Scholarly Communication Committee

The Scholarly Communication Committee supports ELD’s role as a proactive agent in facilitating change as this topic impacts engineering education. The working scope of scholarly communication includes intellectual property, publishing practices, economics, legislative action, technological developments, and academic expectations for promotion, tenure, research, and publication.

The duties of the Scholarly Communication committee shall include:

  • Developing strategies and actions that will advance ELD’s efforts to facilitate change.
  • Tracking and sharing local, national, and international developments within the broad area of scholarly communication, in particular those areas that directly impact engineering education, research, and libraries.
  • Stimulating discussion, generating supporting material, and developing venues for communication and education.
  • Coordinating ELD’s educative efforts in the area of scholarly communication, both within ELD and in the broader engineering education and engineering library community.
  • Seeking collaborative ventures with other organizations.
  • Exploring and identifying possible initiatives that ELD could either launch or support.
  • Identifying potential faculty/college/school partnerships for demonstrations/discussions of alternatives to traditional scholarly communication venues.
  • Advising the ELD Executive Committee on actions and initiatives that should be taken and resources needed.
  • Acting as a resource to all of ASEE on questions regarding aspects of scholarly communication.

Current Members:

  • Chair: Mel DeSart, 2022-2024,
  • Members: Bill Bowman, Erin Burns, Julia Gelfand, Paula Johnson, Sylvia Jones, Cari Kaurloto, Erika Newcome, Georgette Nicolosi, David Pixton, Graham Sherriff, Marina Zhang