Joellen Easton, American Public Media; Rekha Murthy, Public Radio Exchange; and Emily Davidson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2010(2): “Trained to Disengage? A Longitudinal Study of Social Consciousness and Public Engagement among Engineering Students.” Erin Cech, University of California-San Diego

2009: “Engineers who happen to be Gay: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Student Experiences in Engineering.”  Erin Cech and Tom Waidzunas, University of California-San Diego; winner of the PIC III Best Paper Award as well as the first LGBT-related paper ever presented at ASEE

2008: “Ethics in Context, Ethics in Action: Getting Beyond the Individual Professional in Engineering Ethics Education.” Donna Riley, Smith College

Diversity Paper Awards and Nominees

2018: Diversity and Inclusion in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Students’ Perceptions of Learning and Engaging with Difference
by Sean Eddington, Carla B. Zoltowski, Andrew O. Brightman, Rucha Joshi, Patrice Marie Buzzanell, and David Torres (all of Purdue University)

2017: (WINNER) The Inequality of LGBTQ Students in U.S. Engineering Education: Report on a Study of Eight Engineering Programs
by Dr. Erin A. Cech (University of Michigan), Prof. Tom J. Waidzunas (Temple University), and Dr. Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University)

2015: (2nd Place): Into the pipeline: A freshman student’s experiences of stories ‘told’ about engineering by Mr. Michael Brewer (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Nicola Sochacka (University of Georgia), and Dr. Joachim Walther (University of Georgia)