Business Meetings


The ECE Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2018 ECE Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

Minutes of the Business Meeting

Held during the 125th ASEE annual Conference and Exposition Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday – June 26, 2018

Division Officers in Attendance

  • Dr. Stuart Wentworth, ECE Division Chair, Auburn University.
  • Dr. Sohum Sohoni, ECE Division Chair-Elect, Arizona State University.
  • Dr. Steve Watkins, ECE Division Program Chair, Missouri University of S&T.
  • Nader Rafla, ECE Division Secretary/Treasurer, Boise State University.
  • Russ Meier, Immediate Past Chair, Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Members and Guests in Attendance

  • Dennis Silage, Temple University –
  • Aaron Carpenter, Wentworth Institute of Technology –
  • Rohit Dua, Missouri University of Science and Technology –
  • Hossein Mousavinezhad, Idaho State University –
  • Mani Mina, Iowa State University –
  • Ed Post, Embry-Riddle Prescott –
  • Ryan Taylor, University of Alberta –
  • Jenna Carpenter, Campbell University,
  • Steve Holland, Milwaukee School of Engineering –
  • Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Tech –
  • Sohrab Asgarpoor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln –
  • Diane Rover, Iowa State University –
  • Brock LaMeres, Montana State University –
  • Cory Prust, Milwaukee School of Engineering –
  • Miguel Velez-Reyes, University of Texas at El Paso –
  • Craig Prather, Auburn University –
  • Huihni (Helen) Wang, Jacksonville University –
  • Jen Bonniwell, Milwaukee School of Engineering –

A total of eighteen (18) members and five (5) officers were in attendance.

Welcome, Introduction, and Agenda

Stuart Wentworth, ECE Division Chair, opened the meeting on Tuesday June 26, 2018 at 7:00 a.m. and welcomed everyone. Each person introduced own self by name and affiliation. Stuart Wentworth presented the agenda

Minutes of the 2017 meeting

Stuart Wentworth presented the minutes of the 2017 meeting for review and discussion. Leonard Bohmann moved to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded by Jenna Carpenter. Motion passes and was approved unanimously.

Election of Incoming Secretary/Treasurer

Hossein Mousavinezhad reported that four nominations were submitted: Mohammed Benalla, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, Brock LaMeres, Montana State University, Huihui Wang, Jacksonville University and Jennifer Bonniwell, Milwaukee School of Engineering.

One nominee (Mohammed Benalla) was not present at the meeting. The three other candidates were present, introduced themselves and left the room. Hossein distributed a ballot with the four names. Votes were collected and counted. Jennifer Bonniwell was elected as the Secretary/Treasurer for the year 2018/2019.\

PIC 1 Chair Report

PIC 1 Chair, Agnieska Miguel from Seattle University, arrived at the meeting and presented the following highlights from the ASEE PIC Chairs meeting:

5% of the net profit (~350k) were put in a reserve fund. That led to an improvement of the credit rating. The Board had decided to continue on building the reserve fund.

The ethics committee developed a new Code of Conduct. This code should be followed and honored by all ASEE stakeholders participating in a meeting. 

Agnieska encouraged nominations for national awards from among division members.

Bass Account – The division is spending the money down as expected.

Number of attendees were down (actual numbers are not available yet (currently around ~3000.) The ASEE Board is looking for reason(s) and investigating ways to attract more members.

Agnieska mentioned that by-laws needed to be updated and voted upon. However Russ Meier commented that they were updated, voted upon, and approved by the ECE division during the 2016 business meeting in New Orleans.

Awards Presentation

Jenna Carpenter, Awards Committee Chair, presented the following ECE Division awards:

  • The ECE Division Distinguished Educator Award was presented to Borck LeMeres, Montana State University.
  • The ECE Division Meritorious Service Award was presented to Mani Mina, Iowa State University.
  • The ECE Division Best Paper Award was given to Paper ID# 12556 by Steven Bell (graduate student) and Mark Horowitz (Professor) Stanford University.
  • The ECE Division Best Diversity Paper Award was given to paper ID# 21370 by Shahnam Mirzaei, Ana C. Cadavid, Vicki A. Pedone, and Werner Horn, California State University, Northridge.

Treasurer’s Report

Nader Rafla, Secretary/Treasurer, presented the report:

The ECE division membership slightly declined (758 in June 2018). The ECE division is ranked 12 of 54 total ASEE divisions with the number of memberships and number 2 in PIC I. The ECE division membership represents 3.1% of all ASEE divisions and 18% of PIC1 Divisions (12).

Beginning balance from 5/31/2017 was $25,452.47. e. Total revenue is $3178.21 – from memberships. f. A total of $8,486.10 was charged against the account:

$7,234.86 for the annual conference
$299.74 for plaques
$951.50 for admin fees

The ending balance as of 5/31/2018 is $20,142.58. h. The balance has been reducing by ~$4,000 yearly for the last 4 years. i. Expenses from the IEEE Education Society will be reimbursed. The Treasurer should follow up with the transaction. Note that net revenue will be charged a 30% administration fee.

Program Chair’s Report

Steve Watkins, Program Chair, presented the report:

Total abstracts submitted were 132, in the ballpark of last year’s submissions, of which 49 papers were published in 8 technical sessions, 5 papers each, and 1 poster session containing 9 Work in Progress (WIP) posters.

The division also presented 1 workshop and 2 panel discussions.

There were 13 papers not submitted after the abstracts/drafts were accepted, 48 rejected, and 22 withdrawn. The publish count went down due to the level of reviews and some other problems related to formatting, anonymity for the double-blind review process, and literature review.

Paper review is a three stage process: Abstract with Review, Draft1 with Review, and
Draft2 with Review. Three reviewers were assigned for each abstract and first draft. It is strongly recommended to continue to have workshops on Sunday.

Other Business

Membership: the ECE division has the second largest membership in PIC 1 behind Mechanical Engineering – We need to promote the membership at the mixer and other conferences.

The subsidized dinner/breakfast costs the division about $4k. The division should look into discontinuing or drastically scale down this function. Other venues of sponsorship should also be explored.

The ECE website continues to be active and updated regularly. Thanks to Dr. Dennis Silage for maintaining it. The website should contain guidelines for writing a successful paper for ASEE with clear expectations of contents, including Diversity papers. Paper examples such as those awarded the Best Paper Award should also be posted. Steven Bell, the author for Best Paper Award, agree for the use of his paper as an example on the division website.

This year’s networking dinner is advertised. It is Tuesday 7:00 p.m. at the Spencer’s for Steak and Chops. Menu choices are Filet Mignon, Alaskan Salmon, Iowa Pork Chop, or Roasted Chicken. Cost is $35 at the door with cash bar available.

Time and Place of Next Meeting

The next general business meeting open to the division members will be held during the 126th ASEE National Conference and exposition in Tampa Florida. It is preferable if held on Monday morning before the Monday plenary session. Check with conflicts for other meetings that could involve members and/or officers of the ECE Division.


The meeting adjourned at 7:55 a.m.

These minutes are respectfully submitted by Nader Rafla, Secretary/Treasurer 2017/2018 on June 29th 2018.

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