Development Committee

The Development Committee coordinates all ELD fundraising activities, and solicits in-kind support for ELD activities, primarily but not exclusively the ELD activities and functions at the annual ASEE conference. The Development Committee works with the Executive Committee to assess the financial needs of ELD and then formulate necessary fundraising programs. Members of this committee serve as liaisons to sponsors to accomplish fundraising activities. This is done through the cultivation and nurturing of a positive, long-term relationship between sponsors and ELD. Further details can be found in the ELD Development Committee manual.

Duties of the Development Committee shall include:

  • Contacting and working with sponsor(s) for the purpose of supporting ELD development activities and functions.
  • Negotiating the specific needs and wants of sponsor(s) with the Development Chair, Program Chair and, if necessary, the Executive Committee.
  • Negotiating a specific monetary amount and agreement with the sponsor, in writing.
  • Sending invoice(s) (using the invoice template) for a pre-agreed amount to sponsor(s).

Current Members:

  • Chair: Michelle Spence, 2022-2024,
  • Members: Jay Bhatt, Mel DeSart, Bernadette Ewen, Bob Heyer-Gray, Erin Rowley, Amy Van Epps, Amy Buhler, Marina Zhang, Ibironke Lawal, Denise Lewis