Travel Stipend Application Process

ASEE / ELD 2019 Travel Stipends for the Tampa Conference

Sponsored by: Morgan & Claypool Publishers, Elsevier, IEEE, and ASTM


The leadership of the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) realizes that the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) annual conference is an expensive event. Registration, airline and hotel prices continue to increase, while at the same time many university travel budgets remain the same or decrease.

Although conference costs may be particularly problematic for librarians who are new to the profession or who are in entry-level or near entry-level positions, travel support varies greatly between universities. Therefore, a librarian at any career stage may find it difficult to attend the ASEE conference.


With that in mind, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, Elsevier, IEEE, and ASTM sponsor travel stipends for the ASEE Annual Conference. Morgan & Claypool has allocated $1,500 to be disbursed in two $250 random drawing awards and two $500 need-based awards. Elsevier has allocated $1,500 to be given in a single need-based stipend. IEEE has allocated $5,100 to be given in three need-based stipends, at $1,700 each. ASTM has contributed $1,500 to be awarded as two $750 need-based stipends.


The drawing for the two $250 M&C awards was held at the ASEE Salt Lake City conference, with the following winners and alternates selected: Chelsea Leachman and Shelby Hallman as winners; Kevin Drees and Larry Thompson as alternates.

We are now ready to accept applications for the need-based stipends. Applications will be accepted from librarians who are at any career stage and members of ELD as of December 31, 2018. Please apply! The purpose of the need-based stipends is to enable you to join your ELD colleagues in Tampa for the ASEE conference.

The need-based stipends support those who have the greatest funding needs. A panel of current and / or former ELD officers will review the applications and rank order the entire pool according to need. The three applicants with the greatest need will each receive an IEEE $1,700 stipend; the applicant ranked next will receive the Elsevier $1,500 stipend; the following two ranked applicants will each receive an ASTM $750 stipend; and, the next two ranked applicants will each receive a M&C $500 stipend. In order for the panel to assess needs, applicants are asked to document their travel cost information and what level of funding they expect to receive from their institutions. Please provide as much detail as possible so the panel can accurately assess the need. In the event a stipend recipient is unable to attend the conference, a stipend will be awarded to the next applicant on the ranked list.

Applicants must supply ALL requested information in the Web form.




The travel stipend website is now open. Applications MUST be received no later than 5 PM EST on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Awardees will be notified no later than January 31st. All awardees, both random drawing and need-based recipients, must send confirmation of ASEE registration to ELD Secretary-Treasurer David Hubbard, no later than March 1, 2019.  Checks will be sent to awardees after confirmation of conference registration has been received. If registration confirmation is not received by March 1st, you forfeit your right to a stipend this year, and a stipend will be given to the next person on the list. Adherence to this timeline is necessary so that awardees and alternates can be notified of awards before the ASEE conference early-bird registration deadline, which is April 8th.



Awards may be used ONLY to support attendance at ASEE 2019 in Tampa. In the event that an ELD member is awarded a stipend and does not attend the ASEE conference, the member agrees to reimburse the stipend amount.

In the event that the travel stipends are offered in succeeding years, the following guidelines apply –

ELD has two types of stipends: random drawing and need-based. An ELD member cannot receive a need-based stipend two years in a row, a random drawing stipend two years in a row, or a random drawing and need-based stipend in the same year. After receiving either type of stipend, a member is ineligible to receive that same type of stipend for the following year’s conference (e.g. the winner of a need-based award for Columbus 2017 is ineligible for a need-based award in Salt Lake City 2018). However, winning a random drawing stipend one year doesn’t disqualify a person from receiving a need-based stipend the next year, or vice versa.

A person selected for a random drawing stipend is not disqualified from applying for a need-based stipend in the same conference year. If a person is selected for a random drawing stipend, and in the same year applies for, and is awarded, a need-based stipend, the member will receive the stipend with the greatest value, and the lesser value stipend will be awarded to an alternate. A person can only receive one ELD travel stipend per conference.

Stipend recipients are required to update any changes in their contact information by emailing Larry Thompson at and copying David Hubbard at . If a stipend recipient does not respond to ELD communications regarding the stipend within two weeks of the initial ELD communication, the stipend may be awarded to an alternate.

Again, please consider applying for a stipend. We are grateful to our sponsors, and hope their generosity will enable additional ELD members to attend the conference in Tampa.


For any questions about any of the above, please contact Larry Thompson at larryt(at)

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