Business Meetings

The Multidisciplinary Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2018 Multidisciplinary Division Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

ASEE Multidisciplinary Engineering Division Business Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2018

Meeting convened at 7:00 am in room 250F, Salt Palace Convention Center.

  1. Circulation of sign-in sheet and introductions: 5 Multi attendees

Jean Kampe       (Division Chair)
AJ Hamlin      (Program Chair)
Cindy Barnicki   (Secretary/Treasurer)|
Dennis Silage     (Webmaster)
Jean Bossart  (Multi representative ASEE Diversity Committee)

  1. Business Meeting Minutes from June 26, 2017 were distributed and unanimously approved
  2. Welcome from the Division Chair, Jean Kampe
  3. Division Chair Report- Jean Kampe
  • ASEE annual Meeting Demographics
  • 366 Business (134), social (47) and panel (185) sessions
  • 302 Technical sessions
  • 1497 Papers, 54.6% published from abstracts
  • ASEE membership is 11,174 (as reported at ASEE in 2017)
  • Multidisciplinary Division membership is 1383 (reported on 6/19/2018), up from 1341 in Oct 2017.
  • ASEE ABET Activities Committee (ACC) membership:
  • A major function of the committee is to recommend Program Evaluators (PEV’s) for ABET visits for degree programs without disciplinary tags.
  • Gayle Ermer, (immediate past Division Chair) is currently representing the Multi division on the Committee, having been appointed by Jean Kampe, the Division chair in accordance with the By-Laws.
  • A selection process for the Multi representative to this committee is needed.
  • Update on Division By-Laws
  • The current draft was approved by ASEE in June 2017, following revision at the 2016 annual business meeting. Some discussion occurred as to whether the latest draft of the By-Laws were on the ASEE web-site.  Jean will contact Peter Schmidt, the ASEE PIC II chair, to have the By-Laws updated on the ASEE web-site.
  • Suggested future modifications to the By-Laws include defining the Multi representative for the PIC II best paper selection committee along with a selection process for the division representative to the AAC committee. These will likely be discussed at the 2019 Annual business meeting.
  • Future Directions:
  • The social and business meeting were split into different sessions this year. The social was attended by 14 people and the initial feedback was positive.  The more informal nature of the social appeared to allow for better networking and engaging conversations.
  • The attendance at the business meeting was low. The early time (7 am) was considered to be a factor.  Some ideas discussed included taking one of the technical session times for a meeting, or using the other ASEE business meeting time slot of Tuesday 5-6 pm.  No decision was made on changing the time, but having some refreshments at the business meeting going forward was considered a good idea.
  • Discussion about increasing the participation in the division activities included a suggestion Jean Kampe received by phone call to have the division be a lead in the area of “Mechatronics.” Jean conveyed that she suggested to the caller that he get involved with division leadership.  Another avenue of engaging membership may be through promoting the concept that the Multi division is the home for engineering degree programs that do not have a discipline tag.  Outcomes from the discussion included a possible session in 2019 on “Mechatronics” and consideration to update the Multi mission statement to specifically include degree programs without a specific discipline tag.
  1. Program Chair Report – AJ Hamlin
  • Summary of ASEE 2018 Multi Program
  • Number of submitted and transferred abstracts: 57 (52 accepted, 3 rejected, 2 withdrawn before review, 17 did not submit a paper)
  • Number of submitted papers: 35 (1 rejected, 1 withdrawn, 1 transferred in after review)
  • Papers accepted and placed in sessions: 33 (10 approved on draft, 24 moved to rewrites, 1 rewrite not accepted)  [last year 40, previous year 31]
  • 9% published from abstracts submitted
  • Multidisciplinary program/sessions
    • 7 technical sessions sponsored solely by Multidisciplinary Engineering [ 9 last year; 8 previous year] with 33 papers
    • 1 panel session [T441] sponsored solely by Multidisciplinary Engineering
    • Co-sponsored 8 panel sessions
    • Multi was a co-sponsor for the Distinguished Lecture “Bringing Engineering Out of the Classroom to Serve the Disability Community” [W211]
    • 2018 Multi Social [M741]
    • 2018 Multi Business meeting [T141]
  • Best paper award presentation
  • The Best Multidisciplinary Division paper award of 2018 was presented to Cho, Lomiento, Ghada and Terstegen “Architecture, Engineering and Construction Interdisciplinary Senior Project Educational Model.” Jinsung Cho of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona accepted the award at the Multi Social.
  1. Report – Cindy Barnicki
  • Jessalyn Vermillion, Controller for ASEE, met with Jean Kampe and AJ Hamlin at the 2017 ASEE annual conference to review the financial records. AJ Hamlin worked with Jessalyn to reconcile the financial records of the Multi division following the meeting.  A corrected 2017/2018 fiscal year statement was received on 11/3/2017 that also included summary from previous years when the financial reports from ASEE were sparse and incorrect.  Some corrections to the 2016/2017 financial report were needed.  The records of ASEE and the Multi division are now consistent.

THIS YEAR (6/26/2017-6/26/2018)

Account Type BASS Operating
Balance as of last meeting, 06/26/2017 184.27 $1295.00

7/18/2017  Appetizers, entrees, and coffee for 2017 Business Meeting Dinner

7/18/2017 Beverages for 2017 Business Meeting Dinner






6/30/2017  Ticket sales (M741: $20 advance, $30 on site) to the 2017 dinner business meeting

9/30/2017  ASEE Administrative Fee (30% of BASS revenue)





Interest:  10/1/2016-09/30/2017 $.11 N/A
Ending fiscal year balance on 09/30/2017 $275.38 $1044.13
Carry forward to new fiscal year on 10/01/2017 $275.38 $0.00
ASEE allocation at $1.00 per member on 10/01/2017 N/A $1341.00
Starting fiscal year balance on 10/01/2017 $275.38 $1341.00
Interest: 10/1/2017-12/31/2017 $.02 N/A
Balance as of 06/26/2018 $275.40 $1341.00


All account balances are consistent with ASEE records 

LAST YEAR (06/26/2016 – 06/26/2017):

Account Type BASS Operating
Balance as of last meeting, 06/26/2016 $49.20 $971.00

7/12/2016  Appetizers, entrees, and coffee for 2016 Business Meeting Dinner

7/12/2016 Beverages for 2016 Business Meeting Dinner












Ticket sales (M741: $20 advance, $30 on site) to the 2016 dinner business meeting

ASEE Administrative Fee (30% of BASS revenue)

Workshop (U248) Co-sponsored with Systems Engineering Division

ASEE Administrative Fee (30% of BASS revenue)








Interest:  10/1/2015-09/30/2016 $0.09


Ending fiscal year balance on 09/30/2016

Beginning balance first quarter on 10/1/2016





Carry forward to new fiscal year on 10/01/2016 $224.36


ASEE allocation at $1.00 per member on 10/01/2016 N/A $1295.00
Starting fiscal year balance on 10/01/2016 $1295.00
Balance as of 06/26/2017 $224.36




a: Debit split changed due to change in the amount available in the operating account.  The allocation received on 10/1/2015 was $1231 (Jessalyn Vermillion, ASEE 2017), rather than $1271 (based on 1st quarter report from Karen Hayes on 02/09/2016).  The starting balance of $971 listed for operating account is correct

b: Interest was an estimate.  No interest was received.

  1. Webmaster Report- Dennis Silage
  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee report: Jean Bossart
  • Vision Statement for the committee: “ASEE envisions widespread, inclusive, and equitable environments in engineering, academic, and industry that embraces individual differences and leverage diversity for a better engineered tomorrow.”
  • The committee membership is 15 members appointed by the ASEE president, along with delegates from each division and other members at large.
  • is the website under development for the committee and is expected to be a source of information.
  • Jean encouraged Multi division members to stop by the Diversity Pavilion.
  1. PIC II Chair Report from Peter Schmidt, presented by Jean Kampe
  • Lunch meeting was held on Sunday for division officers to meet with their PIC chair and each other to improve communication.
  • ASEE is in good financial health.
  • Statistics of the conference and membership discussed earlier.
  • Many divisions have high balances in their BASS account (not the case for Multi) and that can cause some problems for ASEE as a whole. It was suggested that, as a baseline, a division’s BASS account should have sufficient funds to cover two years’ of division expenses; any additional funds should be used to benefit the division membership.  Fees for membership are a primary way in which many divisions increase the BASS account. Note:  Multi division will be in building mode for the BASS account with a goal of $1000, which could take over 5 years to achieve.


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