Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee actively facilitates and coordinates both formal and informal mentoring, training, and networking within the ranks of the ELD membership.

The duties of the Mentoring Committee shall include:

  • Supporting librarians’ professional development through all stages of their careers
  • Recruiting librarians to act as mentors
  • Creating mechanisms to match mentors with mentees, such as the Conference Buddies Program, Bring-A-Student, etc.
  • Developing members’ writing skills through a friendly review service
  • Providing information on mentoring
  • Coordinating professional development opportunities within ELD

Current Members:

  • Chair: Kevin Drees, 2021-2023,
  • Members: Julie Arendt, Sarah Park, Willow Dressel, William Baer, Jay Bhatt, John Napp, Nestor Osorio, Mel DeSart, Mary Strife, Kari A Kozak, Alfred Wallace