Business Meetings


The ECE Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2022 ECE Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

ASEE ECE Division 2022 ASEE Annual Conference Draft Meeting Minutes

Date: June 28, 2022

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 am
Location: Minneapolis, MN


2021-2022 Division Officers in Attendance:

Dr. Jennifer Bonniwell, Chair
Dr. Huihui Wang, Vice-Chair

Dr. Amardeep Kaur, Program Chair

Dr. Kumar Yelamarthi, Secretary-Treasurer


Members in Attendance:

John Estell, Ohio Northern University

  1. Hossein Mousavinezhad, Idaho State University

Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Tech

Yufang Jin, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Mani Mina, Iowa State University

Diane Rover, Iowa State University

Cory Prust, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Steve Holland, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Carlotta Berry, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Bala Maheswaran, Northeastern University

Matthew Spencer, Harvey Mudd College

Dennis Derickson, California Polytechnic State University

Nader Rafla, Boise State University

Jay Wierer, Milwaukee School of Engineering


Division Chair, J. Bonniwell the meeting and presented the agenda (7:00 am)

  • The ECE Division Officers were introduced
  • Bonniwell invited J. Estell to provide PIC III updates


PIC III updates by J. Estell

  • Estell reported that over the last seven years, there has been a drop in membership, but there has been a slight rise in membership this past year.
  • Reported annual conference attendance: 2022 (3310 attendees); 2021 (3202 attendees); 2020 (3362 attendees); 2019 (3812 attendees)
  • Best paper submission received from nine divisions.
    • 2022 PIC III Best Paper Award: Rebecca Komarek, Angela R. Bielefeldt, and Daniel Knight, “Self-Assessment of Leadership Behaviors Over Time Among Students in A Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Course.” Submitted by the Engineering Leadership Development Division.
    • 2022 Conference Best Paper Award: Joyce B. Main, Amanda Griffith, “The Impact of Math and Science Remedial Education on Engineering Major Choice, Degree Attainment, and Time to Degree”
  • Financial status
  • Board of director updates
    • Forming an ASEE User Group to look at all future software purchases with representatives from divisions, committees, and other users
    • $50 discount for your choice of 2023 dues or registration at the Baltimore meeting for Minneapolis attendees and $50 for you to gift to one new member
    • Task Force on Teaching Excellence is conducting surveys at this meeting to establish core competencies for certification of engineering educators (


  1. Bonniwell requested a vote to approve 2021 meeting minutes
  • Meeting minutes were approved by vote 100% for, 0% against.


Nominating Committee Report by M. S. Mousavinezhad

  • Call for Nomination was publicized in the ECE division newsletter.
  • Two candidate nominations were received:
    • Fred Harris
    • George Nasr
  • Mousavinezhad presented bios of both the candidates.


Election of secretary/treasurer by J. Bonniwell

  • Call for Nomination was publicized in the ECE division newsletter
  • Two candidates are recommended:
    • Fred Harris
    • George Nasr
  • Bonniwell asked everyone to vote on the ballots
    • Vote count: 37% for F. Harris and 63% for G. Nasr
    • Nasr will serve as the treasurer/secretary and membership chair for 2022-2023 term.


  1. Bohmann presented ECE Division Awards
  • ECE Distinguished Education Award: Carlotta A. Berry, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
  • ECE Meritorious Service Award: Russ Meier, Milwaukee School of Engineering.
  • ECE Best Paper Award: Matthew Spencer, Implementation of Competency-Based Learning in a Laboratory-Focused Analog Design Course, Harvey Mudd College.
  • ECE Outstanding Diversity Paper Award: Yufang Jin, Chunjiang Qian, Sara Ahmed, Closing the Loop: A 10-year Follow-Up Survey for Evaluation of an NSF REU Site, University of Texas at San Antonio.


Division Chair report

  • Leonard Bohman agreed to serve as the delegate for the ASEE Commission on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging for 2022-2024


Program Chair’s Report by A. Kaur

  • Kaur provided a detailed report of this year’s technical program
  • 78 abstracts were submitted. Out of the submitted abstracts, 23 abstracts/papers were rejected, 2 papers were withdrawn, 10 abstracts were accepted but papers not submitted. Finally, 46 papers were published.
  • 6 technical sessions, 1 poster session, and 1 panel discussion were There were no co-sponsored or workshop sessions this year. Panel session involved invited speaker to share their successes and challenges about implementing NSF RED program.
  • We were able to fund free attendees for ten attendees (3 students, 7 first time attendees) to the ECE social through PIC Special Project funds of $400.


Treasurer’s report by K. Yelamarthi

  • Yelamarthi reported the expenses and the income from dues for 2021-2022.
  • Balance available in the account is $24,104.56 as of Dec 31, 2021.
  • Yelamarthi, in his role as the membership chair, reported that the number of members in the division dropped slightly from 663 last year to 656 this year.


Old business, presided over by J. Bonniwell

  • None


New business, presided over by J. Bonniwell

  • Updated ECE Division By-laws
    • Minor change: PIC I Chair  PIC Chair to which the unit belongs
    • Major change/addition: Service Travel Support fund (item M).
    • Revised By-laws were shared by email and in the meeting. An electronic vote will be collected after 30 days.



  • Bonniwell thanked the leadership team and volunteers for their service.
  • The 2023 ASEE Annual Conference: 25 – 28 June, Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Bonniwell encouraged everyone to encourage membership at their host organizations


Future Conferences

  • June 23-26, 2024, Portland, Oregon
  • June 22-25, 2025, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • June 21-24, 2026, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • June 20-23, 2027, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • June 11-14, 2028, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Adjournment at 8:02 am on June 28, 2022.


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