Recent Communication (June) from Conference Chair

The annual conference is less than a week away! While I am saddened that I will miss seeing everyone’s faces in person, I am still certainly excited to see everyone in a virtual modality. This email serves as a brief notice of conference items, including:


  1. Accessing the Virtual Conference Online System – Pathable
  2. Technical Sessions
  3. Business Meeting
  4. Social Event


If folks have other pressing concerns, please let me know. I suspect you may receive a few more notices from me in the coming days, so I apologize in advance. ?





  1. Accessing the Virtual Conference Online System – Pathable


I was having trouble accessing the online system, “Pathable.” So, I reached out to the virtual conference organizers. In short, if you are registered for a conference, you should receive an email with “2020 ASEE VIRTUAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE” in the title by the end of this week. Then you may use this link to access the virtual site and login. Once you are logged in, bookmark the page. You will use this site to access sessions and, in turn, join the live Zoom meetings for any session. If you are having any issues, please contact Unfortunately, I am not in a position to support folks who may experience technical difficulties. I am sharing my email correspondence with the virtual conference organizers for your reference.



Only registered attendees will be able to access the ASEE virtual conference and invitations will be sent out to all registered attendees by the end of this week. If you’re trying to access your account using a link that was sent to you via email, that is a one-time use link. The link serves as a “refresh my account” link so clicking it multiple times may give you an error message and not allow you to log into your profile.


We do advise that after clicking the invitation link for the first time, you should set-up your account and go back to the home page, to bookmark the page. This will make it easier for you to sign-in and access your account throughout the conference.

Please rest assured that invitations for all registered attendees will be sent out by end of week.


Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything else.


Kind Regards,

2020 ASEE’s Virtual Annual Conference Support Team



  1. Technical Sessions


Once you receive login information to the Pathable site, you should be able to find any technical sessions within the Pathable system at this time. You can add these to your schedule to make them easily accessible later. Also, all information pertaining to a session (e.g., papers, presentations, and slides) are accessible within the Pathable system. Here is the timeline for joining events:


  • 20 minutes before the start time: speakers can enter a “green room” where they can be seen/heard by other speakers but not the audience.
  • 1 minutes before the start time: attendees will be able to join the webinar, but will not see/hear the speakers or presentation until a speaker clicks the “Start Broadcast” button.
  • 10 minutes after the end time: the meeting will be automatically ended.


Thus, technical sessions are 20 minutes in length, but we have 10 minutes of “overtime” to continue fruitful discussions, at which point, Zoom will kick us out. I encourage folks to continue engaging with authors outside of the brief technical sessions either by email or in other creative ways.



  1. LEES Business Meeting


The LEES Business Meeting is set for Thursday, June 25, at 2:00PM EST and is set for 1 hour. You can access this meeting through the Pathable system by locating the session and then clicking the Zoom link. This link should take you there, but you won’t be able to access this page unless you have received login information from ASEE Virtual Conference organizers (which should come in the next couple of days).


In addition, I am told that we will have call-in information for folks who are not registered for the conference to join the business meeting. I will share this information once I have it.



  1. LEES Social Event


We will be holding a virtual social event from 7-9PM EST. I encourage everyone to bring their favorite beverage and treats. We hope to engage in some fun interpersonal activities using Zoom’s breakout group features. So please do join us! As with the business meeting, this link should take you to the social event, but you won’t be able to view the page until you have login information.




Justin L Hess, PhD, MSCE
Assistant Professor
Engineering Education

Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Room 1331
701 W. Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47907

o: 765-496-0194