ASEE Conference

ASEE 2020 is in Montreal, Canada (June 20-24)

The Faculty Development Division supports ASEE conference programming related to faculty and faculty development

ASEE 2020 FDD Call for Papers

The Faculty Development Division (FDD) encourages submissions related to faculty and faculty development. This includes both tenured/tenure-track faculty and professional faculty (i.e. adjunct faculty and non-tenure track such as teaching and research faculty) and their development of skills related to teaching as well as research, service, leadership, and mentoring.

We accept multiple types of papers including Work in Progress Papers, Lessons Learned Papers (4-page limit each), Evidence-based Practice Papers, Research Papers, Theory Papers, and Panel Papers (12-page limit each). The type of paper MUST be listed in the first sentence of your abstract. We look forward to your submission

It is expected that these papers will catalyze engagement with our community, authors are therefore encouraged to consider paper presentation early in the creation process. Multiple presentation suggestions are listed in the Call, and the author’s preferred presentation style MUST be listed in the last line of your abstract.

The FDD is also looking for Workshops and Special Sessions. To submit a proposal for a workshop or special session, email the FDD Program Chair ( Details on Workshop and Special Session proposals can be found toward the end of the Call for Papers.

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