2019 Elections

This page gives the information about the excellent slate of candidates for our 2019 elections. Below is the list of 2019 candidates and their statements, although write-ins are also welcome.

Open WIED Board Positions

Treasurer  The treasurer maintains the financial records of the organization. As such, s/he is responsible for creating and presenting financial reports for the Executive Board throughout the year, and to the general membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all income and expenses for WIED. This position is a 2-year term.  CURRENT: Brian Kirkmeyer (kirkmebp@miamioh.edu)

Director: Awards The Director of Awards is the Chair of the WIED Awards Committee.  As such, s/he is responsible for (1) constituting the awards committee composed of at least 4 WIED members, (2) coordinating the process for selection of the Best Paper Award based on information provided by the Program Chair and providing this information to the Program Chair.  This position has a 2-year term.  CURRENT:  Lily Gossage (lggossage@cpp.edu)

Director: Positions  The Director of Positions forms a Nominating Committee whose responsibility is to: (1) solicit nominations for the open Officer and Director positions from the WIED membership, (2) prepare a ballot to be distributed to WIED members. The Director: Positions conducts the election and notifies the Division Chair and all of the candidates of the results. This position has a 2-year term.  CURRENT:  Jenahvive Morgan (jenahviv@egr.msu.edu)

Director: At Large  Those elected to this position are assigned duties by the Division Chair, usually work on standing or ad hoc committees of the WIED. This position has a 2-year term.  CURRENT:  Jodi Prosise (prosisejodif@sau.edu)

Candidates for the 2019 Election


Dr. Angela Lueking joined Missouri S&T as Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in August 2018.  In her role as ADR, Lueking mentors faculty in proposal development, initiates new teams in large multi-investigator proposals, and oversees reporting of research expenditures.  Prior to arriving at Missouri S&T, she served as Program Director of the Molecular Separations program at the National Science Foundation from 2016-2018 and Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University from 2003-2018.  At NSF, Lueking set national research priorities for a $35 million research portfolio, which included topics in purification of industrial chemicals and gases, drinking water, and biopharmaceuticals. She led discussions for two inter-agency National Academy Studies and NSF’s Return to Active Research (RARE, 18-525) pilot program to reenergize the careers of mid-career faculty. At Penn State, Lueking’s research on material development for gas adsorption and catalysis using advanced experimental materials characterization techniques resulted in a twenty-fold return on investment of institutional resources.  Lueking was selected as one of twenty-five American scientists in 2012 for an Incoming International Marie Curie Fellow for a year of study at the University of Crete to couple ab initio modeling with her prior experimental work in high-pressure adsorption and in situ characterization. She was co-Principal Investigator on an NSF outreach program “CarbonEARTH” that supplemented graduate education with outreach to K-12 students. She is co-author of the 2018 textbook “Science of the Earth, Climate and Energy”, which explains the scientific basis and fundamentals of contemporary environmental issues to a general audience.   In addition to managing her NSF program, Lueking served as Treasurer of the Fuel Division of the American Chemical Society from 2007-2010.

Director: Awards

Dr. Krystel Castillo is the GreenStar Endowed Associate Professor in Energy in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute (TSERI-texasenergy.utsa.edu) at The University of Texas at San Antonio.  She has served as Awards Director in the Logistics and Supply Chain Division from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Dr. Castillo’s research expertise is in: (1) mathematical programming and optimization techniques for analyzing large-scale, complex systems under uncertainty, and (2) Decision making data analytics. Dr. Castillo has received $5 million in grant funding from multiple agencies including U.S. Department of Agriculture, NIFA, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Laboratory, etc. Dr. Castillo was one of the awardees in the 2018 Class of Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC), the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Young Faculty by the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) – Gulf South West Region; the 2017 UTSA President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Research Achievement, the 2017 INFORMS MIF Early Career Award, and was one of the winners of the San Antonio Business Journal 2017 40 Under 40 Award. She received her Ph.D. from Texas Tech University and her Sc.D. from Monterrey Tech.

Dr. Lily Gossage is Director, Maximizing Engineering Potential: Center for Gender, Diversity & Student Excellence at Cal Poly Pomona. She provides management-level oversight for development, strategic planning, recruitment and retention of minority, women, first-generation, low-income students. She is advisor for Society of Women Engineers and American Indian Science & Engineering Society. As Co-PI of a $2.5M Title V Department of Education project, her work also involves increasing the number of low-income minorities in graduate studies. With over 20 years of experience developing K-12 women-in-engineering outreach programs—such as “Engineering Girls: It Takes a Village” (week-long residential program for homeless girls/mothers)—serving under-resourced communities is at the heart of her advocacy. As a Returned Peace Corps volunteer, she attributes her leadership style and creative problem-solving skills to social-cultural experiences gained during life in the village; such experiences have given her invaluable insight into working with diverse communities of people.

Director: Positions

Dr. Jenahvive Morgan is the instructor for EGR 100 – Introduction to Engineering Design at Michigan State University. EGR 100 is a large course with an enrollment of over 1600 students in the academic year. She is also currently on the ASEE Women in Engineering Division board, as well as an ASCE ExCEED Fellow. Dr. Morgan has a PhD and MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University. Her interests include innovative laboratory experiments for undergraduate instruction, engineering design for first-year students, and encouraging women to study engineering. For the three years prior to teaching at Michigan State University, she taught freshman and sophomore engineering courses at Rowan University. While at Rowan University she was Co-Director of RILED (Rowan Instructional Leadership and Educational Development), the advisor for the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and given the ASEE Campus Representative Outstanding Achievement Award. Her teaching experience also includes work as a graduate student facilitator and engineering teaching consultant at the University of Michigan.

Director At Large

Dr. Kristina Lawyer is an Assistant Professor of engineering at Indiana State University (ISU) where she has taught for 6 years. Her PhD and MS in Mechanical Engineering are from Michigan Technological University and her BS in Mechanical Engineering is from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. She also spent 2 years working at Argonne National Lab. While at ISU, Kristina has continued her engineering research but has increasingly become involved in engineering education research through the ISU Master Teacher program, the ISU THRIVE program, and ASEE. She would like to be more involved in WIED and would use this position to that benefit. Kristina has great leadership experience to bring to this position as demonstrated by her 6 years as an Alpha Omicron Pi Chapter Adviser, 5 years as the ISU Eco-marathon Team Faculty Adviser, 2 years as a Destination Success mentor, 1 year as the Females in Technology student organization Faculty Adviser, and 1 year as the secretary for her college’s Faculty Council. Kristina was recently awarded the 2018 ATMAE Best Conference Proceedings Paper award. She also really likes cats.

Dr. Malini Natarajarathinam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University. She teaches courses in strategic relationships among industrial distributors and distribution logistics. Her recent research focuses on engineering education and learning sciences with a focus on how to engage students better to prepare their minds for the future. She has been involved in numerous research and consulting engagements in the area of inventory management, supplier relationships and improving profitability at several large and mid-sized distributors. She has experience working several automotive companies on transportation, material handling and decision analysis systems. She works extensively with food banks and food pantries on supply chain management and logistics focused initiatives. She was recently chosen as “20 under 40” faculty in engineering and engineering technology by ASEE’s PRISM magazine. She has an active member of ASEE since 2009. She served as the WIED secretary from 2016 – 2018. She also has been working with ASEE to organize the ASEE service events for the past three years in collaboration with the Community Engagement Division (CED).

Dr. Katrina Rothrock leads the educational outreach, professional development, and new teacher induction work for the UKanTeach math, science, and engineering teacher preparation program in the University of Kansas Center for STEM Learning.  She began her career as an architectural engineer, serving as an MEP project manager for Smith & Boucher consulting engineers, then serving as the lead technical designer for Derek Porter Lighting Design before returning to the university to obtain a Masters in Secondary Education.  She taught mathematics at Free State HS before returning to the university to further study STEM education, and work with STEM students who might consider becoming secondary math, science, and engineering teachers.  She will graduate with her Education PhD in May 2019.  Katrina served on the PreCollege Engineering Education Division Executive Board for the past two years as Member At Large, and would like to contribute to the Women in Engineering Division similarly.  During her time at the University of Kansas, Katrina has served as the Kansas Assistant Affiliate Director for Project Lead the Way Biomedical, the Chair of the Jedel Excellence in Mathematics Education awards program, and the director of engineering and STEM camps for middle school students, including girls engineering and coding camps.

How to Vote

You may cast your ballot here.

Voting will close on May 15th, 2019.  WIED members will need to enter their new ASEE member number.  If you don’t know your number, log into ASEE using your email and password and you will find your Member ID on the landing page.  Thank you for your support and participation!