Adopted January 2003
Revised February 2004
Revised June 2006
Revised June 2015
Revised March 2016
Revised June 2019

Article I


The name of this organization shall be the Multidisciplinary Engineering Division (MULTI) of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Article II


Section 1. The purpose of this Division shall be the promotion and development of multidisciplinary engineering education, and shall be consistent with the purpose of the Society as stated in Article I Section 2 of the constitution of ASEE.

Section 2. The Division shall assist in providing sound curricula in modern engineering by sponsoring papers, presentations, and panel discussions, etc., on the subject matter and on methods of presentation of courses and programs in multidisciplinary engineering education.

Section 3. The Division shall represent the interests of curricula in multidisciplinary engineering by acting as a resource to assist these programs with regard to accreditation, student placement, etc.

Section 4. The Division seeks to achieve representation from all multidisciplinary engineering programs.

Section 5. The Division is committed to promoting the inclusion and education of diverse individuals and to embracing diverse ideas in the profession of engineering. The Division recognizes that diversity offers strength in creativity, broadness of new ideas, and an embracing of new perspectives to arrive at the most truly innovative, resource-smart solutions possible.

Article III


Any member of ASEE shall become a member of the Division by indicating this preference as one of his/her Division affiliation choices.

Article IV


Section 1. The officers of this Division shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The term of each these offices is two years beginning at the close of the Annual Conference.

Section 2. The Chair shall preside over the Executive Committee (see Article V), which conducts all affairs of the Division.

Section 3. The chief duty of the Vice-Chair is to serve as Program Chair. In this capacity, the Vice-Chair shall preside over the Best Paper Committee and be responsible for the coordination of activities related to the preparation of the program for the Annual ASEE Conference, including scheduling of the Division business meeting. The Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair when necessary.

Section 4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare minutes of Division meetings, shall administer all monetary funds of the Division, and shall implement election processes.

Section 5. Normally, the Secretary-Treasurer will assume the role of Vice-Chair following his/her 2-year term, and the Vice-Chair will assume the role of Division Chair following her/his 2-year term.

Section 6. The Chair shall fill by appointment any vacancies in other offices occurring between Annual Business Meetings of the Division. The terms of these appointments shall be for the period from the time of appointment through the next Annual Business Meeting of the Division.

Section 7. The Executive Committee shall appoint a webmaster.

Article V


Section 1. There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the three Division officers listed in Article IV, Section 1. This committee shall be responsible for formulating the policies of the Division. The Division Chair shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of the Immediate Past Division Chair, the current Division Chair, and one Division Member at Large. The Past Division Chair shall appoint the Member at Large, and shall also serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Section 3. There shall be a Best Paper Committee consisting of three members: the Program Chair, who will serve as the Chair of the Best Paper Committee, and two additional members appointed by the Division Chair. The members of the committee may not have papers being considered for the best paper award.

The purpose of the best paper award is to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of engineering education with a particular focus on multidisciplinary engineering education, to promote better overall quality in papers, and to strengthen the peer review process.

The pool of papers considered by the committee will be the papers submitted to the division for the annual conference in a given year and subsequently evaluated as outstanding or “best paper” candidates by the reviewer or review coordinator involved in the normal division review process. Self-recommendations or nominations are not permitted. The selection process is based solely on the quality of the written paper and not the presentation.

The Division Chair (or his/her appointee) will present the award at the division business meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The award will consist of a certificate.

Section 4. There shall be a Division representative to serve as a judge in the Best-Paper-selection process for the PIC (Professional Interest Council) to which MULTI belongs. The Division representative shall be the Vice-Chair of the Division or an appointee designated by the Division Chair. The Division representative may not have papers being considered for this PIC Best-Paper Award.

Section 5. Any officer of the Division may appoint special committees to assist in conducting the affairs of the Division.

Article VI

Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Elections for the office of Secretary-Treasurer shall be conducted every two years. The term of this office is two years and shall begin at the close of the Annual Conference.

Section 2. The Nominating Committee, as constituted in Article V, Section 2, shall nominate two or more candidates for the office of Secretary-Treasurer. The slate of candidates shall be submitted to the current Secretary-Treasurer by no later than March 15 of each election year, and ballot distribution shall occur prior to April 1.

Section 3. All members of the Division, as so listed on the official mailing list of ASEE, shall be eligible to vote for officers and in all special elections.

Section 4. Voting for officers may take place by an electronic mail referendum conducted by the Secretary-Treasurer. The mail referendum shall be completed (ballots received and counted) by no later than May 1 of each election year.

Section 5. A simple majority of votes cast shall be required for the election of officers. Ballot count shall be certified by both the Secretary-Treasurer and the Division Chair. The Executive Committee shall resolve disputes or ties

Section 6. Electronic mail referendums shall be required only for election of officers and for ratification or amendment of the Bylaws. The Division Chair may determine action on special issues by a simple majority vote of those members present at the Division business meeting conducted during the Annual Conference of the Society.

Article VII

Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (latest edition) shall govern the Division in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the ASEE and the Bylaws of the Division. In all cases the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society shall govern.

Section 2. Any action by the Division shall be invalid if it is in conflict with the Constitution or Bylaws of the ASEE.

Article VIII

Amendments to Bylaws

Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of those members voting at the Annual Business Meeting of the Division.

Section 2. Proposed amendments shall be circulated to the membership of the Division at least thirty (30) days before the Annual Business Meeting at which adoption is desired, unless it is unanimously agreed at the Annual Business Meeting to introduce an amendment at that same meeting.

Section 3. These Bylaws may also be amended by two-thirds affirmative vote of the members of the Division obtained by electronic ballot. Ballots shall be approved by the Executive Committee, which shall supervise the voting process and certify all results. Only those ballots received within thirty (30) days of the mailing-out date shall be counted.

Section 4. Amendments may be submitted by a majority vote of the Executive Committee of the Division or by a petition to the Executive Committee signed by not less than ten (10) members of the Division.

Section 5. Amendments approved by the division membership shall be submitted through the cognizant PIC Chair for approval by majority vote of the ASEE Board of Directors and shall take effect only upon such approval.