Best Paper Award

“The Impact of Multidisciplinary Teams on Sustainability Projects in EPICS” Dr. Stephanie M. Gillespie, Mr. Mark V. Huerta, Dr. Jared Joseph Schoepf and Mr. Joshua Loughman, (Arizona State University)

“Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Interdisciplinary Senior Project Educational Model.” Dr. Jinsung Cho, Dr. Giuseppe Lomiento, Dr. Ghada M. Gad, and Dipl.Ing. Katrin Terstegen (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)

“A Systematic Review of Sustainability Assessments in ASEE Proceedings.”  Dr. Mary Katherine Watson (The Citadel) and Dr. Elise Marie Barrella (James Madison University)

“Exploring Student Impressions of and Navigations through a Flexible and Customizable Multidisciplinary Engineering Program.” Dr. Marissa H. Forbes, Dr. Jacquelyn F. Sullivan, Ms. Beth A. Myers, and Dr. Derek T. Reamon, (University of Colorado, Boulder)

“Multidisciplinary Vertically Integrated Teams Working on Grand Challenges.” Magdalini Lagoudas, Jeffrey Froyd (Texas A&M)

“Competitive Placement of Engineering Students on Multiyear Project Teams.” Harold Underwood and Donald Pratt (Messiah College)

2013  Winner of the ASEE Conference Best Paper Award
“Using Video to Tie Engineering Themes to Foundational Concepts.” Darshita Shah, Jennifer French, Janet Rankin, Lori Breslow (MIT)

“The Montana MULE: A Case Study in Interdisciplinary Capstone Design.” Brock J. LaMeres, Ahsan Mian, Hunter Lloyd, and Robb Larson (Montana State University)

“Use of Learning Styles for Teamwork and Professional Development in a Multidisciplinary Course.” Eli Patten, Sara Atwood, Lisa Pruitt (University of California, Berkeley)