Business Meetings


The ECE Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The draft 2021 ECE Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

DRAFT – ASEE ECE Division 2021 ASEE Annual Conference Draft Meeting Minutes

Date: July 28, 2021
Location: Virtual meeting

2020-2021 Division Officers in Attendance:

Nader Rafla, Chair
Jennifer Bonniwell, Vice-Chair
Huihui Wang, Program Chair
Amardeep Kair, Secretary-Treasurer

Members in Attendance:

Steve Watkins, Missouri University of Science and Technology
John Estell, Ohio Northern University
Kumar Yelamarthi, Tenessee Tech University
Hossein Mousavinezhad, Idaho State University
Wenbing Zhao, Cleveland State University
Steve Beyer, US Air Force Academy
Caroline Crocjet, University of Michigan
Chris Greene, University of St. Thomas
Mani Mina, Iowa State University
Dan Neebel, Loras College
Denise Wilson, University of Washington
Rania Hussein, University of Washington
Diane Rover, Iowa State
Herb Hess, University of Idaho
Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Tech
Lisa Huettel, Duke University
Pamela Leigh-Mack, Virginia State University
Qudsia Tahmina, The Ohio State University at Marion
S Ghosh, affiliation unknown
Saffeer Khan, Arkansas Tech University
Said Abushamleh, Indiana Tech
Waldemiro Junqueira, affiliation unknown
Pablo Orduña, LabsLand

Division Chair, N. Rafla opened the meeting and presented the agenda (8:03 am)

  • The ECE Division Officers were introduced
  • Rafla invited J. Estell to provide PIC III updates

PIC III updates by J. Estell

  • Estell reported that over the last ten years, there has been a 32% drop in membership, other professional societies have observed similar trends.
  • Financial status
    • $600,000 shortfall due to virtual annual conference instead of in-person.
    • First PPP loan (of $1.09 million) from the government has been officially converted to a grant.
    • ASEE also received a second PPP loan in the amount of $1.30 million.
  • Board of director updates
    • For ASEE meetings that the ASEE staff will attend, ASEE will require the staff, members, participants, and guests to attest that they have been vaccinated.
  • Board has approved the creation of committee on scholarly publications. Division representatives will be included in the committee.
  • PIC updates
    • New PIC bylaws – one set of bylaws were approved in FY 2021 that apply to all PIC.
    • Distinguished lecture proposal evaluation rubric has been updated.
    • Interdivisional town hall committee has been formalized.
    • ASEE reviewer expectation have been created, reviewers will need to agree to these expectations by clicking “I accept”.
    • There were 1713 published papers, 1374 unique authors, and 3110 attendees (as of 4 pm, 07/26) in this year’s annual conference.
    • Conference presentations will be available for “view only” for one year.
    • PIC III division membership data was presented. Slight decrease in ECE membership (current number is 672).
    • Estell thanked all of the members of PIC III best paper committee.
  • Best PIC paper: The best paper of PIC III is from the Computers in Education division titled Engage AI: Leveraging video analytics for instructor-class awareness in virtual classroom settings. The authors are Mr. Jeremy Stairs, Mr. Raman Mangla, Mr. Manik Chaudhery, Mr. Janpreet Singh Chandok, and Dr. Hamid S Timorabadi from University of Toronto.
  • 2022 annual conference is expected to be in-person in Minneapolis, USA.
    • There will be a new paper management system that will launch in September 2021.
    • Abstract for the annual conference 2022 will be due on October 2021 in line with new system launch.
  • H. Mousavinezhad commented that the ECE division is referred to as Electrical and Computer Division in official ASEE slides and website. He requested that the word engineering be added. J. Estell corrected it on his slides and said that it will be fixed on the new website.
  1. Rafla requested a vote to approve 2020 meeting minutes
  • Meeting minutes were approved by vote 93% for, 0 against, and 3% abstentions.
  • Voting was performed using Poll feature of the pathable platform.

Program Chair’s Report by H. Wang

  • Wang provided a detailed report of this year’s technical program
  • 85 abstracts were submitted. Out of the submitted abstracts, 11 abstracts/papers were rejected, 11 papers were withdrawn, 23 abstracts were accepted but papers not submitted. Finally, 51 papers were published.
  • 9 technical sessions, 1 poster session, and 1 panel session were organized. There were no co-sponsored or workshop sessions this year. Panel session involved invited speaker to share their successes and challenges about implementing NSF RED program.
  • Wang thanked Dr. Rover for leading the panel session.
  • Wang explained the 3-stage review process for the papers.
  • WIP papers were accepted in the technical session this year.

Treasurer’s report by A. Kaur

  • Kaur reported the expenses and the income from dues for 2020-2021.
  • Balance available in the account is $22,492.19 as of June 30, 2021.
  • Kaur, in her role as the membership chair, reported that the number of members in the division dropped to 672 this year.
  • Herb Hess asked about the ASEE admin fees and the purpose for it. A. Kaur explained the ASEE headquarters managing the BASS accounts for the division and charging the admin fees for the services they provide in account keeping.

Nominating Committee Report by M. S. Mousavinezhad

  • Call for Nomination was publicized in the Spring newsletter.
  • Two candidate nominations were received:
    • Kumar Yelamarthi, ECE Professor, Central Michigan University (will be joining Tennessee Tech. University)
    • Wenbing Zhao, EECS Professor, Cleveland State University
  • Mousavinezhad invited Kumar Yelamarthi to introduce himself.
  • Mousavinezhad invited Wenbing Zhao to introduce himself.

Election of Secretary/Treasurer by N. Rafla

  • Call for Nomination was publicized in a Spring newsletter
  • Two candidates are recommended:
    • Kumar Yelamarthi, ECE Professor, Central Michigan University
    • Wenbing Zhao, EECS Professor, Cleveland State University
  • Rafla asked everyone to vote on Pathable poll
    • Vote count: 92% for K. Yelamarthi and 8% for W. Zhao
    • Yelamarthi will serve as the Secretary/Treasurer and membership chair for 2021-2022 term.
  • Mousavinezhad asked Jen if any candidate was received for webmaster position, J. Bonniwell mentioned that Dennis Silage (the current webmaster) agreed to continue in the absence of any other candidates. At this point, Kumar Yelamarthi offered to help with the webmaster duties.

Bohmann presented ECE Division Awards

  • ECE Distinguished Education Award: Dr. Lisa Huettel, Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School Professor of Practice, ECE, Duke University.
  • ECE Meritorious Service Award: Dr. Christopher Greene, Professor Emeritus, School of Engineering, University of St. Thomas.
  • ECE Best Paper Award: Remote versus In-Hand Hardware Laboratory in Digital Circuit Courses, Rania Hussein and Denise Wilson, University of Washington.
  • ECE Outstanding Diversity Paper Award: SAFABOT: A Robotics Learning Platform for a Hands-on, Laboratory based Approach in an Introductory ECE course, Steven Bayer and Brian James Neff, US Air Force Academy.

ASEE CDEI Report by L. Bohmann

  • 2021-2022 is designated as a year to create impact on Racial Equity in Engineering by the board of directors of ASEE
  • Individual members can sign-up for the task force on
  • Bohmann shared information on CDEI workshop offerings and CDEI Blog for current updates.
  • Constituent DEI award: 2021 is the inaugural year, award will be announced at the closing reception.
  • ASEE Best DEI paper award: 6 finalists for 2021from the division.
  • Bohmann shared the Social Justice causes and list of non-profits in Long Beach and encouraged members to contribute.

Education Resources for ECE community by S. Watkins

  • Watkins introduced Townhall Panel conducted by IEEE Education Society that will occur on August 3, 2021.
  • IEEE Education society has other resources like Educational Webinar series and IEEE Teaching Excellence Hub for engineering educators as well.

Old business, presided over by N. Rafla

  • None

New business, presided over by N. Rafla

  • Rafla thanked the leadership team and volunteers for their service.
  • Mina acknowledged the co-chairs of FIE for 2021 for their service.
  • The 2022 ASEE Annual Conference: 26 – 29 June, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Rafla encouraged everyone to encourage membership at their host organizations

Adjournment at 11:06 am on July 28, 2021.


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