Business Meetings


The ECE Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2019 ECE Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

DRAFT — ASEE ECE Division 2019 ASEE Annual Conference Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2019   Tampa, FL

Division Officers in Attendance:

Dr. Sohum Sohoni, Chair
Dr. Steve Watkins, Vice-Chair
Dr. Nader Rafla, Program Chair
Dr. Jennifer Bonniwell, Secretary-Treasurer

Members in Attendance:

Hossein Mousavinezhad, Idaho State University
Aaron Carpenter, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Chaomin Luo, Mississippi State University
Ricky Castles, East Carolina University
Jay Wierer, Milwaukee School of Engineering|
Russ Meier, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Drew Taylor, University of Alabama
Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Tech
Huihui Wang, Jacksonville University
Agnieszka Miguel, Seattle University
Amardeep Kaur, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Aram Agajanian, Olivet Nazarene University
David Silveira, California State University – Chico
Diane Rover, Iowa State University
Shelton Jacinto, Boise State University

Division Chair, S. Sohoni opened the meeting and presented the agenda (8:03am)

  • Sohoni introduced the ECE Division Officers as well as the incoming and outgoing PIC chairs
    Christi Patton Luks from Missouri University of Science and Technology will be the PIC I Chair starting 6/19/2019

2018 meeting minutes approved with minor corrections by vote 17 for, 0 against, and 2 abstentions

  • Motion to approve the minutes by H. Mousavinezhad. Seconded by S. Watkins.

Division Chair’s Report

  • PIC I update (professional interests council)
    • PICs had historically been organized by PIC I: Standard engineering discipline, PIC II: Bio-engineering disciplines, and PICs III-V: special interest groups. This grouping lead to an unbalance in PICs (e.g. PIC 5 only has 3 divisions, so it becomes easier for a member there to receive best PIC paper.)
    • Discussions have begun to reorganize the imbalance. Ideas for reorganization are 1) alphabetical, 2) Discipline grouping, and 3) random.
      • Bohmann suggested it may not be wise to rebalance in a random or alphabetical fashion. Keep divisions with potential similar issues together to have a stronger voice on the board.
      • PIC chairs are looking for feedback by Sept 15. (one set of feedback from a single division)
        • Develop process for discussion
      • The PIC rebalance is attempting to balance the number of members within each PIC

PIC I Chair A. Miguel reported from the PIC meeting

  • Best division papers were presented on Sunday, 6/16/2019
  • The Ethics Taskforce talked about how to handle issues that arise at the conference
  • They are rolling out a new Moderator Handbook – mention to moderators for the 2020 conference
    • This handbook will reflection ethic policies
    • Let PIC officers know if mistakes are found
  • Rate for K-12 educators is reduced to increase their likelihood of attending the conference
  • Monolith will be replaced in the next few years
    • It was originally written within ASEE
    • It cannot interface easily with conference apps, membership data, etc.
    • ASEE hired a consultant that is the writing RFP
    • ASEE has created a committee of HQ employees to verify the new system’s functionality
      • ECE Members strongly urged inclusion of members on the committee.
      • It was suggested that immediate past program chairs be consulted. Also, to reach out to members that have used other systems to learn pros and cons of different aspects
    • There will be no interruptions for the next conference.
    • The new system is unlikely to be done before the 2020 conference
  • Best paper process – how to select and how we select the awards should be in the division’s by-laws to ensure consistency over time.
  • Work-in-process papers can be considered for best paper in division but are not considered for best PIC paper or best overall paper
  • The operating account is being rolled into the BASS Account. The money will no longer be “use it or lose it”.
    • 30% admin fee will not be applied to the sum of the operating account
    • 30% overhead will remain. PIC chairs make sure it is reflective of the work done

Treasurer’s report

  • Bonniwell reported the expenses and the income from dues
  • Miguel reminded the division to continue to mindfully spend the money for our membership.

Program Chair’s Report

  • Rafla provided a detailed account of this year’s technical program
  • Total abstracts submitted were 121. Of those, 64 papers were published. All sessions had 5 papers within them. Of the 64, there were16 Work-in-progress papers that were all included in the poster session. There was one panel discussion as well as three workshops on Sunday. ECE co-sponsored two distinguished lectures.
  • We have a three-stage review process. Only one reviewer was assigned for each abstract, three reviewers were assigned for the first draft and after the 1st draft – if a 2nd review was requested, the 2nd draft was only sent to those that requested.
  • Meier suggested requesting authors to select a track in the ECE division that their work aligns with. This would aid in creating coherent sessions.

Carpenter presented ECE Division Awards

  • ECE Best Paper Award to Zahrasadat Alavi and Kathleen Meehan, “Enhancing a Control Systems Design Course by Using Experiential Learning Model”
  • ECE Best Diversity Paper Award to Dr. Laura K. Alford and Dr. Andrew DeOrio, “Student Perceptions of Their Abilities and Learning Environment in Large Introductory Computer Programming Courses – Underrepresented Minorities”
  • ECE Distinguished Educator Award to Dr. Susan Lord
  • ECE Meritorious Service Award to Dr. Leonard Bohmann

Election of officer (Secretary/Treasurer)

  • The report from the nominating committee (Ed Jones and Hossein Mousavinezhad) presented Tim Hogan (Michigan State University), Amardeep Kaur (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Qiquan (Quinn) Qiao (South Dakota State University) and Huihui Wang (Jacksonville University) as the candidates
  • After two tie votes, a third vote resulted in the election of Huihui Wang for the 2019-2020 secretary/treasurer

Membership report by S. Sohoni

  • We have only lost one member from our division, 758 members down to 757 members

Old business, presided over by S. Sohoni

  • None

New business, presided over by S. Sohoni

  • Sohoni began a discussion on the Diversity Committee Representative position (Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
    • Jenna Carpenter will serve for the first two years
    • Discussion ensued on formalizing this position. L. Bohmann moved to make this an appointed position. Second by H. Mousavinezhad. The motion passed unanimously.
      • This will require an update to the by-laws
    • A discussion began on “Why should I join the ECE Division?” (membership recruitment)
      • Millennial and Gen Z do not form groups the same as previous generations. They are connected everywhere
      • Consider creating a thought team creating content to address this question, lead by a Membership Chair
      • Faculty from ECE dept are joining other divisions other than ours (e.g. Instrumentation or computers in education). This could be due to the listing of our division as Electrical and Computer Division.
      • Castle pointed out that you can join ASEE, publish to all divisions without being a member of the division. You still get the same national publication. There is seemingly no benefit to join the division other than more emails.
      • For A. Miguel, it is the community of peers for networking, the dinner, the receptions. That was very important. We need more than just listening to talks and quick interactions. Community that is supportive and collaborative.
      • Mousavinezhad – we have a lot of papers, we have nearly the most tech sessions than any division. We could look to ‘acquire’ other divisions.
        • Sohum agreed that computer science can fit here, but how do we attract them?
      • Wang asked if ECE is doing anything to attract new members? When she joined, she was interested in networking with those who could provide suggestions at the start of career, finding a mentor in common field.
        • Can we create a mentorship program within our division?
      • This needs to be a serious discussion by campus representatives

Future ASEE Conferences

  • June 21-24, 2020, Montreal, Canada
  • June 27-30, 2021, Long Beach, California
  • June 26-29, 2022, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • June 25-28, 2023, Baltimore, Maryland

Other Business

  • None

Adjournment at 9:33am on June 18, 2019.


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