2014 ELD/ASEE Annual Conference



2014 ELD Program

Time Sunday, June 15 Monday, June 16 Tuesday, June 17 Wednesday, June 18
7:00 – 8:30 a.m.  
8:45 – 10:15 am  [U223] 9:00 am – 12 pm: Encouraging Information Rich Engineering Design

Location: Indiana Convention Center (ICC) room 105

[M204] ASEE Main Plenary

Location: ICC, Sagamore Ballroom

[T235] ELD Annual Business Meeting
Location:JW Marriot, Grand Ballroom 2Breakfast sponsored by: IET/Inspec (Booth #614) & IOPP (Kevin Batt)Moderator: Adriana Popescu
[W235] Evidence Based Librarianship
[ticket]Location: ICC room 122Moderator: Kristin BuxtonGauging Workplace Readiness, Using Evidence to Support Library Instruction, Jon Jeffryes and Meghan Lafferty, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Identifying Return on Investment Metrics for an Institution, Christine Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Dissertations and Discussions: Engineering Graduate Student Research Resource Use at New Mexico State University, Paula Johnson.

Breakfast sponsored by: ProQuest (Rich Hummel)

10:30 am  -12:00 pm   [M306B] Focus on Exhibits Brunch

Location: ICC Exhibit Hall A, B, C

[T304] ASEE Main Plenary II, Best Paper Recognition

Location: ICC, Sagamore Ballroom

12:30 – 2:00 pm  [U435]1:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Data Information Literacy Workshop

Location: ICC room 105

[M435] Welcome Session and Lightning Talks
[ticket]Location: ICC room 101Moderator: Kari KozakAbstracts [PDF]

Complete Program Slides [PDF]

Shaking Up Engineering Graduate Student Orientations at UCLA, Tony Aponte, UCLA Library;
Senior Design Theses: moving to an electronic collection by collaborating with the School of Engineering
Susan Boyd, Santa Clara University;
Selecting an On-demand Service for Industry Codes and Standards
Kevin Drees,Oklahoma State University;
Video in the Engineering Literature
Julia Gelfand and Lydia Fletcher,University of California, Irvine Libraries;
LEGOS and Librarians – Explore the Future of Learning, Jody Hoesly, Wendt Commons, University of Wisconsin – Madison;
Flipped Classroom Data Management Series and Open Curriculum, Jon Jeffryes, University of Minnesota;
ResearcherID faculty workshop:  generating citation metrics from Web of Science, Paula C Johnson, New Mexico State University;
First-Year Engineering Librarian: Making connections with faculty, Chelsea Leachman, Washington State University;
Needs assessment: Identify what your students need to learn before the library workshop 
Tara Mawhinney and Jennifer Zhao,McGill University;
Anatomy of an “Instruction Plan”: Information Literacy, ABET Lifelong Learning, and the Engineering Curriculum
Debbie Morrow, Grand Valley State University;
Digitizing Senior Design Project reports, Florence Mugambi, Indiana University-Purdue University, FortWayne;
NASA Library and Researchers at Goddard: A Visitor’s Perspective,
Jill Powell, Cornell University;
STEM Faculty Perceptions of Open Access Author Fees, Anne Rauh, Syracuse University;
Data Management Plan Workshops,
Sara Samuel, University of Michigan;
Revs Digital Library,
Robert Schwarzwalder, Stanford University;
Science and Engineering Info Fair – New outreach program at Kelvin Smith Library,
Daniela Solomon, Case Western Reserve University;
Laptop Checkout:  Efficient Management, Alice Trussell, Kansas State University;
How I Was Replaced by a Potted Plant (and learned to love it),
James Van Fleet, Bucknell University;
Flipping the Classroom: Using Blackboard and Faculty collaboration to create Research Rescue–an imbedded instructional approach to teaching in Humanities courses in a technological/STEM university, Patricia Watkins, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Sponsored by:
ICE (Booth #2309)

[T435] ELD Poster Session

Location: ICC Exhibit Hall A, B, C

Moderator: David Schmitt

Text Books: eBooks or Print, Dr. Adeel Khalid (Southern Polytechnic State University), Dr. Mir M. Antiqullah (Southern Polytechnic State University), Dr. Rajinish Singh (Southern Polytechnic State University), Dr. Beth Stutzmann (Southern Polytechnic State University);
Speed Training: Library Instruction in 30 Minutes or Less, Kari Kozak (University of Iowa), Darlene Kaskie (The University of Iowa Lichtenberger Engineering Library);
Embedding Video-Based Learning Modules for Library Research Methods in an Online Graduate Engineering Program, Jeffery L. Loo (University of California, Berkeley), Lisa T.Ngo (University of California, Berkeley), Cody K. Hennesy (University of California, Berkeley), Brian D. Quigley (University of California, Berkeley), Jean McKenzie (University of California, Berkeley)

Student Centered Information Literacy
Location: ICC room 122Moderator: Florence N. Mugambi

First Year and Junior Engineering Students’ Self-Assessment of Information Literacy Skills, Dr.Kerrie Anna Douglas (Purdue University, W.Lafayette), Ruth E.H.Wertz (Purdue University, W.Lafayette), Michael Fosmire (Purdue University, W.Lafayette), Dr. Senay Purzer (Purdue University, W.Lafayette),Prof. Amy S. Van Epps (Purdue University, W.Lafayette);
Identifying Challenges Faced by Chinese Undergraduate Engineering Students in Acquiring Information LIteracy Skills-A Report on Survey Findings, Jennifer (Cong Yan) Zhao (McGill University), Tara Mawhinney (McGill University);
The 360 Degrees of Information Literacy Fluency Delivery to Freshman Engineering Students, Marian G. Armour-Gemmen (West Virginia University), Dr. Robin A.M. Hensel (West Virginia University), Mary L. Strife (West Virginia University)Lunch sponsored by:

SAE (Booth #1719)

2:15 – 3:45 pm [M535] Measuring Impact: Libraries, Librarians, Instruction and Institutions

Location: ICC room 209

Moderator: Patricia Kirkwood

(In)Visible Me? An Empirical Study of Engineering Librarian Online Profiles, Michael White (Queen’s University);
The CARE (Center for Academic Resources in Engineering ) Program at Illinois, Prof. William H. Mischo (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Ivan Favila (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign),Dana M. Tempel (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Elisandro Cabada (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign);
The Writing Style of Predatory Publishers, David Matthew Markowitz (Cornell University), Jill H. Powell (Cornell University), Jeffrey T.Hancock (Cornell University);
Content Analysis of Engineering LibGuides, Prof. Nestor L. Osorio (Northern Illinois University)

Sponsored by: ICE (Booth #2509)

[M548] Interdivisional Town Hall Meeting: “Why is Change so Difficult to Sustain in Engineering Education?” 

Location: JW Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom 1

[T535] Hot Topics Roundtable: New Roles for New Times

Location: JW Marriot, Grand Ballroom 10

Moderator: Chelsea Leachman

Sponsored by: Begell House (Booth #410)

[W535] ELD Extended Executive Committee Meeting

Location: ICC room 243

Moderators: Megan Sapp-Nelson and Annie Raugh



4:00-5:30 pm [U604] 4:15-5:45
ASEE Division MixerLocation:ICC, Sagamore BallroomEvent is complimentary for all attendees


Focus on Exhibits Summertime Social

Location: ICC Exhibit Hall A, B, C

[T635] Invited Panel: Data Driven Collection Development

Location: ICC room 104

Moderator: Ruth Wolfish

Panelists: “Data Driven Collection Development at Mathematical Sciences Library of Purdue University”Natasha E. Johnson; “Benchmarking Mechanical
Engineering Collections
Using the WorldCat Collection
Analysis Tool”
, David Hubbard and Bruce Neville; “Content Analysis Using Citation Data in Three Large University Libraries”, Tara Mawhinney, Eugene Barsky, Michelle Spence; “Content Overlap and Replacement Cost Analyses: Tools to Evaluate Abstracting/Indexing (A&I) and Full-Text Databases in Science and Engineering”, Hema Ramachandran.

6:00-10:30 pm [U 706]
6:00-7:30 pm
Focus on Exhibits Reception
Location:ICC, Exhibit Hall A,B,C7:30-9:30 pm
ELD Dessert ReceptionLocation: Harry and Izzy’s, 153 South Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN

Sponsored by: SPIE (Booth #2307)

ELD Welcome Reception, 6:30-8:30 pm 
Weber Grill Restaurant
10 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN
[map]Organizer: Jon JeffryesIEEE Networking After-Party8:30-10:30 pm

Location: Indianapolis Colts Grille,
110 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN

Both events sponsored by: IEEE (Booth #2207)

*Please RSVP for the Welcome Reception and the After-Party

ELD Annual Banquet 
Eiteljorg Museum,
500 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN  46204 
[map]Organizer: Amy BuhlerSponsored by: Elsevier (Booth #1613)


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2014 Travel Stipend Winners

ELD thanks Morgan & Claypool Publishers and Momentum Press for their generous travel stipends for the 2014 Conference!

Julie Cook $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Najwa Hanel $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Christie Wiley $500 Morgan & Claypool
Paula Johnson $500 Morgan & Claypool
Florence Mugambi $1,000 Momentum Press

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2014 Sponsors

ELD thanks all its generous sponsors for their support during the 2014 Annual Conference and throughout the year.

For questions regarding future sponsorship of ELD activites and programming, contact contact Amy Buhler, Development Committee Chair at: abuhler(at)ufl.edu



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