Membership Directory

The Membership Directory Editor ensures that ELD’s Directory of Membership is organized and updated with the most current membership information and is made available to all ELD members in a timely manner.

ELD Directory of Membership is an electronic directory.  It contains a list of current ELD officers, a committee members, and task force members, an ELD organization chart, an alphabetical list of all ELD members, and a geographic index of all ELD members.

The duties of the Editor shall include:

  • Receiving updates on new and lapsed members from the chair of the Membership Committee, using information from the monthly roster of ELD members provided by ASEE.
  • Organizing and updating the ELD Directory of Membership throughout the year.
  • Providing an electronic copy of the ELD Directory of Membership to the Membership Committee Chair, the ELD Webmaster, the Editor of the ELD Newsletter, and the ELD Listserv Editor shortly after the annual business meeting.
  • Announcing the availability of the updated Directory through the ELD Newsletter and the ELD-L listserv shortly after the annual business meeting.
  • Supplying individual members with a pdf of the Directory upon request.  The Editor does not provide access to the Directory to non-members.
  • Using the annual business meeting and convention as an opportunity to solicit corrections to the Directory.

Current Chair:

Current Publications: