Best Diversity Paper

The ASEE Best Diversity Paper Award was approved and first implemented in 2015 as part of the Year of Action on Diversity.  The award strives to enhance the visibility and sustainment of actions in support of diversity and engineering, which is empowering society in unprecedented ways.  Engineering and diversity are at the core of innovation and can address Grand Challenges facing the US and the world. In order for the engineering discipline to reach its full potential, however, the engineering education community and the engineering profession must better include all segments of our society.  In particular, engineering must actively engage and help promote the pursuit of engineering education and engineering careers with those individuals who have been historically under-represented within engineering.  ASEE believes that diversity and inclusiveness is essential to enriching educational experiences and innovations that drive the development of creative solutions in addressing the world’s challenges. We learn from experiences, beliefs, and perspectives that are different from our own.  Diversity, demographically, intellectually, and socially, fuels innovation and the development of imaginative and enduring solutions to global problems.  The ASEE Statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness is available here:

2023 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Dr. Johanna Naukkarinen, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, Finland

Why engineering needs women—insights of female and nonbinary Finnish upper secondary schoolers

2022 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Kelli Paul, Jungsun Kim, Amanda Diekman, Allison Godwin, Andrew Katz and Adam Maltese

Collateral Damage: Investigating the Impacts of COVID on STEM Professionals with Caregiving Responsibilities

2021 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Dr. Idalis Villanueva and Dr. Victoria Sellers, University of Florida at Gainesville

How do Diverse Women Engineers use Self-efficacy Strategies to Cope with Situational Hidden Curriculum

2020 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Robyn Sandekian, Dr. Joann Silverstein, and Beverly Louie, University of Colorado, Boulder

Interventions in Faculty Recruiting, Screening, and Hiring Processes Enable Greater Engineering Faculty Diversity

2019 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Dr. Lalita G. Oka, Dr. Kimberly Stillmaker, Dr. Constance Jones, Dr. Arezoo Sadrinezhad, and Dr. Maryam Nazari, California State University, Fresno

Assessing the Networking Preferences and Resource Satisfaction among Engineering Faculty in the California State University System

2018 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Dr. Jennifer S Gurski and Dr. Penny Louise Hammrich, Drexel University

Examining the Personal Nature of the K-14 Engineering Pipeline for Young Women

2017 WIED Best Diversity Paper

Dr. Marissa Forbes, Dr. Angela Bielefeldt, Dr. Jacquelyn Sullivan, Dr. Ray Lynn Littlejohn, University of Colorado, Boulder

Probing Correlations Between Undergraduate Engineering Programs’ Customizability and Gender Diversity

2016 WIED and ASEE Best Diversity Paper

Lydia Yang and Dr. Bette Grauer, Kansas State

Effect of Financial Support on Academic Achievement and Retention of Female Engineering Students