Business Meetings

The Multidisciplinary Division invites all members to its Business Meeting at the ASEE Annual Conference. The 2019 Multidisciplinary Division Business Meeting minutes are posted here and past meeting minutes are available below.

ASEE Multidisciplinary Engineering Division Business Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2020

Meeting convened at 3:00 p.m. at virtual platform

1. Welcome from the Division Chair, A.J. Hamlin  and Attendance:  22 MULTI attendees

A.J. Hamlin                                 (Division Chair)
Jean Kampe                                (Past Division Chair)
Cindy Barnicki                         (Program Chair)
Lynn Albers                      (Secretary/Treasurer)
Duncan Davis                (K-12 Representative
Victoria Bill                             (Incoming CDEI Delegate)
Jean Bossart                         (Outgoing CDEI Delegate)
Alyson Eggleston          
Anderson D. Prewitt      
Cedrick Remi
Mark Novak
Olanrewaju Olaogun
Cecelia Wigal               ;
Dennis Silage               ;
Edward Latorre             ;
Jack Bringardner          ;
Julie Sonnenberg-Klein;
Pauline Melgoza
Mike Gennert                ;
Rebecca Reck              ;
Richard Goldberg          ;
Rungun Nathan            ;

2. Business Meeting Minutes from June 17, 2019 were presented by Cindy Barnicki. A motion was made by Duncan Davis to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Dennis Silage and passed unanimously.

3. Division officers and representatives

Current officers (July 2019- June 2021)

Immediate Past Division Chair:  Jean Kampe, Michigan Technological University
Division Chair:  AJ Hamlin, Michigan Technological University
Vice Chair/Program Chair:  Cynthia Barnicki, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Secretary/Treasurer:  Lynn Albers, Hofstra University
Webmaster:  Dennis Silage, Temple University

MULTI delegate/representative

Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
2018-2020: Jean Bossart, University of Florida
2020-2022: Victoria Bill, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

P-12 Representative Committee:
Duncan Davis, Northeastern University

Elections for Secretary/Treasurer to be held in Spring 2021

4.       PIC II Chair Report – Peter Schmidt (University of Evansville) schedule permitting

a.       PIC Reorganization

i.      RED scenario was the grouping that PICs felt would encourage collaboration between divisions in the same PIC.
ii.      Multidisciplinary Division has moved from PIC II to PIC V.

b.       ASEE Membership is declining so all are encouraged to speak with their College Deans to encourage them to renew their Institution membership.

c.       Financial Status.

$733k shortfall due to virtual conference
ASEE Revenue comes from the individual dues, institutional dues, and conference registration fees.
ASEE applied to the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and received a $1.1 million loan. They are hoping to convert this to a grant from a loan.

5.       Division Chair Report – AJ Hamlin

MULTI Bylaws – approved by division June 2019, to be approved by ASEE Board
Membership in the Multidisciplinary Division: 1365

6.       Program Chair report – Cynthia Barnicki

Division program demographics:
8 Technical Sessions, 1 Division Social, 1 Business Meeting, cosponsor on panel with systems engineering, cosponsor on distinguished lecture
68 abstracts submitted which is up from 61 in 2019. 62 abstracts accepted
46 draft papers; 3 rejected, 4 rewrites, 23 approved on draft
34 final papers

2020 MULTI best paper award presentation
“Practical Skills for Students in Mechatronics and Robotics Education”

7.       Treasurer Report – Lynn Albers

a.       Operating Account was dissolved on 10/01/2019
b.       BASS Account $528.39 rolled forward to FY2020
c.       ASEE Membership Allocation funds of $1244 applied to FY2020
d.       BASS Account balance of $1778.98 as of Q2 FY2020 (03/31/2020)

8.       Webmaster Report – Founding webmaster Dennis Silage

9.       MULTI Representative/Delegate Committee Reports

Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Jean Bossart
Designation changed from Committee to Commission
Summer Workshops
P-12 Engineering Education Committee – Duncan Davis
Classroom Grants for Engineering Education
Engineering Teacher Professional Development Endorsement
ASEE Virtual Summer Camps

10.   Other Business

Future Directions:
Speaker from local industry at the social/dinner event.
Guest presentations by Zoom to classes in the future
Investigate why people join multi? Is it because they want to get started, are already doing, or want to share? A survey of members might give us a good place to start.
Looking for directions for panels and/or collaboration: Gamification, Makerspaces

Social Committee: Plan ASEE Social.
I think that this is a 2nd or 3rd division for many, who have a primary division that is closer to their disciplinary department. How can we leverage that?
Connections to Makerspace is a great idea! Maybe a Makerspace theme to the social?
A speaker or activity that emphasizes how the MULTI Division can benefit disciplinary divisions.

11.   Adjournment – 4:00 PM, June 26, 2020

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