Current executive committee members (as of 2019 May):

  • Chair: Stephanie Pulford
  • Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Harris
  • Program Chair: Stephanie Cutler
  • Program Vice Chair: Karen High
  • Treasurer: Wendi Kappers
  • Secretary: Ken Yasuhara

In our 2019 election, Margret Hjalmarson was voted to become Chair-Elect and Alexandra Coso Strong was voted to become Secretary. They will begin their terms in June.

FDCC gratefully acknowledges the efforts of these additional volunteers:

  • Awards Chair: Jason FitzSimmons
  • Communications Chair: Barbara Smith
  • Diversity Chair: Tershia Pinder-Grover
  • Historian: Pradeep Waychal
  • Membership Chair: Natascha Trellinger Buswell
  • Nominations Chair: Amy Chan Hilton
  • Webmaster: Ken Yasuhara