2017-2018 Officers

Joe Wilck, College of William and Mary, Past Chair

Aimee Ulstad, The Ohio State University, Division Chair

Billy Gray, Tarleton State University, Chair Elect/Program Chair

Kellie Grasman, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Secretary/Treasurer

Jim Burns, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Newsletter Editor



2015-2016 Officers

Neal Lewis, University of Bridgeport, Past Chair

Karen Bursic, University of Pittsburgh, Division Chair

Joe Wilck, East Carolina University, Chair Elect/Program Chair

Aimee Ulstad, The Ohio State University, Secretary/Treasurer

Billy Gray, Tarleton State University, Newsletter Editor 



2014-2015 Officers

Neal Lewis, University of Bridgeport, Past Chair

Karen Bursic, University of Pittsburgh, Division Chair

Erick Jones, University of Texas, Chair Elect/Program Chair

Joe Wilck, East Carolina University, Secretary/Treasurer

Kellie Grasman, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Newsletter Editor  


2013-2014 Officers

Gene Dixon, East Carolina University, Past Chair

Neal Lewis, University of Bridgeport, Chair 

Karen Bursic, University of Pittsburgh, Chair Elect/Program Chair

Erick Jones, University of Texas, Secretary/Treasurer

Joe Wilck, East Carolina University, Newsletter Editor