Happy Anniversary ELD!

In 2017,  the Engineering Libraries Division will celebrate its 50th anniversary as a division and the 75th anniversary of the first organized engineering librarians group in the American Society for Engineering Education.

In celebration of the ELD’s double anniversary year, the Anniversary Planning Task Force* is publishing a monthly e-mail digest highlighting important topics in the history of engineering libraries and information.  Read Milestones in Engineering Information

The ASEE Board of Director approved a resolution of recognition and congratulations to the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) on the occasions of both the 50th Anniversary of the Division’s formation as well as its 75th anniversary as the first organized engineering librarians group.  Read the PDF memo to ELD Members

*Mel DeSart, Chelsea Leachman, Amani Magid, Nestor Osorio, Zac Painter, Anne Rauh, Tom Volkening, Michael White, Yu Zhang