Business Meetings

The Multidisciplinary Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2019 Multidisciplinary Division Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

ASEE Multidisciplinary Engineering Division Business Meeting Minutes
June 27, 2022

Meeting convened at 7:00 p.m. at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden picnic area

1.    Welcome from the Division Chair and Attendance

Cindy Barnicki      ;                          (Division Chair)

Lynn Albers           ;                    (Program Chair)

Duncan Davis        ;     (Secretary/Treasurer) + K-12 Rep

Victoria Bill           ;                       (CDEI Delegate)

Ruby Mehrubeoglu;       (Town Hall Rep)

Eric Rice                                                                
Trevor Mackeset                                                  
Bill Smedick                                                         
Shuvra Das                                                           
Yuchen Huang                                                     
Nathan Kathir                                                      
Lucas Faria de sa Tucker                                   
Cory Budischak                                                   
Ruth Ochia                                                           
Matt Aldeman                                                      
Stephen Wilkerson                                              
Scott Kiefer                                                           
Cristian Vargas Ordonex                                    
Ruben Dario Lopez                                              
Ciana Winston                                                      
Jada Wong                                                             
Susan Tripathy                                                      
Trina Kershaw                                                       
Lizzie Meier                                                           
Edward Latorre                                                    
Brian Faulkner                                                     

2.    PIC V Chair Report – Maureen Barcic, University of Pittsburgh (Retired)

  • 1365 Unique Talks, 3119 Unique Co-Authors, and 3022 Attendees
  • ASEE headquarters insists that all visitors be vaccinated for the safety of their employees.
  • 5/9 proposals for Special Projects came from our PIC
  • Issues with Slayte – she is going to discuss with the CEO of Slayte at 8 pm tonight
  • JEE Editor open
  • VP of Scholarship open
  • PRISM leadership changing
  • Impexium new system coming through next year
  • 30% ASEE cut is gone this year
  • 2023 Conference: in person in Baltimore

3.    Circulation of business meeting minutes from 2021, and approval decision

  • Business Meeting Minutes from 2021 were presented by Lynn Albers. A motion was made by Cindy Barnicki to accept the minutes as written and seconded by Duncan Davis. The motion passed unanimously.

4.    Division officers

  • Current officers (June 2021 – June 2023)
    • Immediate Past Division Chair: AJ Hamlin, Michigan Technological University
    • Division Chair: Cynthia Barnicki, Milwaukee School of Engineering
    • Vice Chair/Program Chair: Lynn Albers, Hofstra University
    • Secretary/Treasurer:  Duncan Davis, Northeastern University
  • New Positions
    • Webmaster: Edward Latorre, University of Florida
    • Executive Director at-Large: Yuchen Huang, Portland State University
    • P12 Rep: Jim Olson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    • CDEI Rep: Cristian Vargas Ordonez, Purdue University 

5.    Division Chair Report – Cynthia Barnicki

  • Membership in the Multidisciplinary (MULTI) Division – 1236
  • Open MULTI positions voted upon

6.    Program Chair report – Lynn Albers

  • Division program demographics
  • Distinguished Lecture W17644:\
    • “Renewable Energy Education, Training and Outreach in the Midwest” by Nick Hylla, Energy Conversion Conservation and Nuclear Division (lead) with the Ocean and Marine Division, and Instrumentation Division
  • MULTI received 64 abstracts, 35 papers, and published 34 papers.
  • 2022 MULTI Best Paper
    • “Industry Assessment of Multidisciplinary Teamwork Skills” by Dr. Illysa Izenberg, Johns Hopkins University; Dr. Steven Marra, Johns Hopkins University; Trevor MacKesey, Johns Hopkins University; Leslie Kendrick, Johns Hopkins University; Jenny Bernstein, Johns Hopkins University.
  • 2022 MULTI Best Diversity Paper
    • “Experiences of Students supported by an NSF S-STEM Grant in a Robotics and Mechatronic Systems Engineering program” by Dr. Shuvra Das, University of Detroit Mercy.

7.    Finance Report – Duncan Davis

  • BASS Account $3030.84 rolled forward to FY2021
  • ASEE Membership Allocation funds of $1236 applied to FY2022
  • BASS Account balance of $4268.11 as of Q4 FY2022

8.     MULTI Representative/Delegate Committee Reports

a.     Commission on  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Victoria Bill, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

  • Missing this year

b.    P-12 Engineering Education Committee – Duncan Davis, Northeastern University

Activities of the P-12 Engineering Education Committee are listed with corresponding links.

  • ASEE Engineering Teacher Prof Dev Endorsement (
  • ly/PCEEMAP – map of many P12 opportunities divided by state
  • ly/PCEEMAPFORM – add an opportunity that you know about
  • P12 Spotlight (
  • Summer Camps (
  • 2021 Signups – (
  • P12 Speakers Bureau – Signups: (
  • Engineering for Us All (
  • Framework for P12 Engineering Learning (
  • P12 Engineering Workshop (happens in June)

c.     Interdivisional TownHall – Ruby Mehrubeoglu, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

The Town Hall video is at minute 21:

  • Topic 1: The Engineers of the 2030s versus the Engineers of 2020s.
  • Topic 2: Engineering a More Just World
  • Topic 3: Mentorship, Instruction, and Coaching in Engineering Education and Industry
  • Topic 4: Preparing Stewards of the Profession
  • Prompt 1: Based on what you heard about new knowledge and skills students will need to become tomorrow’s engineer, what new areas of faculty professional development will be most needed in the future?
  • Prompt 2: What benefits would an ASEE initiative that provides national recognition for faculty professional development have for engineering and engineering technology education broadly? How would recognition of such professional development benefit you personally in your current role?
  • Prompt 3: What are the potential barriers at your institution that might affect offering professional development opportunities, or recognizing instructors and faculty that invest their time in pursuing such opportunities? What would be needed to overcome these barriers?
    1. ABET Activities Committee (AAC): Gayle Ermer, Calvin University
  • Come join ABET as a reviewer
  • Learn about the ABET process
  • ASEE assigns reviewers to general engineering programs
  • This committee coordinates with ABET for general engineering programs

9.    Adjournment 8:30 p.m. CST

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