Accreditations & Standards Committee

The Accreditation & Standards Committee of ELD serves two functions: to enhance and strengthen the library’s role in achieving the programmatic outcomes of engineering programs, and to develop standards or benchmarks for library services and collections.

The duties of the Accreditation & Standards committee shall include:

  • supporting and informing the role of libraries in achieving the programmatic outcomes of engineering/technology programs and curricula
  • supporting and informing the role and activities of libraries in the accreditation process
  • raising awareness of the library resources, facilities, and information training that support engineering programs’ success in meeting ABET criteria, particularly with groups such as the ASEE Accreditation Activities Committee (ASEE/AAC), the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC), and the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) of Engineers Canada.
  • strengthening the language related to specific information competencies within ABET criteria
  • developing standards/benchmarks/frameworks that can be used to measure the strength of engineering libraries and serve as foundation for building the role of libraries within engineering/technology programs and curricula (eg., ELD’s Information Competency Standards for Engineers)

Current Members:

  • Chair: Jay McAllister, 2022-2024,
  • Former Chair: Alison Henry, 2020-2022,
  • Members: Bernadette Ewen, Matthew Frankel, Zachary Painter, Kari Mofford, Kenneth Carriveau

Current Publications: