FDD at ASEE 2024 Conference 

Congratulations to our division’s Best Paper and Best Diversity Papers Award Winners.

Best Paper: Establishing a Framework for the Effective Mentorship of Junior Engineering Faculty by Himani Sharma,  Jennifer H. Perkins, Samantha R. Brunhaver, and Adam R Carberry. 

Best Diversity Paper: Unintended positive consequences of an NSF funded system wide collaboration by Feruza Amirkulova, Lalita G. Oka,  Arezoo Sadrinezhad, Sue Rosser, Kimberly Stillmaker, Maryam Nazari, Jessica C Bennett, Younghee Park, Lizabeth L Thompson.


What is the Faculty Development Division?

Faculty development—the continuing education of educators—plays a key role in fostering strong communities of engineering educators and translating engineering education research into practice. The purpose of the Faculty Development Division is to advance the practice and scholarship of faculty development, and to advance the various professions that formally or informally support engineering educators’ growth.

What we do:

Aid in the research-to-practice cycle through faculty development


Share knowledge about faculty development programs and professions


Further discussion in the faculty development community


Ideate & collaborate to meet community challenges, interests, & goals

Perfect for you if you are:


A faculty developer looking to further your own development


Someone interested in academic change in research or practice


An administrator who wants to cultivate successful faculty


An educational researcher interested in faculty-related issues

The Faculty Development Division is part of PIC IV. For our current bylaws (2017 August), see here.



FDD has grown steadily. This year, our division’s Best Paper Award winner was selected as the Best Paper for all of ASEE. Great things are in store for this upcoming academic year, too, under the leadership of Chair Karen High. The upcoming initiatives for FDD include two committees: (More information available here: https://bit.ly/FDDCommittees, we invite you to sign up).

1) ABET DEI Proposed Criteria;

2) ASEE Faculty Teaching Excellence (FTE) Certification Taskforce