EED Officers

Activities of the Engineering Economy Division (EED) are coordinated by a dedicated set of volunteer officers:

Office Name Email Organization
Division Chair Ona Egbue University of South Carolina
Past Chair Jim Burns Western Michigan University
Program Chair Katie Basinger-Ellis University of Florida
Program Co-Chair/Treasurer John Leonard Virginia Commonwealth University
Secretary Robert Baffour University of Georgia

“Contact us” fixed!

The default WP-admin site permits a “contact us” page, but actually getting it to work is trickly.  For security reasons, ASEE doesn’t permit it’s servers to be used to send email.  Thus, to get the “contact us” working, the site admin must use a PERSONAL email account to send messages.  Both Outlook/Office and GMAIL offer security features that can help get this done.  In any case, it’s set up.  SO – you can actually use the page to “contact us”.