Membership Committee

The committee is responsible for recruitment of new members and hospitality.

The duties of the Membership committee shall include:

  • sending invitations to prospective members and new subscribers to the public ELD listserv,
  • sending welcome letters to new members and soliciting new member biographies for the ELD newsletter,
  • reminding lapsed members to renew and return,
  • notifying appropriate persons of membership updates for electronic discussion list,
  • watching for new members at the conference, including them in social activities, and arranging for special identification for them, e.g. badges, ribbons, etc.
  • Answering questions regarding membership and assisting ELD members’ questions regarding membership issues as necessary,
  • retrieving ELD member numbers for use in annual ELD voting
  • administering the Recognition of Long-Term ELD Members program

Current Members:

Current Publications: