Every child engages in high-quality pre-college engineering education facilitated by effective educators.


To grow and sustain a community whose members collectively build expertise and capacity in pre-college engineering education knowledge and practice.

Pre-College Engineering Education

By “pre-college engineering education,” we simply mean engineering education that occurs prior to typical college- or university-age for students (i.e., for preschool through high school learners) in either formal or informal learning environments.

Core Beliefs

We value:

  • Being a part of a community of thought leaders in pre-college engineering education;
  • Research that continually improves our collective understanding of pre-college engineering teaching and learning;
  • Professional learning experiences for our members and for educators through conferences and professional workshops;
  • Educational resources that support high-quality pre-college engineering education;
  • Diversity within our membership and the engineering workforce, and among the children who ultimately benefit from the work that we do;
  • Dedicated and responsible service to the division and ASEE’s other pre-college engineering education efforts through elected leadership and volunteerism;
  • The development of leaders and advocates for pre-college engineering education within and beyond the division; and
  • Policies and standards within and beyond ASEE that support our mission and vision.

PCEE Partners

PCEE engages with P12 communities of teachers, parents, and students through the PCEE Conference, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook pages.
We collaborated frequently with the ASEE Minorities in Engineering Division, ASEE Women in Engineering Division, ASEE’s Commission on P12 Engineering Education, and ASEE’s Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

 Organizational Documents

Download our logos here.

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