Business Meetings


The ECE Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2020 ECE Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

ASEE ECE Division 2020 ASEE Annual Conference Draft Meeting Minutes
Date: June 26, 2020
Location: Virtual meeting

2019-2020 Division Officers in Attendance:

Dr. Steve E. Watkins, Chair
Dr. Nader Rafla, Vice-Chair
Dr. Jennifer Bonniwell, Program Chair
Dr. Huihui Wang, Secretary-Treasurer

Members in Attendance:

Hossein Mousavinezhad, Idaho State University
Aaron Carpenter, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Jenna Carpenter, Campbell University
Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Tech
Agnieszka Miguel, Seattle University
Diane Rover, Iowa State University
Ed Jones, Iowa State University
Amardeep Kaur, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Dennis Silage, Temple University
Bridget Benson, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Caroline Elizabeth Crockett, University of Michigan
Edward Chandler, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Herb Hess, University of Idaho
Christi Patton Luks, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Miguel Velez-Reyes, University of Texas El Paso
Muhammad Khan, Arkansas Tech University
Qudsia Tahmina, Ohio State University
Asmit De, Pennsylvania State University
Yuting Wu Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yumin Zhang, Southeast Missouri State University

Division Chair, S. Watkins opened the meeting and presented the agenda (2:03pm)

  • The ECE Division Officers, Awards Co-Chairs, and Membership Chair, Listserv Manager, Webmaster introduced themselves.
  • Consent Agenda approved by vote 24 for, 0 against, and 0 abstentions.
    • Approval of Virtual Voting
    • Approval of 2019 meeting minutes
    • Approval of New CDEI Representative – Leonard Bohmann

Program Chair’s Report

  • Bonniwell provided a detailed account of this year’s technical program.
  • Among the accepted abstracts, 27 papers were not submitted. Half of them were withdrew and half of them missed the deadline.
  • Totally 45 papers were published including WIP.
  • 10 tech regular sessions no poster session, 1 panel discussion and 2 co-sponsored sessions.
  • A three-stage review process: Only one reviewer was assigned for each abstract, three reviewers were assigned for the first draft and after the 1st draft – if a 2nd review was requested, the 2nd draft was only sent to those that requested. Final draft reviewed by reviewers who requested revisions.
  • 4-5 papers per session including WIP.
  • Bonniwell mentioned that the COVID 19 did not impact on our paper submission based on minimal withdrawn papers.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Wang reported the expenses and the income from dues for 2019-2020.
  • Watkins mentioned the number of members 689 this year.
  • Rover suggested a discussion about the membership as we mentioned during the last meeting in 2019; A. Kaur suggested that we can consider inviting the outside reviewers for our division and it maybe can help to increase the number of our division members. Ed Jones said he did not see the newsletters for a couple of years and he may be not on the listserv. A couple of members had the same issues. S. Watkins suggested we can check how many people are on the listserv to figure out who may be missed.

Election of officer by S. Mousavinezhad

  • Call for Nomination was publicized in a Spring newsletter.
  • One candidate is recommended: Amardeep Kaur (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
  • Watkins asked for the floor nominations.
  • Watkins proposed A. Kaur for the 2020-2021 secretary/treasurer, J. Carpenter moved to accept by acclamation and L. Bohmann seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Carpenter presented ECE Division Awards

  • ECE Distinguished Education Award: Dr. A. Miguel, Association Professor and Department Chair of Seattle University.
  • ECE Meritorious Service Award: Dr. E. Jones, Professor Emeritus, EE, Iowa State University.
  • ECE Best Paper Award: Asmit De, Mohammad Nasim Imtiaz Khan, Karthikeyan, Nagarajan, Abdullah Ash Saki, Md Mahabubul Alam, Taylor, Steven Wood, Matthew Johnson, Manoj Varma Saripalli, Yu Xia, Stephanie Cutler, Swaroop Ghosh, Kathleen M. Hill, and Annmarie Ward Pennsylvania State University for all except Annmarie Ward (affiliation unknown), “Hands-on Cyber Security Curriculum Using a Modular Training Kit.”
  • ECE Outstanding Diversity Paper Award: “Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion in the Computing Classroom” Authors: Bridget Benson, Joseph Callenes, and Amin Malekmohammadi, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

ECE Division Representative to CDEI L. Bohmann provided a CDEI report

  • Watkins thanked Jenna Carpenter for her service. (2019-2020) and welcomed Leonard Bohmann (2020-2021) as the new representative.
  • Bohmann had two updates:
  1. A new award for a division, section and some other groups in the ASEE who has a 5-year record of the excellent work of inclusion and diversity. It is an on-going award;
  2. A virtual workshop will be held on August 12 about the new guideline of inclusion and diversity. L. Bohmann suggested the incoming Program Chair H. Wang participating in it to learn the best practice of the inclusion and diversity.

Division Chair’s Report (PIC I Chair: C. Luks)

  • Luks reminded of the code of conduct for ASEE meetings even it is virtual.
  • Luks updated the conference information: number participation—3263. This year there are more published papers and unique authors than those of 2019.
  • One advantage of the virtual conference: the registered attendee can access the information of the virtual conference after the conference up to one year.
  • PIC reorganization: All PICs will be dissolved on June 29 2020. On June 30, 2020, new PICs will be formed. The ECE division will move to PIC III. John Estell will be the Chair of PIC III for 3 years
  • Updates from the board:
    • The memberships were down due to the institutional memberships were down for this year
    • The financial status: an unfavorable variance of $267K from the FY20 budget. ASEE receive a $1.1M PPP loan from the government.
    • Bylaws policy change: All unites are required to have a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) statement in their Bylaws. All divisions need to review the division Bylaws every 5 years.
    • BASS accounts: two accounts moved to one account which has been proved a good practice. 30% overhead is charged to the BASS account
    • IT update: Monolith will be available for one more year and a new system will be a “software for service” system. ASEE Hub will be released in July 2020.
  • JEE and AEE will be publish the special issue about the COVID 19 impact on the education
  • Best PIC paper: the best paper of PIC I is from the ECE division: Hands-on Cyber Security Curriculum Using a Modular Training Kit
  • PIC I papers/sessions: paper numbers went down during a couple of years. The percentage of abstract to the paper submission declined in the past couple of years
  • Membership: the membership of the ECE division is kind of flat and it is good compared with other divisions.

Old business, presided over by S. Watkins

  • None

New business, presided over by S. Watkins

  • Thanks to the leadership team and volunteers.
  • The ECE website is up to date.
  • ECE Division Listing was updated last year
  • The ECE Division has a history page in the Engineering and Technology History Wiki.
  • The ECE Division has a partner society—IEEE education society.
  • The division will meet next at the 2021 annual conference of the ASEE. This conference will be held on 27-30 June 2021 in Long Beach, CA, USA. The FIE conference schedule will be a virtual event held on 21-24 October 2020. The next FIE conferences will be held on 13-16 October 2021, in Lincoln, NE, USA and then will be back to Uppsala Sweden in 2022.
  • The ECE division will be moved to the PIC III
  • Watkins gave a couple of suggestions:
    • Recommendation to review the division Bylaws which was revised in 2016.
    • Discussion on the use of division funds.
  • Khan suggested we maybe can use the division fund to support the ASEE workshop proposed by our division.
  • Bohmann suggested we can consider the new faculty mentoring program and help the faculty to register for the ASEE conference.
  • Kaur suggested we can support to engage more members at the section levels.
  • New Officer orientation reminder (NOTE: To be scheduled post-conference by ASEE HQ)
  • The 2021 ASEE Annual Conference–27-30 June, Long Beach, CA, USA.
  • Finally a virtual gavel was handed to N. Rafla.

Adjournment at 3:03 pm on June 26, 2020.


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