2013 ELD/ASEE Annual Conference



2013 ELD Program

Time Sunday, June 23 Monday, June 24 Tuesday, June 25 Wednesday, June 26
8:45 – 10:15 am (M204) Main Plenary IExpanding Participation in ASEE

Location: GWCC, B-Thomas Murphy Ballroom

Speaker: Al Gomez,
Chief Academic Officer, The STEM Academy, Inc.

(T235) ELD Annual Business Meeting

Location: GWCC, Room A410

Breakfast sponsored by IET/Inspec (Booth 941) & Knovel (Booth 842/846); Travel Stipends sponsored by Morgan & Claypool (Booth 611); Bernhardt Award sponsored by ASTM International (Booth 708)

Moderator: Doug McGee

(W235) Hot Topics Round Table: No Shelf Required

Location: Omni CNN Center Hotel, International Ballroom B

Moderator: Jill Powell

Breakfast sponsored by Sage (Booth 804) and ASM International 

10:30 am  -12:00 pm   (M306C) Focus on Exhibits Brunch & (M357) NSF Poster Session

Location: GWCC, Exhibit Hall A1

(T304) Main Plenary IIBest Paper Recognition & Industry Day Session: Corporate Member Council Speaker

Location: GWCC, B-Thomas Murphy Ballroom

Speaker: Alan Todd, CEO CorpU

Best Paper, PIC IV: Knowledge-enabled Engineering Design: Toward an Integrated Model, Mr. Michael Fosmire, (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette) and Prof. David F. Radcliffe (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette)

 (W335) ASEE Distinguished Lecture: Open Access and Open Educational Resources: The Internet’s Growing Role in Scientific Communication and Education

 GWCC, Room A305Speaker: Prof. Michael Carroll (American Univ.)Sponsored by ProQuest
12:30 – 2:00 pm (M345) ELD Lightning Talks

Location: Omni CNN Center Hotel, International Ballroom A

Moderator: Anne Rauh


Slides from all presentations

Connections at Boise State University: New Core Curriculum, B Mobile and the Library, Beth Brin;
Undergraduate Research Mentorship, Jim Clarke;E-Book Statistical Analysis: Lessons Learned, Charlotte Erdmann;
Cool, Calm and Collaborative, Anne Glorioso;
“Distance Learning” at USC Viterbi School of Engineering, with a special development in “IPodia Global Program”, Najwa Hanel; 3 Ways for Libraries To Engage with STEM Disciplines, Nastasha Johnson; Tool Library, Kari Kozak; User Space Improvements at Virginia Commonwealth University, Ibronke Lawal; Empowered by Information: A Library Video & Writing Contest, Sarah Lucchesi; Helping Engineering Students Build Solutions: Hand Tools in the Library, Dee Magnoni; Trick or Treat: Predatory and Questionable Publishers, Jill Powell; Engineering Design the Library, Michelle Spence; Teaching in a Scale-Up Classroom, Larry Thompson; Here’s CELT!, Amy Van Epps; Coffee + Collaboration @ the Hazy Library, Patricia Watkins; First-Year Composition for Engineers: An Opportunity for Collaboration, Brian Young; New Taxonomy part of ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library (SEDL), George Zajdel.

(T435) ELD Poster Session

Location: GWCC, Exhibit Hall A1

Beyond JEE: Finding Publication Venues to Get Your Message to the ‘Right’ Audience, Prof. Amy S. Van Epps (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette);
How Do Engineering Students and Faculty Use Library Resources?, Ms. Janet Fransen (Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities);
Work in Progress: “Ask Us Here” in the Shadow of Hunt Library, Mr. David A. Zwicky (North Carolina State Univ.);
Students, Vendor Platforms, and E-textbooks: Using E-books as E-textbooks, Sara M. Samuel (Univ. of Michigan), Dr. Natsuko Hayashi Nicholls (Univ. of Michigan), Ms. Leena N. Lalwani (Univ. of Michigan), Mr. David S. Carter (Univ. of Michigan,Ann Arbor), and Mr. Paul F. Grochowski (Univ. of Michigan);
Engineering Librarians as Partners of Faculty in Teaching Scholarly Inquiry to Undergraduate Students through Curriculum Integration: The Biotextiles Product Development Course Blog, Mr. Greg Tourino (North Carolina State Univ.) and Prof. Martin W. King (North Carolina State Univ.);
Work in Progress: Collaboration for Quality: A Librarian-Faculty Partnership to Assess Students’ Information Literacy in Freshman Engineering, Ms. Alison Bradley (Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte), R. Daniel Latta (Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte), and Mrs. Meg Harkins (Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte);
Mentoring Scenarios in a Changing Information World, Mr. Jay J. Bhatt (Drexel Univ. (Eng.)), Mr. Kevin P. Drees (Oklahoma State Univ.), Mr. Tom C. Volkening (Michigan State Univ.), Prof. Carol A. Brach (Univ. of Notre Dame), Ms. Mary L. Strife (West Virginia Univ.), Amy S. Van Epps (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette), and Prof. Bruce Neville (Texas A&M Univ.)

(W345) Information Tools and Techniques for Engineering Education

Location: GWCC, Room A301

Moderator: Kristin Buxton

Influence of Discovery Search Tools on Science and Engineering E-books Usage, Mr. Eugene Barsky (Univ. of British Columbia),Sarah Jane Dooley (Dalhousie Univ.), Mrs. Tara Mawhinney (McGill Univ.), Zoey Peterson (Univ. of British Columbia), and Mrs. Michelle Spence (Univ. of Toronto) ;
Proximity of Equations, Text, and Figures in Civil Engineering E-textbooks, Prof. Paul Richards (Brigham Young Univ.);
Using Citation Analysis to Explore the Information Needs of Graduate Students Affiliated with a Fuel Cell Research Center, Mr. Michael J. White (Queen’s Univ.);
Best Practices for Engaging Users in a Web Conferencing Environment, Ms. Giovanna Badia (McGill Univ.) and Mrs. April Colosimo (McGill Univ.);
Using Gaming Technology to Teach Responsible Conduct of Research, Mrs. Amy G. Buhler (Univ. of Florida),Margeaux Johnson (Univ. of Florida), Michelle Leonard (Univ. of Florida), and Ms. Melody Royster Univ. of Florida) Play game online.

Lunch sponsored by IOPP and SAE (booth 704)

2:15 – 3:45 pm (M535) Fresh Perspectives on Information Literacy

Location: GWCC, Room A410

Moderator: Daniela Solomon

Educating for Evidence Based Decisions in Engineering: The View as Librarian and Instructor
, Prof. Amy Van Epps (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette);
An E-Learning Approach to Data Information Literacy Education, Mr. Jon N. Jeffryes (Univ. of Minnesota,Twin Cities) and Ms. Lisa Johnston (Univ. of Minnesota);
Information Literacy Instruction Assignment in an Online Module, Prof. John B. Napp (Univ. of Toledo) and Ms. Phoebe Jane Ballard (Univ. of Toledo);
Work in Progress: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy: Assessing Student Performance, Ms. Ruth E.H. Wertz (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette), Mr. Michael Fosmire (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette), Dr. Senay Purzer (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette), Mr. Austin Iglesias (Purdue Univ.), Ms. Amy S.Van Epps (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette), Ms. Megan Sapp Nelson, (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette), and Prof. Brian G. Dillman, (Purdue Univ., West Lafayette);
Re-tooling Information Instruction Delivery and Assessment for the Freshman Engineering Class: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Ms. Mary L. Strife (West Virginia Univ.), Ms. Marian G. Armour-Gemmen (West Virginia Univ.), and Dr. Robin A.M. Hensel (West Virginia Univ.)

Sponsored by Begell House (Booth 606) 

(T535) Panel Session: Libraries’ Roles in Open Data 

Location: GWCC, Room A301

Moderator: Jon Jeffryes

Panelists: Jay Bhatt:Data Curation at Drexel University; Megan Sapp Nelson, Amy Van Epps:Data Services at Purdue University; Karen Vagts: Open Data: What’s a Research Librarian to Do?

Sponsored by Begell House (Booth 606)

(W535) ELD Extended Executive Committee Business Meeting

Location: GWCC, Room A404

Moderators: Adriana Popescu and Megan Sapp Nelson



3:45-4:15 pm  (M506) Focus on Exhibits Ice Cream Social

Location: GWCC, Exhibit Hall A1

4:00-5:30 pm (U604) ASEE Division Mixer: 4:30-6:00pm

Location: GWCC,Thomas Murphy Ballroom

6:00-7:30 pm (U706) Focus on Exhibits Reception

Location: GWCC, Exhibit Hall A1

6:30 – 10:30 pm Dessert Reception: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Dantanna’s Downtown Patio, One CNN Center, Suite 269

Sponsored by SPIE (Booth 722)

 (M735) ELD Welcome Reception, 6:30-8:30pm

Location: STATS Restaurant & Bar, Adidas Room, 300 Marietta St. NW;

After-Party Reception, 8:30-10:30pm

Location: Der Biergarten, Majolique Room, 300 Marietta St. NW

Organizer: Aleteia Greenwood

Sponsored by IEEE (Booth 507)


 (T735) ELD Annual Banquet
6:00-9:00pmLocation: STATS Restaurant & Bar, 300 Marietta St. NW.Organizer: Anne RauhSponsored by Elsevier (Booth 842/846)MAP (PDF)

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2013 Travel Stipend Winners

ELD thanks Morgan & Claypool Publishers and Momentum Press for their generous travel stipends for the 2014 Conference!

Kari Kozak $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Robyn Rosenberg $250 Morgan & Claypool Random Drawing
Lee Cummings $500 Morgan & Claypool
Robin Dasler $500 Morgan & Claypool
Brianna Buljung $1,000 Momentum Press

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2013 Sponsors

ELD thanks all its generous sponsors for their support during the 2014 Annual Conference and throughout the year.

For questions regarding future sponsorship of ELD activites and programming, contact contact Amy Buhler, Development Committee Chair at: abuhler(at)ufl.edu



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