Email Discussion Lists

ASEE Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) e-mail discussion list guidelines

ELD supports two primary email discussion lists, ELDnet-l and ELD-L.  The two lists have some traits and guidelines in common, while others differ.


  1. ELDnet-l has open subscription, with over 600 subscribers from all over the world.  ELD-L subscription is available to ELD members only, and currently numbers roughly 250 subscribers.
  2. ELDnet-l has open posting – even non-subscribers can post to the list.  For ELD-L, only list subscribers can post to the list, and only from the email address under which they are subscribed.
  3. ELDnet-l is subject-focused – every posting to the list should have some obvious connection to engineering libraries or librarians.  ELD-L is member-focused – postings can cover any range of topics.
  4. Because of its greater number of subscribers, ELDnet-l is generally a better choice for posting sci-tech position/vacancy announcements than is ELD-L.


  1. Both lists are moderated, so that only postings that meet these guidelines are passed along to each list’s subscribers.
  2. Given both lists’ connection to ASEE/ELD, a not-for-profit organization, neither list allows advertisements from commercial entities, while both lists allow such ads from not-for-profits.  Example: Elsevier/Wiley/Springer would not be allowed to post ads about new products to either list, while a similar ad from a not-for profit entity (IEEE/ASME/ASCE) would be allowed.  While advertisements from commercial entities are not allowed, a simple announcement about a commercial entity’s new product or service would be allowed.  Here are the definitions of “advertisement” and “announcement” as they relate to these guidelines
    • Announcement = publisher offers a brief (2-3 sentence) blurb stating that X new product or service is now available (or will be as of a specific date) and to please contact Y person or go to Z Web page for more information concerning content, pricing, etc.
    • Advertisement = publisher offers a full information spread that has a basic product announcement plus potentially detailed info about content, pre- and post- publication pricing, reviews, etc. – similar to the content of print product advertisements and brochures that publishers send through the mail.
  3. ELD supports copyright law and interlibrary loan guidelines and urges all of its members to do likewise.  Therefore, subscribers may use both lists to request information on the availability of a needed item, but are not allowed to use either list to request such items.  In addition, all such requests should use a subject line that conforms to the following format:
    • Needed – [type of material]
    • Examples: Needed – journal article, Needed – conference paper, Needed – technical report
    • In that way, subscribers may readily identify those postings by their subject lines alone.  List subscribers needing other information should avoid using the word “Needed” as the first word of their posting’s subject line.




ELD-L is an electronic discussion list designed exclusively for use by the members of the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). It was created for information dissemination within the Division and for discussion of Division-specific issues that previously could have been discussed only at the annual conference. Those members of ELD who have e-mail addresses constitute the entirety of the ELD-L subscriber list. Subscription to ELD-L is closed, with new subscribers added to the list only by the list owner(s) or editor(s). Click on the ELD-L link to find directions on how to subscribe.

ELDnet-L is an electronic discussion list addressing issues related to or of interest to engineering and related subject area libraries and librarians. ELDnet-L is sponsored by the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The membership of ELD constitutes the core of ELDnet-L, but subscription to the list is open to non-ASEE/ELD members as well. Click on the ELDnet-L link to find directions on how to subscribe.